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How to prepare okroshka

With the cooled soup, a name to which "okroshka", almost each person is familiar. Okroshka during a heat is especially good, it well satisfies hunger and refreshes. Probably, in each family there is the recipe of preparation of summer soup and the small secrets.

Recipes of preparation of okroshka there is more than one hundred. For each resident of the country this dish is called in own way. For residents of Bulgaria is a soup Tarator, this name remained still. For Russians from villages okroshka is tyurya, for Ukrainians – cold kvass soup.

If to trust our historians, for the first time the name "okroshka" appeared on Volga, thanks to barge haulers who for breakfast were given porridge, and in lunch time – a dry vobla. It was hard to eat it, and because of the exhausting work and unimportant food teeth at many men crumbled therefore they also soaked it in kvass. And that the lunch was sytny, to kvass began to add the remains of boiled meat which cut off from bones, and also crumbled small vegetables: cucumbers and radish, baked potatoes. Then also this name "okroshka" that means was born to crumble all ingredients very small.

Interestingly, but at the beginning of the nineteenth century at restaurants cold soup was served not first course, and as snack. Then okroshka was done on sour Russian cabbage soup and on kvass, also used a brine cabbage or cucumber. Popularity at visitors was won by the okroshka prepared on a kislyaka, serum or kefir.

The recipe-book of the famous landowner living in Russia at the end of the 18th century told that cold soup needs to be done of the remains of boiled and fried meat of pets and birds. Meat needed to be crumbled together with onions, cucumbers (both fresh, and salty), to add small cut salty plums (!), vinegar, it is a little brine cucumber, to mix and leave for some time, and after to give to a table, having plentifully watered with kvass. Kvass has to be sharp, sour, not sweet.

And here the well-known ethnographer Kostomarov treated an ancient Russian dish differently. He considered okroshka as medicine for a hangover and in every possible way recommended this soup for removal of a headache. The recipe differs from the recipe of okroshka traditional, known to each hostess a little. Slices of cold boiled meat of a ram which mix with small cut mocheny cucumbers, vinegar, pepper enter it and plentifully water with a brine from under cucumbers. At that time cucumbers were made sour or salted without feeling sorry for some bitter pepper and a horse-radish therefore it is only possible to present taste of "medical soup".

In the 19th century okroshka became the most popular. She was trained both in poor houses, and at restaurants. Interestingly, but in the nineteenth century when at the well-known restaurants both the Russian cooks, and cooks from France, Italy and Bulgaria, many ancient dishes including the Russian okroshka, began to change at the same time could work. Each cook added to the recipe something special, national, and already cold soup developed other taste and other name.

And therefore it is now very difficult to speak about that, from where to us the acquaintance to us the classical recipe of okroshka came. It includes such ingredients: boiled potatoes and eggs, ham, sausage or boiled meat, cucumbers, radish, greens. Fill all ingredients or whey, or kvass. By the way, it is considered that as independent ingredient in soup it is better not to apply sausage as it can alter taste and will not be such nourishing, as okroshka with meat.

Okroshka components

  1. About kvass. Mirsovetov recommends to use grain kvass of own preparation for a crumb. If such opportunity is not present – it is desirable to choose the drink made of natural components without chemicals and dyes, sour and with the minimum content of sugar. Before starting cooking okroshka, kvass needs to be poured in the enameled pan and to put to be cooled in the refrigerator.
  2. About meat. It is possible to use both boiled meat, and smoked, ham or a balyk. By the way, to replace meat with fish quite perhaps. And here it is undesirable to use sausage. It can be added to meat, but only it is not enough that she did not "assume" taste of cold soup.
  3. Vegetables and spices. It is allowed to add any vegetables to soup: fresh or pickles, carrot, turnip. By the way, a radish it is not obligatory to add at all. This matter of taste of each person. It is desirable to boil potato in water with salt addition, but it is impossible to digest, differently it will break up, and okroshka will look unappetizingly. Spices, also as well as greens, are allowed to put any – to taste. It can be parsley, fennel, green onions, napiform sweet onions, a tarragon and a celery.
  4. If okroshka prepares on grain kvass, the mustard spoon is added.
  5. Eggs. The classical recipe of the Russian okroshka assumes obligatory addition of boiled eggs. They need to be put right at the end when all ingredients are cut and mixed with kvass.

Okroshka for all

It is no secret that during a heat not really there is a wish to eat, especially to the women who are in "interesting" situation. It is hard for future mummies to have toxicosis, long to stand at a plate and "to enjoy" smells of a zazharka, a borsch and other habitual dishes. And here to prepare okroshka will not make big work especially as it will help to cope with nausea, especially in the mornings.

Such cold soup contains both meat, and vegetables which are necessary both to mother, and the kid. The only contraindication – cannot be eaten okroshka with mushrooms (it can be dangerous!) and to train her on store kvass.

Cold soup to both children, and elderly people will be useful. The main thing – not to serve okroshka very cold to avoid cold.

Recipe of preparation of okroshka recommends to prepare okroshka on kefir, with mustard addition.

It will be necessary for preparation for us:

  • potatoes – 4-5 pieces. To boil;
  • cucumbers fresh – 2-3 pieces;
  • eggs – 3-4 pieces. To boil;
  • green onions;
  • fennel;
  • parsley;
  • kefir;
  • mustard;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper (it is possible mix of pepper);
  • boiled chicken breast;
  • a little smoked sausage for aroma.

At first it is necessary to boil chicken breast in the added some salt water, with addition of spices.

While eggs and potatoes cook, it is possible to cut chicken fillet and sausage.

To peel potatoes of a peel and also to crush cubes.

Cucumbers to wash up and cut.

To wash out greens: onions, fennel, parsley. To crush and grind with salt.

To clear of a peel of egg and to separate the whites from the yolks. To cut in cubes proteins.

To pound yolks together with mustard.

To mix all ingredients: meat, sausage, cucumbers, greens, proteins.

To fill in components with kefir and to add yolks with mustard, greens, onions.

We give with sour cream or mayonnaise as it is pleasant to whom more. If okroshka turned out dense, it can be diluted with boiled water a little.

Bon appetit!

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