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Contraceptive spiral as contraception method

An increasing number of women resort to a modern method of contraception – to introduction of an intrauterine spiral. Unlike temporary contraceptives the spiral has longer effect and protects from undesirable pregnancy for 5-10 years.

Naval Forces or contraceptive spiral it is intended for protection from pregnancy. The principle of "operation" of the device is that Naval Forces does not allow advance of the ripened ovum. Spirals share on two look – copper and with a certain quantity of a hormone. Depending on a type of a spiral and firm cost can vary ranging from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Around the world surely takes the leading position Naval Forces of new generation of "MIRENA". The main active ingredient of a spiral – the hormone levonorgestret. Every day in a cavity of a uterus the daily dose of a hormone is released, it interferes with pregnancy approach. Also gynecologists often recommend introduction of Naval Forces for treatment of gynecologic diseases. Period of validity of Naval Forces makes 5 years.

It is a little history

Intrauterine contraceptive spirals were invented not so long ago, only 70-80 years ago. The first Naval Forces looked in the form of a small ring, a core or a plate from precious metal (it is preferable silver and even gold). Subsequently, already in the seventies last century, the woman could be influenced by all "delights" of a novelty - flexible plastic spirals which perhaps and prevented pregnancy approach, but such side effects as plentiful bleedings, pains and feeling of a foreign matter could not prove its need.

Over the years the size of Naval Forces began to decrease, and a basis of a plate of wrap up steel a copper wire. Such technique found popularity and now many women establish such spirals.

As works

As in the world there are only two types of Naval Forces, Mirsovetov suggests readers to examine action of each spiral.

Types of Naval Forces:

  1. Copper or spirals from a certain alloy of metals suppress activity of spermatozoa. In a uterus liquid which is pernicious for spermatozoa is developed, it prevents an ovum to be impregnated. This spiral thins walls an endometriya. Period of validity of Naval Forces makes about 10 years.
  2. Naval Forces with an artificial hormone is a reliable method of contraception. Daily the spiral allocates a daily dose of a hormone that promotes release of more viscous slime from a uterus and interferes with a full-fledged attachment of the even impregnated ovum. Similar systems are used and in the therapeutic purposes for treatment of gynecologic diseases. Period of validity of a spiral with a hormone – 5 years.

As looks and in what advantages

Externally both types of Naval Forces look almost equally. The basis looks in the form of a letter "T", it also is the container for a hormone. Spirals with the content of metals and copper also consist of a basis on which the silver or copper wire is reeled up.

Advantages of an intrauterine spiral:

  • contraceptive action – 99% if the spiral is established correctly;
  • time of introduction of Naval Forces makes 3-5 minutes;
  • reasonable price;
  • duration of use is from 5 of 10 years;
  • it is allowed to establish Naval Forces to those women who cannot accept oral contraceptives;
  • does not influence an increase in weight;
  • works right after introduction;
  • after extraction reproductive function is restored at once.

If before you it is worth – accepting a choice oral contraceptives or to establish Naval Forces, recommends to make a choice for a spiral. Especially it concerns forgetful and absent-minded ladies who often forget to take a pill in time. Besides, Naval Forces does not influence a figure that cannot be told about hormonal tablets.

As it is entered by Naval Forces

Only the qualified specialist has to enter and take an intrauterine spiral. If you made the decision to establish a spiral, at first it is necessary to visit the gynecologist who will perform full inspection. Perhaps, you need to make tests to exclude inflammatory processes.

In 2-3 days prior to the specified Date of Introduction it is necessary to refrain from sexual life. Also it is impossible to carry out syringing, to use candles and tablets (an exception – appointment of the doctor). The most suitable time for introduction of Naval Forces - 1-7 day monthly when a uterus neck softer, so, and a spiral is much easier to enter.

The intrauterine spiral on an outpatient basis in a sterile office is entered. An installation time – from 3 to 5 minutes. The doctor at first processes a neck an anti-septic tank. During introduction of Naval Forces the woman can feel short-term dull ache in a stomach. This results from the fact that the doctor the surgical tool tightens a uterus neck that to straighten it. Such manipulations allow to establish a spiral in the correct situation.

At once after introduction of a spiral the woman can feel dizziness, is rare – sharp pain. If these symptoms do not pass in 20-30 minutes after delivery of Naval Forces, the doctor repeatedly examines the woman. The probability of the wrong introduction of a spiral is not excluded. In that case it is taken and install new system.

During the day, and sometimes more, the woman can feel the aching pains in the bottom of a stomach. Monthly can last for 1-2 days.

After introduction of a spiral it is impossible to be engaged in sexual life within a week and to insert tampons. Also it is impossible to take medicine with acetilsalicylic acid.

After introduction of Naval Forces within a month it is undesirable to visit a sauna and to sunbathe on the sun. Also it is worth limiting physical activities.

A month (if the doctor does not appoint date earlier) later after statement of a spiral it is necessary to visit the doctor and to make ultrasonography to see an arrangement of Naval Forces in a uterus cavity. If the spiral is located correctly, and the woman does not feel discomfort, it is necessary to perform two times a year routine inspection.

It needs to be known

  1. Hormonal Naval Forces can be established after artificial interruption of pregnancy in the first monthly.
  2. If the woman had spontaneous premature birth, the spiral is established not earlier than in 1.5 months.
  3. After the delivery time for restoration – from 1.5 to 3 months then it is allowed to establish a spiral is necessary.
  4. Naval Forces is not a contraceptive after the unprotected sexual intercourse.
  5. It is necessary to remove system in 5 years if it is established hormonal to Naval Forces and in 7-10 years – if copper.
  6. Along with extraction of a spiral it is possible to establish the new.
  7. Every month after the periods ended, it is necessary to check spiral short moustaches in a vagina. If they are not present, or one is shorter than another, it is necessary to address to the doctor.

To whom it is contraindicated to Naval Forces

Not each woman can use an intrauterine contraceptive. Naval Forces are allowed to establish to the giving birth women conducting regular sexual life and with one partner.

In what cases the system is contraindicated:

  • the spiral cannot be entered if the woman has gynecologic diseases of inflammatory character;
  • the doctor will never establish a spiral at the request of the patient. At first inspection is performed, necessary tests are made to exclude an infection;
  • during pregnancy, including the extra-uterine;
  • at malignant new growths of a neck and uterus;
  • chronic diseases – tuberculosis, cardiovascular pathologies;
  • hormonal to Naval Forces it is forbidden at a mastopatiya.

Side effects

Any contraceptive cannot guarantee 100% protection. Besides, at first after introduction of contraceptive system there can be side effects:

  • inflammation of a mucous membrane of genital body;
  • perforation of a uterus;
  • loss of a spiral;
  • the plentiful painful monthly;
  • lack of the monthly;
  • puffiness;
  • nausea;
  • increase in appetite, weight set;
  • appearance of eels;
  • back pain.

To avoid problems with intrauterine system, it is necessary to treat a choice responsibly and carefully to weigh everything. Before installation it is necessary to be examined surely by the gynecologist to exclude an inflammation and other gynecologic problems.

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