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As the contraceptive ring works

The main requirement to any contraceptive – safety, simplicity in use and comfort. No wonder that in this sphere of medicine experts try to achieve perfection all the time, creating all new contraceptive preparations and adaptations. Today such novelty is the contraceptive hormonal ring of Novaring, and ladies know not all how to use it.

The contraceptive of Novaring is a soft and smooth ring which is entered into a vagina for the term of 3 weeks. In an internal cavity of genitals it holds the position, most convenient for the woman, being arranged under specific features of a constitution. Thanks to the flexibility the ring does not bring the slightest discomfort and does not create obstacles for sports activities. Moreover, during sexual intercourse any of partners of a ring does not feel.

The sizes of Novaring are universal for women of any weight and build: its size in the diameter makes 54 mm, and thickness – 4 mm. Make a ring in the Netherlands. Pay attention that the contraceptive tablets of the same name do not happen.

As the ring of Novaring works

Under an antiallergenic cover of this means the minimum portions of an estrogen and a progestagen contain. These are sexual hormones of the woman which are of great importance for her reproductive system. In a vagina the ring gets the body temperature of the person, and his cover becomes porous and allocates in a cavity of a uterus and ovaries the hormones concluded under it. Effect of active agents purposeful, hormonal impact on other bodies in an organism, except sexual, does not extend. Concentration of the specified hormones is enough to nullify process of maturing of an ovum and its exit of a follicle. It means that pregnancy under such circumstances will not come.

Advantages of a hormonal ring

  1. Indisputable reliability.
  2. Simplicity and comfortable application (it is necessary to change a ring all once a month).
  3. Microscopic portion of hormones in a ring that does it absolutely safe.
  4. Exclusively local effect of active agents.
  5. Application of Novaring does not influence the woman's weight.
  6. Thanks to a ring the monthly cycle becomes more regular, and pain in the period of periods becomes dull.

Shortcomings of a hormonal ring

  1. For some women such method of protection seems unusual from the psychological point of view.
  2. Producers of Novaring do not guarantee full protection against venereal diseases.
  3. At a hormonal ring there are a lot of contraindications.

How to use Novaring

Enter a ring in the period of monthly for the first or fifth day (but not later!). Carefully wash up hands, then occupy the most comfortable for you a pose: lay down, sit down on hunkers or lean a back about a wall and raise one foot.

Densely squeeze a pliable ring fingers that it decreased in the diameter, and enter deeply into a vagina. If after introduction you feel the contraceptive adaptation, correct it fingers so that this discomfort disappeared. Do not worry that the ring will appear "not in that" a place – if you do not feel it, so it settled down in a vagina as it is necessary.

Novaring has to remain in you within three weeks. If you unintentionally take out a ring (it can occur when replacing a hygienic tampon), rinse it in warm water and insert again. When the term of use of hormonal means expires, accurately pull out it, having hooked index or having squeezed average and index fingers.

It is important!

Mirsovetov hurries to pay your attention to the following rules of use of a hormonal ring of Novaring.

One ring effectively acts on an extent of one monthly cycle. It is necessary to pull out it by all means for the 22nd day after you established it. Not to get confused in dates, it is necessary to remember, in what day of week you put a ring – on the same day weeks need and to be removed it. For example, put on Thursday – take out 3 weeks later on Thursday. It is most reliable to celebrate, of course, at once in a calendar days of the beginning and the end of application of Novaring.

After the ring was removed, have a rest within 7 days, and for the 8th day enter a new ring.

    Attention! For the first week of use of Novaring physicians recommend strongly to use a condom as an additional barrier way of protection from undesirable pregnancy.

How to apply a hormonal ring after abortion or childbirth

If you made abortion in the first 3 months of pregnancy, establish a ring in a vagina right after operation. Pay attention that it is not required to use a condom in the first 7 days after introduction of means in this case.

If after abortion passed some time, wait monthly and enter a hormonal ring into any of days of periods no later than the fifth day. Use of a condom within the first week thus is obligatory.

If abortion was made in the second trimester, Novaring you can apply only in 3-4 weeks after abortion. The same rule works and for childbirth. Need for barrier contraception in the form of a condom in this case disappears.

If after abortion or childbirth passed 21 days and during this time you had sexual contacts, wait for the first monthly to make sure that you are not pregnant. Enter a ring in the period of periods and by all means use a condom within 1 week.

Bleeding when using Novaring and after its extraction

Be ready to that at many ladies cancellation of a hormonal ring provokes development of bleeding which is explained by cancellation of active components of Novaring on reproductive system. You, most likely, will find blood in 2–3 days after removal of a contraceptive. Bleeding can end right after introduction of the next ring or earlier.

Sometimes temporary cancellation of Novaring does not cause bleeding. This phenomenon is considered normal if applied a contraceptive ring, strictly conforming to the rules of its use, and bleeding was not only once. However if the woman deviated these recommendations and blood was absent 2 times in a row, there are suspicions on pregnancy. The gynecologist will help to clear a situation.

During carrying a ring in a vagina poor and changeable bloody allocations can sometimes be shown. There is also unexpected emergence of intensive bleeding. The smearing allocations can be ignored (they, as a rule, quickly stop), but strong bleeding – a good reason for immediate visit of female consultation.

With cancellation of Novaring of difficulties will not arise: simply remove a ring when make the decision not to be protected any more. The organism to be exempted from influence of an estrogen and a progestagen and will very quickly restore an ovulation. Conception can happen in the first month after cancellation of Novaring. Any unpleasant consequences for pregnancy after application of a hormonal ring it was not noted.

By-effects of Novaring

When using this contraceptive side effects are noted infrequently. Something can sometimes disturb the woman at the beginning of use of a ring, but all unpleasant feelings quickly enough disappear in itself. Here some of them:

  • headache, uneasiness;
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • increase in a breast and increase of its sensitivity, loss of a sexual inclination, insignificant increase or weight reduction;
  • vaginit, emergence grows white;
  • cystitis;
  • feeling of a ring in a vagina.

Contraindications to use of Novaring

  1. Venous and arterial thrombosis.
  2. Diabetes and angiopatiya.
  3. Pancreatitis.
  4. Systematic migraines.
  5. Exacerbation of chronic diseases of a liver.
  6. Malignant and good-quality new growths, especially that are localized in a liver and a uterus.
  7. Vaginal bleedings of the obscure etiology.
  8. Incubation of the kid and lactation.
  9. Hypersensibility individual excessively to a hormonal ring.

Besides, disputed issues for purpose of this contraceptive are such diseases as a hypertension, big excess weight, various heart diseases, epilepsy, often repeating locks, uterus neck diseases.

In view of such large number of the warning factors to start using a contraceptive ring of Novaring, without having consulted to the expert, it is not recommended.

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