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How to get rid of a lock

There are subjects which discussion demands the careful and tactful relation. One of such subjects is a lock, namely a chair delay more, than for 48 hours, or the complicated incomplete depletion of intestines. Yes, of course, it not the fatal illness, but such state can bring a lot of discomfort in everyday life.
There are subjects which discussion demands the careful and tactful relation. One of such subjects is a lock, namely a chair delay more, than for 48 hours, or the complicated incomplete depletion of intestines. The lock is delicate and very serious problem which is actual for many people. knows ways of disposal of a lock about which will tell.
The lock can arise as at the healthy person, well the reason of diseases of a digestive tract, psychological frustration. Yes, of course, it not the fatal illness, but such state can bring a lot of discomfort in everyday life.
Refer irrational and unorganized food to the reasons of emergence of a lock; the control of desires to a defekation which is often connected with features of work such as a sedentary life or impossibility to leave the workplace (for example, work on the conveyor or at a wheel); fear of a defekation which is followed by painful symptoms at hemorrhoids or cracks of back pass.

Healthy nutrition – a basis of bases

Как избавиться от запора The balanced food – here one of the key moments of the solution of the problems connected with a lock. Often correct diet completely relieves the person of the difficulties connected with depletion of intestines. Locks develop at monotonous food with reduction of a water consumption, vegetables and fruit, also those who leads an inactive life are inclined to them, eats a little and has not breakfast.
So, we make a day regimen. It is necessary to wake up and go to bed at the same time. During the day we organize three main meals and two having a snack. Long breaks between meals are inadmissible. We have a bite only fresh fruit and berries. It is necessary to include in each main meal constantly vegetables – they are rich with the food fibers stimulating an intestines vermicular movement. Beet, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, vegetable marrows, cabbage, including the fermented are irreplaceable here. Vegetables can be both crude, and boiled, from them it is expedient to fill salads with vegetable oils, and here to postpone mayonnaise and sour cream until the best times.
    Instead of strong tea and coffee it is better to use various herbal teas, compotes from dried fruits, mineral water, juice. Senna's leaves, buckthorn bark, fennel fruits have to be the main operating components of herbal tea. Such teas are on sale in drugstores, read composition of phytotea and choose the necessary.
It is expedient to limit the use of meat, sausages and semi-finished products, until, so far you will not begin to be emptied daily without tension. It is obligatory to include first courses in a diet. Excellent option – vegetable soups, it is possible to add fennel seeds which will reduce the meteorizm connected with the increased use of vegetables to them.
Pay attention that the wiped food, and is cream soups, the wiped porridges slow down depletion, and here the rough food stimulates an intestines vermicular movement.
At locks of people has to know, what products are soft natural laxative and defekation and what detain depletion promote. So, rice, cottage cheese, a persimmon, bilberry, hot spices and spices, chocolate, alcohol can provoke a lock therefore they need to be excluded from the menu.
    Products assistants – crude vegetables and fruit (especially plums), freshly squeezed juice from them, dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, raisin), bread with bran, oat and buckwheat porridges. Dairy drinks (kefir, yogurts, curdled milk) are very useful, but here it is necessary to know that one-day kefir is a purgative, and three-day fixes.
Plums and prunes are irreplaceable for normalization of process of a defekation. They are eaten as an independent product, added to salads, do mashed potatoes and infusions. Recipe of infusion: three pieces of the washed-out prunes we fill in for the night with a glass of boiled water. In the morning, after the glass of water drunk on an empty stomach, we eat prunes, then a breakfast and we wash down with infusion. The products strengthening an intestines vermicular movement need to be used every day until process of depletion of intestines is not normalized.

The drinking mode is obligatory for all

In fight against a lock the invaluable role is played by the drinking mode. It is necessary to drink clear not sparkling water of room temperature, not to boil water. Obligatory after awakening on an empty stomach to drink a glass (better alkaline) waters, it will start gastrointestinal system. Further during the day to drink not less than one liter of water.

Physical culture in the help

Как избавиться от запора One more important factor at disposal of a lock is physical activity. The daily morning exercises with obligatory exercises for an abdominal tension, jogging, a driving by bicycle, walking on foot, swimming are that will help to normalize functioning of intestines. An example of the stimulating medical exercises, everyone is carried out 10 - 15 times:
  • lying on a back, feet we imitate a driving by bicycle;
  • lying on a back, the feet bent in knees press hands to a stomach, a reset;
  • lying on the back bent in a knee by a foot we try to get a floor from the opposite side. To repeat with other foot;
  • sitting on a lap, sharply pull in a stomach and also sharply return it in a starting position.

We develop a habit

For the person it is important to develop and strengthen a habit daily to empty intestines. For this purpose it is necessary to visit at the same time a toilet even in the absence of desires to a defekation. In a toilet it is necessary not to read or smoke, and to do self-massage of a stomach and breathing exercises which excite an intestines vermicular movement.
Self-massage is carried out clockwise, in the beginning stroking a palm a stomach, then is carried out faltering pressing, then faltering vibration and we finish as follows, we take a stomach both hands and we shake it alternately in the longitudinal and cross direction. Duration of each part of self-massage makes 3 minutes.
At locks application of a depletive or medicinal candles is sometimes recommended, however the doctor has to carry out such appointment. Also I want to note that if you a long time suffer from chronic locks, it is necessary to see a doctor because it can be a symptom of any disease.

Live and enjoy world around, let disturbs nothing you!
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