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Preparation for conception of the child

With what pregnancy begins? The naive question, seems at first sight … Naturally, from conception. Conception is an origin of new life, thanks to merge of a spermatozoon and an ovum. Conception is considered the beginning of pregnancy.
Подготовка к зачатию ребенка, зачатие ребенка With what pregnancy begins? The naive question, seems at first sight … Naturally, from conception. Conception is an origin of new life, thanks to merge of a spermatozoon and an ovum. Conception is considered the beginning of pregnancy. The period of preparation for conception is called as perikontseptsionny prevention. With its help the best conditions for origin of new life are created. But to give birth to the healthy child who will please the parents, it is necessary to be prepared for this responsible event of your life. And the factors capable to sadden all your further life and life of your child, there is a lot of. If the woman postponed the child's birth, being engaged in study, career, respectively, accumulating various diseases, stimulated existence of addictions, it is difficult to count on the birth of the healthy child.
And at us is still got to think about health of the child only from first weeks of pregnancy, and even after several months. It is necessary to prepare for conception long before a long-awaited event. Very much that in our country there are training courses for future parents pleases. Here come some months prior to conception and not only women, but also their husbands. On special occupations future parents take a theoretical course of training to conception where various programs of improvement of an organism are included.
How there is a conception if to speak medical language? During an ejaculation tens of millions of spermatozoa go towards to an ovum. They are capable to remain in the woman's organism more than a week, expecting when the ovum ripens. Then passes their merge after which the impregnated ovum is attached to a uterus and formation of a fruit begins.

Health before conception

Необходимо позаботиться о состоянии здоровья за год до зачатия, но не изнурять себя физическими упражнениями At least one year prior to conception the man and the woman need to take care of a condition of the health and to pay special attention to eradication of addictions. If you still smoked, took alcoholic drinks, and is even worse – tried narcotic substances, came it is time to refuse all this. The first that it is necessary to make is to make all tests which will give a full picture of a state of your health and will help to reveal the latent diseases and existence of various infections in an organism. It is necessary to play sports, to carry out more time in the fresh air, to visit the pool or to float during the summer period of time in open reservoirs in which bathing according to sanitary standards is authorized.
Sports do not mean at all that you have to exhaust yourself with physical exercises to the seventh sweat, will be daily easy jog on streets on which there are no cars and exhaust gases quite enough. If to follow all these simple rules, there is a high probability to conceive and safely to give birth to the healthy child.
Let for this period of your life the doctor will become the true friend for your family, the friend who will help to overcome difficulties and doubts, distinguishes the hidden problems which are noticeable not at once to future parents. After all externally completely healthy people, can have an existence of a painful gene which can entail the birth of the sick child. Very often at healthy parents the child with congenital malformations is born and it becomes misfortune of all their life. It is especially necessary to be afraid to those women who were going to give birth to the child after 35 years. Than advanced age of future mother, that high probability of the birth of the sick child. It is not obligatory, but it is necessary to consult to such women to the doctor long before conception of the desired child. And further to be under continuous supervision of the gynecologist and doctor geneticist.
The level of development of the person, independently is higher than the woman or the man, the more attentively it treats the health and health of the future child. Such women and men before conceiving new life, surely are examined on existence of various chronic diseases which are not always simple for distinguishing, without having made the corresponding tests. Such infections as ureaplasmosis and clamidiosis belong to these diseases. These diseases need to be cured before conception and after treatment ends, has to pass some time that the organism could be restored and get stronger.
It is not necessary to think that preparation for conception – a care prerogative only about physical health, great importance is also of composure, after all any stressful situation in life brings a big loss to your organism and can be reflected on even even not conceived child. The stress is brought out of an organism much more difficult, than any infection, and its destroying ability 10 times more any physical disease.

Food and dream before conception

В рацион женщины должны входить свежие фрукты и овощи Correctness of food before conception is of great importance. After all from what vitamins and mineral substances receives the woman, also future health of the child in many respects depends, how his bodies will be formed and as will work cardiovascular and nervous system in the future depends. Improper feeding can not only affect the health of the woman, but also cause in her an abortion.
What is the good and healthy nutrition? First of all, fresh fruit and vegetables have to enter a diet of the woman, it is desirable to exclude fat food, semi-finished products and various chemical seasonings from food. It is necessary to forget about various diets which can be one-sided and, helping to keep the woman's figure, will be injurious to her health. It is necessary to eat fully and not less than 4-5 times per day, finding for meal sufficient time, without having a snack and in a sukhomyatka. To drink freshly squeezed juice from vegetables and fruit, not to use a tinned and spicy food.
As for a day regimen, it is necessary to know that the woman has to spend not less than a third of days in a dream. It is necessary to make night rest by the most comfortable and quiet. Before going to bed it is necessary to walk in the fresh air, it is desirable not in those places, where a set of cars and where there are a lot of green plantings.

Myths about calculation of a sex of the child before conception

Запланировать пол ребенка можно только при искусственном оплодотворении It is no secret that in most cases, parents, and especially future fathers, want that the first child was a boy. And after the birth of the son dream of the daughter. That future parents only do not think out "to calculate" a sex of future child. One keep to a special diet which allegedly provides the birth of the child of a necessary floor, others count day of an ovulation, making sexual intercourse to it or after depending on a desired sex of the child. All these ways do not work at all though those who propagandizes them, give nearly 100% guarantee.
Actually, planning of a sex of future child – process rather serious also has under itself a scientific basis. To plan a sex of the child and to be sure 100% in the birth of the girl or boy it is possible only in the unique case – at artificial insemination when the sex of the child is put in a test tube.
Many men sincerely think still that the sex of the child completely depends on the woman. This most dense delusion from all delusions concerning the birth of children. By science it is proved long ago that the sex of the child depends only on the man, on that, the spermatozoon with what chromosome will impregnate an ovum.

Under all aforesaid will put end. To give birth to the full-fledged and healthy child, it is necessary to decide for himself in advance that is more expensive to you – your former life full of unhealthy addictions, or health of future person which now completely depends on your decision. We do not think that you will be able to make the incorrect decision and to cross out the life and the future of your child.
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