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How to use a concealer for the person

Still in the ancient time the Roman matrons used gifts of the nature to emphasize the beauty. Various voice-frequency cream and a mask used in Egypt, Babylon. Here and today women of the whole world dream to become still a krasha. Fortunately, present cosmetic preparations allow to achieve improbable results.

The decorative cosmetics wonderfully changes, for a short time hiding a shadow of chronic fatigue, hems and pigmentary educations from a face. How to hide undesirable sites of the injured skin, without smearing millimetric layers of foundation? The answer is simple: to use a concealer!

Concealer – what is it?

The cosmetic preparation represents the universal correcting tool in hands of the skilled expert. By means of a concealer it is possible to get rid with ease of insignificant defects of skin. Thus it is worth remembering that means does not relieve for ever of skin problems, and only skillfully masks them.

Despite the additives which are clarifying pigmentary spots and drying up an acne, a concealer is a camouflage if to be expressed by military terminology. But not the effective tool for fight against skin rashes and spots. Anyway, the small revitalizing effect is present at the expense of antioxidants and vitamins B structure of a product.

The pastelike structure is made in the following types:

  • color concealers;
  • pencils;
  • humidifiers;
  • liquid concealers;
  • highlighters;
  • flow down;
  • concealers for lips.

And each type of voice-frequency substance is developed for concrete sites of skin.

Scope of concealers

In practice of the woman have in a cosmetics bag arsenal at least two, and even three concealers. The matter is that one type of a product perfectly copes, say, with masking of reddenings. But to hide wrinkles beyond its powers. Mirsovetov will prompt for what what purposes the type of a product is intended.

  1. Color concealers.

    Allocate three look:

    • the green – masks reddenings (an acne, vascular asterisks);
    • the brown – hides pigmentary educations;
    • the yellow – hides hematomas.

    Color structures are put as a basis for the subsequent voice-frequency layer.

  2. Pencils.

    Perfectly hide insignificant spots, an acne, wrinkles round lips, vascular asterisks. Thanks to viscous structure, the pencil needs to be put pointwise that is certainly economic.

  3. Humidifiers.

    Excellent means to hide wrinkles round eyes, and also bruises. The cream structure has the moistening effect. Cream is easily applied, does not hammer a fold.

  4. Liquid concealers.

    The substance is applied to masking of sites of skin round lips and eyes. On centuries and near a nose foundation clarifies skin, hiding undesirable places. It is developed for the gentle sensitive skin inclined to the increased dryness. The liquid concealer was strongly fixed in clutches of women for evening campaigns.

  5. Highlighters.

    Universal cream perfectly copes with all range of problems of skin. Masks shortcomings, refreshes skin. Shortcoming: is suitable for poorly expressed problems. At vital issues it is used complete with more effective concealer.

  6. Flow down.

    The substance masks insignificant roughnesses, inflammations and pigmentary educations. However it is inefficient for birthmarks, an acne. stik will make wrinkles round eyes even more expressed. As for scars and hems, the best means for their puttying is not present.

  7. Concealers for lips.

    Differ in air structure and hide all problem places on lips. The substance moistens lips, rehabilitates skin and masks wrinkles.

How to choose and use a concealer?

Whether it is worth saying after the description of effect of seven various concealers, what it is necessary to approach a choice most attentively? For example, if means is necessary for focal masking of scars, an acne and reddenings, it is necessary to choose suitable cream to a skin shade. And here to hide convex problem places on fat skin, tone of substance has to be more dark. Circles under eyes will be hidden best of all by a light concealer.

In general, it is easy and simple to apply means. Main thing, nobility following rules:

  1. Before use it is desirable to clear and moisten skin.
  2. Apply cream by means of a brush, and shade – accurate percussions of clean fingers.
  3. Round eyes cream is applied pointwise:
    • internal corner of eyes;
    • eyelid;
    • external corner of eyes;
    • rastushevyvaniye from a nose to temples;
    • pripudrivaniye.
  4. When masking spots means is applied on an affected area of skin, but not pounded round an acne.
  5. The liquid concealer finds application when masking of the pressed roughnesses. Process is fast and plain:
    • the thin brush causes substance, is not pounded;
    • foundation is atop imposed.
  6. On similar equipment hide insignificant wrinkles:
    • the highlighter on a tip of a brush is carried out on a wrinkle;
    • skin dries;
    • foundation is applied.

Councils of makeup artists on use of concealers

  1. It is not recommended to settle down when drawing a concealer closely to a mirror. Spodruchny to put means on removal, and here the rastushevyvaniye is made exactly at a short distance to reflection.
  2. The substance is shaded only on the moistened skin.
  3. Thus the structure will lay down exactly if to shade our "camouflage" warm fingers. Warm fingers before it, and you will see effective result.
  4. Drawing several layers of a concealer is in exceptional cases allowed.
  5. Before cosmetic transformation it is desirable to wash hands and brushes.
  6. It is not necessary to use the increasing mirror which distorts result.
  7. Categorically it is impossible to apply means on fresh open wounds. Chemical is capable to provoke inflammatory processes.

As you can see, it is enough to know simple rules, to observe which it is possible. Having in a stock of knowledge and practical experience, it is possible to hide effectively from foreign eyes any undesirable sites of face skin.

The universal remedy will help to look podobayushche during a school final, invited dinner or the first interview. Anyway, the concealer will overcome shadows under the eyes, opposite heat-spots and wrinkles without effort.

Advantages and shortcomings of concealers for the person

Certainly, the masking means deservedly takes a worthy place in a cosmetics bag of any woman and young girl. However whether the concealer is so perfect? Let's find out pluses and minuses of means.


  • perfectly masks dark circles under eyes, insignificant spots and freckles;
  • it is not felt discomfort neither when drawing, nor at long use;
  • perfectly shades;
  • it is not hammered into skin folds;
  • it is conveniently put.


  • some structures extremely badly smell (on skin the smell disappears);
  • does not hide strong reddenings like spots;
  • complexity of a choice for sensitive skin.

Conclusion: the concealer easily corrects insignificant pale spots and roughnesses of skin, but here before the red inflamed spots, disgracefully, gives in. The substance is perfectly shaded therefore is not able to disguise a redness of spots. As option, it is possible to apply some layers on a problem zone. But in that case it is necessary to work fairly with foundation to hide distinctions in a skin shade.

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