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How to do compliments to men

So it developed in our society that compliments can be paid generally to women. And to state a praise to the man for the fair sex somehow not comme il faut. Of course, all this silly prejudices. For a long time psychologists proved that 99 men from 100 at the subconscious level wait for admiration and approval.

Seduction lessons

Teachers, doctors, actors, bankers, athletes, in a word, of all men, irrespective of the level of their intelligence, a social status and age, are excited by one – they need confirmation of own importance. At this moment also there has to be a great lady with a bouquet from pleasant words. has to note that compliments of the man perceive differently, than women. If for ladies the compliment is pleasant words, for men – the guide to action. Only it is necessary to do it intelligently:

  1. Valuable shots.

    It is pleasant to men when the woman marks out their natural qualities, such as force, dexterity, sexuality. And also professional abilities and hobby, for example, sport, car, repair. And here the compliment into the account of their appearance will leave most of men indifferent. Because to boys since the childhood the stereotype that for the real man beauty not the main thing is driven in. Therefore the phrase about what it today beautiful, will not work.

  2. Truth and once again truth.

    Do compliments only to those advantages of the man which really are available for him. Try to understand, of which quality of people is proud, and do to it justice. Be ready to that will answer you that flatteries do not love. In that case you somewhere made a mistake, after all in soul each person has a treasured string, simply many it is hidden. If you managed to find it and tremblingly to play on it, consider that heart of this person at you in a pocket.

  3. Watch the person.

    If something forces you to do an insincere compliment, watch a mimicry. You will never be believed if a look, gestures and tone indicate the opposite. Intimately lowered voice is well perceived.

  4. Double bottom.

    Formulate the thought accurately that-that, and here the ambiguity in a compliment should not be. Especially it concerns appearance shortcomings. You should not say that the person has an interesting profile if it has a big nose. He can think that you scoff at him.

  5. Confidential weapon.

    It is not necessary to be fond of compliments, and that can and be overpraised. Then your man will earn to himself megalomania. Sometimes surplus of kind words causes dependence on the person who says them. And if suddenly to interrupt a stream of courtesies and to become strict, the man can feel your indispensability.

  6. The nominal.

    Before paying a compliment, address to the person on a name or a name and a middle name. And for close people it is possible to use the gentle address, for example, darling, favourite. It will conceive still bigger effect. Paying compliments, look in the face to the person, but not by it. It will give to sincerity and gravity.

    And here to use tender words before to ask something, is not necessary. If so to arrive often, the compliment will cease to be perceived soon in general, and will be associated only with requirements.

  7. From the third party.

    If your relations are not so close openly to do compliments, the praise can be indirect and as if from the third party. For example, it is possible to tell that it is pleasant to you to be near such clever, courageous man and believe, such turn will not pass by attention of your elect.

  8. Just like that.

    It is not necessary to wait for any especially moment to tell the pleasant word to the person. It is possible to wait, of course, for example, birthday, but only it can turn out so that in lots of congratulations, your compliment will get lost and will not be appreciated. The compliment told without cause and with all the heart is appreciated much more expensively than all festive toasts and recognitions.

  9. Only personally.

    All compliments need to be paid personally to the person. Do not ask someone something to report at all. Do not write recognitions of love in social networks on a wall, do not send a card. It is all not compliments, but spam. The normal person will not be touched to it.

  10. Without comparisons.

    Never compare men with each other if only in your plans there are no partings. Even if comparison is in favor of your man, especially if a compliment of sexual character. The man does not need to know that you compare him to someone, especially to the former.

Features of compliments

All people different, and each man will apprehend the same compliment differently. One with pleasure will listen to a praise in the address, another will turn a deaf ear, and the third will accept it as the guide to action. And though there is an opinion that it is women love ears, and men words and only the kind word, as we know, and a cat is pleasant. And to the person especially.

Features of compliments at men is a sincerity and a concrete form. The rare man will apprehend the general phrase seriously therefore the compliment has to be to a place and time and in essence, then it will be regarded, as approval of actions.

The clever woman will derive benefit from any compliment. If to praise from the heart, sincerely, without jeers and grins, over time the man will be ready to pull up for you trees. And to do compliments in a bed is in general part of the general culture of the relations, thus, the strong, confidential family relations are formed.

The forbidden compliments

Men very much do not love when praise them publicly, do it in a diminutive-hypocoristic form or, on the contrary, in the exaggerated manner. Different "cats" and "hares" are resolved only in an intimate situation and that by agreement.

All people perceive rough flattery as a jeer. After all it is worth remembering that in a root of any flattery the lie lies, and its motive – self-interest. If suddenly the man presented to the lady the dried-up bouquet, it is not necessary to praise highly it generosity, even the silly will understand implication and will take offense.

You should not exaggerate also sexual feats of the partner, especially if he knows the shortcomings. It everything will give out your pity, sympathy and can become the beginning of a rupture of the relations. Do not love the man and ambiguities, praise concrete qualities.


To learn to do compliments it is much easier, than to learn to accept them. Very often in response to a compliment we hear a praise in the address. And very often at this moment people start justifying. If praise a suit, the one whom praise, starts trying to discover at it shortcomings: and rumpled it, and a speck in a corner the old. And what for? After all so everything well began. Justifying, people bring the relations to naught. If the man sincerely considered you beautiful, from your giving he will notice now and deep thighs, and not absolutely equal feet. Therefore when do a compliment to the person, be ready to the return reaction. And still – be not afraid to praise. Because the compliment is not the weapon which has to achieve some objectives, it is opportunity to present to the person a little heat and to make this life brighter and kinder.

And urges not to forget to support the compliments to the close man with kisses. Touches, as well as words, are very necessary. Simply tell it as it at you remarkable and if starts asking for what in it such good, be not let in explanations, after all love not for something, and just like that.

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