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How to create a cosiness in the house

Long since the keeper of the center and cosiness is the woman. It is considered what exactly the feminine has all necessary qualities for ideal connection of flowers, smells, heat and light in the house. And this is true.

Long since the keeper of the center and cosiness is the woman. It is considered what exactly the feminine has all necessary qualities for ideal connection of flowers, smells, heat and light in the house. And this is true.

Creation of a cosiness in the house is a creative task. Its execution requires not hefty imagination, patience, ability to embody own ideas and fearlessness. But the result which you receive, it will cost. The cosiness in the house is a guarantee of family harmony, happiness and a friendly situation.

Of what the cosiness consists

According to the explanatory dictionary "cosiness" is an order and comfort which create feeling of pleasant rest. In each family understanding of a cosiness individually. For someone it is a creative disorder which allocates creative people. And for someone on the contrary – purity and an order.

But, despite identity of a cosiness for each separate case, the cosiness means the house for each person. And the house consists of a smell, color of finishing of walls, style, furniture and an interior. And therefore recommends to create a cosiness according to this plan.

That it is not necessary to do

But before we will tell how it is necessary to create the warm atmosphere and a cosiness in the house, it is worth understanding that you should not do. At creation of a cosiness it is necessary to feel accurately a side between beauty and platitude, between danger and beauty. Therefore we do not recommend to use many mirrors in one room, especially in a bedroom. Mirrors are certain portals which radiate not only positive energy of a family, and and can be amplifiers of a negative in the house.

Vulgarly in an interior the abundance of accessories and fine bright details which do not approach to each other on style looks or logically are not connected with each other. In this case the rule "better less, but of higher quality" works.

Smell and power of the house

It is known that the most strong feeling of perception of the person is a scent. Therefore when we remember a pleasant event or the house with the pleasant atmosphere, we remember its smell. For example, began to smell cinnamon from mother's pastries or a smell of house milk in the rural house of the grandmother.

Today shops offer us various artificial fragrances which are urged "to create a cosiness" in the house. But whatever was pleasant aroma at this accessory if in the house there is a source of an unpleasant smell – the cosiness will not be. Unpleasant smells do not allow to develop freshness in the room, do not allow "to breathe freely". Therefore clear-out and elimination of all unpleasant smells in the house has to become the first step to creation of the cozy house.

Clear-out is not only clarification of the room from smells, but also clarification of power of the house, that is clarification of his soul. Therefore if you seriously decided to transform the house, to open it for fresh air and new positive mood, will throw out all unnecessary stuff. First of all, recommends to throw out things which bear negative energy: the old clothes and footwear, the burst ware curling and the falling flowers, canes and big plants in pots. All these subjects extremely negatively influence a human body, can be the cause of diseases. For example, the curling flowers attract to the apartment of an illness, quarrel and illnesses. And the cane in the house – can attract even death.

But if you do not represent life without honeysuckle or an ivy, make so that stalks curled in the form of a sphere or other freakish form up. It will become possible if to start up a flower on a wire framework.

In the course of clear-out it is necessary to take out all garbage – things which you do not use and which lie "dead freight". Check all cases, mezzanines, a balcony and boxes for paper for existence of unnecessary stuff. First, he not only will take an excess place and to extend power of the house, but also will create an additional pillow from dust, thereby becoming a source of an allergy of hosts.

After carrying out clear-out it is necessary to fix a freshness smell. It will be helped perfectly by the natural fragrances made own hands. Mirsovetov turned over a large number of sources with ideas, chose the most fragrant decisions. With these ideas we willingly will share with our readers.

Mix perfectly will be suitable for creation of feeling of a holiday and a smell of winter evening from spices – cinnamon, carnations, ginger, a crust of orange, a nutmeg and allspice. That the smell of the house was pleasant to all family members, it is necessary to add all spices to 1,5 liters of water and to weary on slow fire. Gradually your house will be filled with aroma.

For textiles and furniture light fragrant spray which and the house will fill with a pleasant smell will go, and will give to linen after washing unique aroma. For creation of such spray it is necessary to use on 1 drop of oils of an eucalyptus, a geranium, mints. To add step by step each oil to 120 ml of the distilled water and to raspryskivat through a special spray.

Textiles and furniture

Correctly picked up textiles and furniture – one more important element of creation of a cosiness in the house. For creation of a cosiness and comfort in the house for rest of all family of recommends to choose furniture of quiet tones. Option of updating of furniture are made-to-order and hand-made covers just for decoration which will introduce an identity note to your house.

Accessories have not smaller value at creation of a cosiness in the house, than began to smell. They give to the room a special highlight, and also help to clear power of the room. recommends to decorate the house dried with flowers, small cushions, fresh flowers. These pleasant trifles, according to philosophy feng shui, will bring a cosiness, heat, health and wellbeing to your house.

It is possible to create a cosiness in the house and without additional money. The main thing in this process – a positive spirit, love to the house and native and a little bit imaginations.

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