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How to combine wall-paper

Repair is awfully troublesome occupation, especially, if it is about long-awaited apartment renovation. In this case we look through the mass of catalogs, we consult on various experts and we look for the most original decision for design of the housing. But, it appears to pass for the original, material inputs are not obligatory at all.

Having come into any room, on what we first of all pay attention? On walls! For this reason during repair the special attention needs to be paid to walls, the benefit that today there is a huge number of options of their registration.

Modern approach to style claims that it is not necessary to approach internal finishing of rooms conservatively. For example, to bring dynamics and originality in an interior, it is necessary to try to combine wall-paper. And will prompt, what ways of this design decision practice and enjoy popularity today.

For what combine wall-paper

The room which is pasted over with one wall-paper is not yesterday's, but day before yesterday day because monophonic walls are boring, and the combination allows or to add to the room some decorative elements, or to change room geometry, either to define zoning, or to hide shortcomings and to push forward advantages. Let's review examples in more detail.

  1. Merits and demerits. If all walls, except one are pasted over with wall-paper with one neutral drawing, and one wall or even its part, other wall-paper which differ in drawing or a shade, this place and will become focus of the room. This drawing will be able to distract looks of people from defects of the room or shortcomings of the room – be it a rough ceiling or walls. And experts are sure – the more brightly at you wall-paper which is picked up for a combination the it is less than chances at visitors to see shortcomings.
  2. Zoning. This option is irreplaceable if in one room it is planned to combine some rooms. For an embodiment of zoning the most courageous decisions are allowed even, especially, if you very strongly want to allocate some one zone. For this purpose it is possible to use not only a visual decor, but also partitions, screens, light. For example, one nursery for the boy and the girl to be halved exactly – one half of the room has blue color, and the second – pink.
  3. Visualization. If the room narrow, it can be expanded, however, only visually. For this purpose short walls are pasted over with wall-paper of dark color, long – light. And here if the room has the square size, one of walls can be pasted over in more saturated color is will help to extend a little it. And light colors visually increase small spaces.
  4. Accents. The simplest option of a combination is an accent wall. It is possible to allocate also two walls – adjacent or parallel. The main thing governed – the accent wall has to differ from the others in more dark (light) shade, unusual, bright or large drawing etc. is it is possible to make by means of other shade of wall-paper. The basic having something in common element is something the general: shade, registration, drawing.
  5. Focusing. Small emphasis on a wall which represents a focus point. For example, if it is necessary to allocate some one small zone: crib, fireplace, art gallery, dresser etc. By the way, wall-paper can be scenery – if, for example, the piece of wall-paper is taken in a frame.

Ways of a combination

  1. Strips vertical. The good visual effect can achieve by means of alternation of strips of wall-paper of different color. That in practice to use this way, it is necessary to buy two types of wall-paper – they surely have to be one invoice and width. On a wall it is necessary to paste strips of wall-paper, alternating them through one or through two. Two shades of one color or full contrast, a combination from several opposite flowers are perfectly combined. It is also worth considering that the monochromaticism of horizontal strips gives visualization of a rectilinear treatment of light and shade on walls is will bring in an interior nobility and grace. In case at you full contrast of strips turns out, it will specify the room and uniqueness. It is possible to use wall-paper with the most various drawings that will add heat and a cosiness to your room. For example, want the room in retro style? Alternate wall-paper in peas and wall-paper in a strip.
  2. Strips horizontal. Such decision will be suitable for any style. Most often the horizontal combination is wooden panels and wall-paper (paint), but the different way of a combination – alternation of strips of different types of wall-paper is allowed today. It is possible to apply alternation of contrast wall-paper, or to pick up decoration of the walls by absolutely different shades or drawings. Width of horizontal strips depends on height of walls – if ceilings high, it is possible to take strips more than one and a half meters but if ceilings not high, you do not buy wall-paper more than a meter wide. Use different invoices and coloring, for example: blamed also textiles – the first give effect of plaster, and the second – smooth soft drawing roughness. When pasting the room horizontal strips, it is necessary to observe strictly technology as joints of wall-paper most often give a number of an inconvenience. It is necessary to put a horizontal strip in the middle of a wall, then – to paste the top leaf, but only after that – lower. And here on a place of joints of cloths it is necessary to leave a blousing that after wall-paper will dry, to cut off surplus, and to finish gluing edges. If joints do not turn out ideally equal, it is possible to use various decorating borders.
  3. Inserts from wall-paper. More original solution of a combination. For a start it is necessary to prepare walls: to paste over or paint. Only after that carry out finishing: do inserts of thick wall-paper on a flizelinovy basis. The form and the size of inserts does not play a special role. If you the adherent of classics, wall-paper can be taken in a framework or moldings square or squared. And if you prefer neoclassics then can dream on difficult geometrical figures. This type of registration of an interior is not put at all – all edges of inserts will be closed - a framework, moldings.
  4. Inserts from wall-paper on perimeter of all room. Experts claim that this way of a combination approaches in case you have to issue parts of the room, different in sense. For example, the nursery conditionally shares on a game zone, a working zone and a zone of a dream. About a bed wall-paper has to be quiet, about a table – exciting flowers, and about toys warm and not aggressive shades have to prevail. In a drawing room it is possible to allocate the TV, and in a bedroom – a bed.
  5. Rags. For an embodiment in reality of this way it is necessary to possess the rich imagination and creative flight of thought. But it is not obligatory to have art education at all – to have desire to express own understanding of art enough. Paste on walls or having ordered, or in a chaotic disorder multi-colored rags but so that your drawing was harmonious. For example, it is possible to pick up various wall-paper of one shade: lilac, violet, baklazhanny. It is possible to take wall-paper of different flowers, but with one drawing or an ornament. Rags are glued either with an overlap, or end-to-end is a matter of taste.
  6. Allocation. If you have a disproportionate room where there are niches and ledges, you can allocate with wall-paper only these elements. The apartment will play in a new way if to designate niches and ledges wall-paper of any contrast colors. Perfectly the dark gray niche, on a blue wall – a peach ledge, and pink – on green or lime looks on a white wall. Niches are perfectly allocated when they are decorated with ornaments or hieroglyphs.

Councils finally

  1. Wall-paper needs to be bought in one place, so you will precisely pick up color, density and texture.
  2. If you need to buy in addition wall-paper, surely take a sample, do not hope for visual memory.
  3. Buy wall-paper of one width.
  4. Get all materials of one producer.
  5. Be not afraid to combine wall-paper, after all it will help you to make the house modern, cozy and comfortable.
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