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Combination of flowers in clothes

The few women are able to combine correctly colors in own clothes, experiencing difficulties in a clothes combination. And after all from this the stylish image also consists. Happens so that on the woman beautiful and expensive clothes, but in its shape something not so. And business here not in understanding of fashion and style, and mostly – in the law of perception of color.

According to psychologists, color of clothes can tell a lot of things about the person. About character or mood at some concrete moment of his life. Sometimes your clothes depend on that state which occurs in soul. You for certain caught yourself on thought that in sunny and bright day when high spirits, the favourite red or blue dress wants to put on. If on the street it is cloudy and rainy, at work continuous problems moreover and with the husband swore, involuntarily dress a dark brown suit or a pale beige sweater.

Mirsovetov together with you, dear readers, will try to understand, whether on the business color of clothes can tell a lot of things about the person. Also we will define value of this or that shade and we learn how to learn correctly to combine colors in clothes.

The yellow – to dreamers, red – to natures passionate

What association is caused in you by red color? For certain something connected with passion, desire, risk, fire. Red color has one characteristic feature – it can change a state of mind and lighten mood, but at the same time oppress. That is why it is not recommended to carry constantly it. Put on a dress of red color at some special case better. Whether it be appointment or some celebration. Generally, while you want to show the feminity and an obolstitelnost.

Yellow color, according to psychologists, persons pensive and able to enjoy life prefer. After all it is color of the sun! It is worth noticing that shades of the yellow suit not everyone therefore in a choice of clothes it is necessary to be especially attentive. The matter is that the yellow can give to your appearance an unhealthy look. Dared carry it can unless brunettes with ideally opaque complexion.

The imperious blue and aristocratic violet

People purposeful and persistent prefer all shades of the green in clothes. Much know that this color works as antidepressant. It calms and at the same time can lift your tone. Green color symbolizes constancy, however for many it causes associations with youth and carelessness. Therefore this color in clothes during official actions and business meetings is not recommended.

If you the strong personality, in your clothes for certain is a lot of clothes of blue and blue tones. And it is not vain – such color on the one hand does not strain and does not oppress, with another – helps to control a situation. Therefore blue very much suits business people. The main thing to manage to pick up the necessary shade.

One more cold color – violet. It is accepted to call it color of aristocratism. Also the clothes of violet shades possess powerful power – the person in it should be noticed. Quite often violet color is preferred by those who at the subconscious level tries to normalize the composure and to adjust harmony. Therefore if pulled you this color, listen to the intuition. But you should not carry violet too often.

Drearily at heart? Hi gray sweater …

For certain you noticed that in bad mood or a dejectedness there is a wish to dress clothes of brown color. Psychologists explain what exactly shades of the brown cause tranquillity and give feeling of security. If the person constantly wears clothes of brown color, it can be characterized as the personality with quiet character or not wishing to be allocated from crowd. But you should not be fond this color. It can provoke a gloomy depression. It is best of all to use it with other shades.

The gray - classical color. It gives elegance to an image. At the same time this tone quite reserved. For this reason it is used to soften bright colors. Gray color in itself can cause sad mood. And still psychologists consider that the person can "sit down" on gray tone at the moment when he wants to be discharged of the outside world, to leave from some problems, to decline all responsibility for something.

Black color always causes association with mystery and fear, something dangerous and exciting. However if it goes in a combination to light tones, it is possible to receive a classical official style. Each of us surely at clothes has a thing of black color. It is convenient as neutral and will approach any shade. Experts do not recommend to carry monophonic black things as the black can become the reason of bad mood and an oppressive state. It is best of all to combine black with other flowers and to achieve the image which is optimum suitable you.

The complete antithesis to the black – white color. Can cause some emotions – from grief and fear (if is associated with a hospital bed), cold weather (winter), to feeling of tranquillity (a symbol of purity and the beginning of life). White color in itself cold, but in combination with other shades can play an important role in image.

Fashionable here already long time remains pastel beige color. It would seem, the imperceptible shade, but at successfully picked up clothes it looks simply perfectly. Even if to add to a beige dress only a few accessories of blue color, bezh will play in all the beauty. Also it will perfectly look with contrast colors – blue, dark brown, claret, etc.

It is a little about a color circle

We understood value of the most main - a warm, cold and neutral color. Now we will try to learn to select things so that they perfectly were in harmony among themselves. But at first it would be desirable to acquaint you with very necessary thing helping to be guided with a combination of your things. It is a so-called color circle.

The most great popularity was won by the so-called color circle of Newton called in honor of his inventor.

All components of a range - smoothly passing each other. They form a set of other shades.

It is considered to be the main three colors – red, blue and yellow. These are primary colors. Mixing till two colors in half, three more colors – green, orange and violet which call secondary turn out.

Other colors – tertiary which are formed when mixing primary colors with secondary color. In Newton's range the primary and secondary colors alternate, and mixing of two main is formed by the additional – tertiary colors.

Such colors as black and white, brown and gray call neutral. In a color circle they are not present as they are combined absolutely with any flowers. Still it is considered to be neutral dark blue and light bezh. For this reason in your clothes for certain there are jeans or trousers of these shades. They can be carried safely with blouses and t-shirts of any flowers.

Complementary colors which else call contrast are the colors located the friend opposite to the friend. As a rule, contrast colors apply to creation of deliberate contrast in image. For example, if there is a wish to focus attention of a dress some detail against primary color.

Also in a circle there are similar colors – they are located near each other and are often applied by designers.

We learn to combine correctly colors in clothes

Let's now try apply a color circle by means of the most classical methods of a combination:

  1. We combine colors only one "families.
  2. Safely use colors which are placed in a circle nearby. Use also shades which when carrying out the line in a circle form a right angle. For example, to a dress of gentle-blue color you need to choose color of shoes. But black or white there is no wish. Then we look: on a circle at an angle 90 degrees from the blue – a fine pale green shade.
  3. If you want to make an image of three flowers, it is possible to use such form: for this purpose draw three lines forming a triangle. It is best of all if these three colors are present not only at clothes, but also at accessories.
  4. It is necessary to combine four colors? Then remember: 2 colors have to be the main, 2 more – additional (in accessories). Use for this purpose in a color circle the form forming a letter X on a color circle.

Top-10 councils of a color combination

  1. At creation of a dress combine no more than four flowers. By means of others you can only emphasize or add an image.
  2. In your image two colors occupying the most part of clothes have to be the main.
  3. Basic flowers are white, gray and black. But do not carry them independently. These colors demand dilution with others.
  4. If clothes of saturated color – shade it quieter shades from the same palette.
  5. Combine only contrast colors or shades related each other.
  6. Gray, white and black: three colors which are combined with any other.
  7. All pastel tone are combined with each other.
  8. To clothes of neutral tones select bright accessories.
  9. It is better to do the top part of clothes brighter than the lower.
  10. It is desirable to select a bottom of a dress two tones more darkly than top. It will make your figure visually more tightened.
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