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Colourless henna for hair

In care of hair colourless henna was widely used. It strengthens hair, adds them delightful gloss and silkiness. If it is correct to prepare and apply henna, it is possible to forget about such problem as a brittle hair and to stop their loss.

Colourless henna can be bought in any supermarket or shop of decorative cosmetics. There is it literally kopeks, but thus possesses the mass of useful qualities.

Do not confuse henna powder which can paint hair in red shades, with the colourless. Both components are received from different plants. If the toner is developed from a henna, colourless powder is received from other plant – a cassia. It belongs to family bean and is among medicines.

Powder consists from:

  • hrizofanola - antifungal substance. Can paint the decoloured hair in a yellow shade;
  • the emodina – gives to hair brightness;
  • the emodina of an aloe – strengthens and stimulates growth;
  • the betadina – moistens dry hair;
  • the iyeksantina – stops loss;
  • the routine – strengthens roots;
  • the fisalena – relieves of dandruff.

Who should recommend

Powder of henna will suit all without exception in the preventive purposes.

Its action for hair:

  • will help to return natural gloss;
  • will restore the fragile and injured hair;
  • if ringlets weak, powder provides access of oxygen to cells of hair and the head;
  • fights against secants tips;
  • will protect from influence of negative factors (dust, dry air and other);
  • stimulates growth;
  • if other dandruff medicines do not help – try to use henna, she will allow to forget about your problems;
  • hair will be soft and will get additional volume.

At desire it is possible to use cheap means and not to get expensive advertized chemical preparations for hair.

Whether there are contraindications?

Before use of henna it is necessary to learn about its contraindications:

  1. Powder cannot be applied on the clarified hair because after a mask color of their hair can become with a yellow or green shade. At huge desire it is possible to try a mask with henna, but on a separate lock of hair.
  2. It is impossible to dye hair the paint containing chemical components in the subsequent two or three days after henna influence. Otherwise paint will paint over hair unevenly.

Useful recommendations

That colourless henna really helped you, Mirsovetov suggests to adhere to certain rules in preparation and use of henna:

  1. It is necessary to buy henna only in special shops where the cosmetics and means on care of hair is on sale. In stalls and in the market by weight it is undesirable to buy henna.
  2. For preparation of mix take not usual water from under the crane (behind an exception when you installed the filter), and cleared. It is possible to zakipyatit water and to put it that it was defended. It is also possible to use the mineral.
  3. The good effect can be reached if to prepare a mask not on usual water, and on broth of herbs (camomiles and nettles).
  4. If in the recipe of a mask there are molokoprodukta and eggs, they have to be fresh and it is desirable house.
  5. It is necessary to apply mix on the washed-up, combed and slightly moistened hair.
  6. To rub mix in skin and hair the vigorous movements it is impossible. Especially it concerns those places where there are damaged sites.
  7. To apply mix from powder and other components it is possible both on all length of hair, and on roots.
  8. After drawing a mask wrap up the head with polyethylene, and from above a towel;
  9. For a fair hair it is enough to hold mix thirty minutes, and for dark hair – influence time one hour.
  10. It is not necessary to wash away henna shampoo, simply wash away it under a water stream, and then several times well wash out hair to clean parts of powder.
  11. It is not necessary to do masks often. It is enough to use henna twice a month that head skin was not overdried.

Effective recipes

Standard recipe: take powder of henna and dissolve it in hot water. Then mix needs to be cooled and applied on the moistened hair a little. To cover the head with a polyethylene hat or a film.

How to calculate necessary amount of powder:

  1. If mix is applied on roots, there will be enough two bags (in one package twenty five grams).
  2. When there is a task to treat hair on all length, at average length five bags are required. For long hair – seven-eight.
  3. If your hair dense and thick, it is necessary to increase quantity of packages.

For dry hair it is possible to use henna, but to apply it follows only on roots as it can cause dryness. It is in that case better to add vegetable oils to a mask.

Before starting preparation of a mask, decide on the type of hair. For dry hair as it was told, the mask needs to be applied only on roots, and for fat – on all length. If hair quickly zhirnet at roots, and tips dry, powder should be applied only on head skin.

Recipes of the best masks:

  1. Take hundred fifty grams of henna and fill in with hot water. When mix cools down, it is possible to add one-two yolks, oil (best of all will approach burdock or olive) – one spoon, one-two spoons of apple cider vinegar and it is a little honey. To apply mix on hair and to leave for half an hour.
  2. Mask with cottage cheese: take packing of henna and three spoons of cottage cheese (low-fat), add juice of a lemon and mix.
  3. Mask on kefir. Its preparation requires fresh house kefir – hundred grams and two spoons of henna. To leave mix on hair for fifteen minutes then to wash away warm water and to wash up hair shampoo.
  4. Mix two packages of powder of henna with a nettle (better to take dry), add two spoons of mustard powder. Fill in with water and mix.
  5. The universal mask will help to recover the weakened hair: take hundred fifty grams of henna, two yolks and olive oil in equal quantities. Mix and apply for an hour on hair.
  6. For dry hair the mask with castor oil will become the real rescue. Take one-two bags of henna, a spoon of castor oil and it is a little pulp of avocado. Mix mix and leave on hair for an hour. Avocado will moisten your ringlets, oil will restore structure, and henna will protect hair and will add them gloss.
  7. It is possible to clean excessive greasiness of hair by means of henna (it needs to be parted previously with boiled water) and lemon juice. It is necessary to mix and leave components for half an hour.

With cold weather approach our hair become lifeless and dim. To return them gloss, the vitamin mask will help.

For its preparation take:

  • two bags of henna;
  • three spoons of dry mix of herbs – nettles, a camomile and a St. John's Wort;
  • teaspoon of liquid vitamin E (is on sale in a drugstore);
  • hot water.

Herbs need to be crushed previously in powder and to mix with henna. To fill in with boiled water and to wait until mix becomes warm. After that to add vitamin E and to apply a mask on hair. Influence time – one hour. After that the mask is washed away at first under a water stream without shampoo, and then dry up hair in the natural way.

Despite a magic power of colourless henna – do not abuse natural gift and then your hair will be magnificent.

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