Colors in an interior, a combination of flowers, color schemes
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Colors in an interior

An eye fixes a form and volume of subjects, and also color. Color is one of the most important characteristics all seen by us. It is necessary to approach a choice of flowers for your interior with special assiduity. After all the apartment has to answer not only to your tastes, but also to be the most comfortable. suggests to correct the ideal interior.
Gодходить к выбору цветов для вашего интерьера нужно с особым тщанием According to scientists, we receive 90% of information on the outside world through eyes. An eye fixes a form and volume of subjects, and also color. Color is one of the most important characteristics all seen by us. Every color causes a chain of associations which influence not only his psychological and emotional state, but also the physiological in the person. Still ancient scientists noticed this phenomenon and with success put into practice a tsvetolecheniye. You and for certain noticed more than once that in one room is breathed easily and freely, and in some other – walls as if approach and press on you. Not the last role in such perception is played also by color. Therefore it is necessary to approach a choice of flowers for your interior with special assiduity. After all the apartment has to not only answer your tastes, but also to be the most comfortable. suggests you to correct the ideal interior by means of properties of color.

Value of flowers

Choosing colors for an interior, first of all it is necessary to rely on personal addictions. But thus, though tastes at all people different, it should be taken into account the consistent patterns determined by psychologists. More stoutly to use influence of color on the person, it is necessary to pay attention to a harmony of a combination of flowers, the associative array caused by them, preference of this or that color. The associations caused in the color differ at the uneven-age groups and people belonging to different cultures. Nevertheless, the set of the general reactions allows to speak about international influence of color.
Blue or blue color
Синий или голубой цвет ассоциируется с тишиной, покоем, прохладой is associated with silence, rest, a cool. It is color of depth, the far sky. The blue color, the bigger feeling of rest and relaxation is deeper it will cause in the person. Light blue and blue colors give feelings of carelessness and ease, and pure blue color symbolizes a spontaneity and even carelessness, causes desire to play the fool and play.
    Recently the doctrine feng shui became very fashionable. And though associative arrays of Europeans and people of the East strongly differ, the knowledge of values of flowers of feng shui will be useful at a choice of registration of an interior. So, blue color, according to this doctrine, reflects a feminine. It is color of care, trust, harmony and sensitivity. In a tsvetolecheniye the blue is shown at diarrhea, digestive tract diseases, allergic cough and sleeplessness. For receiving a positive effect it is necessary to look at pure blue color daily, approximately on half an hour.
Red color is a color of passion, tension, passion.Красный цвет – это цвет страсти, напряжении, азарта Scientists attribute its exciting action still ancient association of the person with fire and blood. It is very strong color which attracts imperious and often irritable people.
    On feng shui it is color of the leader, good luck, male energy Yan. In Japanese culture red color – color of anger. This color induces to move, stimulates nervous system and has beneficial influence on a liver. To Tsvetolecheniye by red color it is shown at treatment of anemia, locks, paralysis and depression. It is contraindicated to hypertensive persons and hysterical and emotional people.
Yellow color.Фэн-шуй утверждает, что желтый цвет символизирует мудрость, накопленные знания Value of this color dually. It means pleasure, the sun, wealth and release. But at the same time it is color of change, treachery (well-known "yellow tulips") and concerns. This color is chosen by people who look for releases and hope for unloading which will help them to reach bigger, to reveal and realize itself. Inspiration symbol yellow also.
    The feng shui claims that yellow color symbolizes wisdom, the accumulated knowledge. This color is also supported with energy Yan. In east tradition the yellow – color of carefree fun and a holiday. But in Europe this color – color of jealousy, change and cowardice. And still release, triumph of life and inspiration symbolizes the yellow for all people. This color stimulates energy of muscles, possesses zhelchegonny action. Treatment is appointed in the yellow color for treatment of diabetes, rheumatism, diseases of kidneys and a liver. It is contraindicated at diarrhea, neuralgia and tachycardia.
Green color
 Зеленый – цвет прохлады consists of blue and yellow flowers. It is color of static character, potential energy, rest and even some stagnation. Green – color of a cool and the more in it blue, the is colder this shade. The most part of the yellow will make green color warmer and more active, color of young greens, growth. Green it is boundless in the shades. It is chosen by people quiet and in something conservative, but true and reliable.
    East traditions designate green, as color of the world, growth and hope. It is color of freshness, updating. Scientists consider that the green appeals to the most ancient associations of the person with the wood which gave it livelihood and a shelter. Green calms, refreshes and well affects sight. It is applied to treatment of asthma, sleeplessness and cardiac illnesses.

Colors in an interior

Цвета в интерьере Relying on knowledge of value of color and its influence on the person, it is possible to be engaged in distribution of flowers in an interior. Thus remember that colors share on:
  • warm (treat them red, yellow and their shades),
  • and cold to which all shades blue and green concern.
For the hot rooms which are looking south better to use cold shades which will give to the room feeling of a cool and freshness. It is better to make out rooms of North side warm and light shades. Also pastel tone of a cold color of recommends to choose for rooms with windows on the East, and here for the "western" rooms it is better to select tone more warmly.
    Warm colors have one more interesting effect: they visually pull together walls, as if reduce space. And here a cold color opposite, moves apart it and visually increases the area of the room. Remember that walls have to be lighter than a floor and are more dark than a ceiling – then the space of your housing will look naturally.
Accurate definition purpose of rooms has to become the following stage. For example, nursery, bedroom, kitchen, dining room.
So, for a nursery, proceeding from values of flowers, it is better to choose quiet tone. And, if the small child, is best of all to choose blue, green or light-violet color. It is necessary to avoid brown color and dark earth shades.
цвета делятся на теплые (к ним относятся красный, желтый и их оттенки), и холодные, к которым относятся все оттенки синего и зеленого
    Some psychologists categorically do not recommend to young parents to paste over all nursery with wall-paper with often repeating drawings small animals. In their opinion, it promotes scattered attention of the child, prevents to concentrate. It is best of all to be limited to the edging with pictures or one wall with such drawing.
In the color it is possible to correct attention of the child. So, for example, the desk near a yellow wall will help the school student to start studying better since will stimulate cognitive interest and creative thinking. Red details of an interior will positively influence activity, but will disturb falling asleep.
It is better to make out a bedroom in quiet blue or green color. But if you are young and original, and a bedroom for you a place not of rest, and adventures then also deep, languid red color is admissible. In combination with the muffled intimate lighting he will serve to you a faithful service in seduction.
By the way, red color is allowed and in kitchens, especially small: it stimulates appetite and activity. That is, your house simply quickly eat and do not sit up in close kitchen, and seek to get over in an interior of quieter tones.
The drawing room in yellow tones will be cozy and festive, parties in it will be especially cheerful.

How to reach harmony

Чтобы интерьер вашего жилья не был скучным и однообразным, помните, что цвета можно комбинировать друг с другом That the interior of your housing was not boring and monotonous, remember that colors can be combined with each other. If the room is sustained in one monotonous color, such interior will cause fast fatigue. But registration of the room will bring in two contrast colors besides to result. In everything the measure and harmony is necessary, excessive diversity is importunate, as well as excessive monotony. Reasonably picked up details of an interior and some simple rules of compatibility of flowers will help to avoid these reefs.
Monophonic compatibility consists in a combination of various shades of one color. Such decoration of the walls is applied in case to achieve the quiet and weakening situation. Monophonic compatibility of flowers is ideally suited for an interior in which the emphasis will be placed on bright details: pictures on walls, vases or furniture.
Contrast compatibility is a connection of two contrast colors, for example, blue and orange. These colors counterbalance each other and create a bright and elegant interior. To avoid excessive importunity of such combination of colors recommends to use contrast in details, for example, to counterbalance blue walls orange furniture and curtains. Thus it is worth remembering that on tone the furniture has to be lighter than a floor, but is more dark than walls. Visually it will give ponderability and naturalness to the room.
The third type of compatibility of flowers – mixed. This combination of different shades of one color and contrast details. If you for the interior choose mixed compatibility of flowers, open spaces for creativity open the really vast. It is worth remembering that primary color of an interior has to be closest to a pure color – yellow, red or blue. Such color has to become the dominating note of your interior.Сочетание двух контрастных цветов создаст яркий и нарядный интерьер You will operate with its shades and contrast details for creation of harmonious registration of the room. It is only important not to forget that diversity is pernicious for harmony. The amount of colors which are used in an interior taking into account color of furniture, curtains and other accessories, should not exceed five. Thus the smallest details of an interior have to be the most saturated and bright flowers. Having arranged such accents in rooms of your housing, you receive an elegant and not dull interior.
    The saturation of color also depends and on the invoice of subjects. Any relief surface does color softer, priglushenny, more deeply, and the brilliant surface gives effect of a varnish, maximum saturation of color and its aggression. So, the subject relief, the more deeply is larger and heavier its surface seems. Selecting invoices and colors for future interior, use the main rule: the most dark and deep color in an interior has to be a color of a floor, and most easy and light – a ceiling. The furniture has to be lighter and it is easier than a floor, but is more dark, than walls.
Before repair, having attentively read recommendations of, take the plan of the apartment and paint and try to draw an interior of the dream. Paint cardboard slices, put them to a wall. Having estimated result from distance about 3 meters, you will understand, whether will be comfortable to you this color. When you choose your colors, with these samples go behind paints or wall-paper. Compare these examples of colors to flowers and the invoice of your future curtains and furniture. And let the new interior will bring you joy and happiness!
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