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Settling and arrangement of an aquarium

So, the aquarium is, but now and it is very necessary to recover it. But I hope, you do not think that for arrangement of an aquarium it is rather simple to fill in in it water. Before the aquarium quickens, it is necessary to prepare it, it making correctly to pick up everyone. And will acquaint you with all this, step by step telling how "to inhale" life in an aquarium.
Here at you already at home is costed by a glass vessel. If is not present, prompts as purchase of an aquarium and the equipment to it" is better to make it in the review ".
So, the aquarium is, but now and it is not simply possible to recover it, as they say, and even it is very necessary. But I hope, you do not think that for arrangement of an aquarium it is rather simple to fill in in it water, it is simple to put any pleasant small fishes and it is simple to povtykat plants and any else interesting decorative elements to complete the picture. Actually settling and arrangement of an aquarium really simply, but not absolutely as you could imagine it.
Before the aquarium quickens, it is necessary to prepare it, it making correctly to pick up everyone. And will acquaint you with all this, step by step telling how "to inhale" life in an aquarium.

Soil for an aquarium

Грунт для аквариума Soil for an aquarium is a small pebble or small pebbles (70-80%, with a diameter of 3-8 mm) and larger stones (as a rule, the top layer). Sand is no good because it is quickly enough silted, stops passing water, and roots of plants perish. If to be limited only to large stones, it will be difficult to plants to take roots.
Soil thickness in an aquarium has to make 4-5 cm. It is possible less – in those places where there are no plants, it is possible more – if it is not a pity for net volume. But consider that all hills, hills, hollows, holes will disappear quickly enough under the influence of inhabitants of an aquarium and currents (not for nothing in an aquarium cost the filter with the compressor).
Soil can be bought in pet-shop. It is possible to buy filling brick of the necessary caliber (if carries).
If do not want to buy or wish everything in an aquarium was "by nature", can prompt how independently to wash soil in the small river or the sea. It is most convenient to wash by means of a standard kitchen colander – it has just convenient diameter of holes. By Sovochk it is filled in him mix of sand and pebbles (less than a half of a colander), we choose the big not pleasant as hands. Then we gather waters (directly from the small river) – and "we wash with easy rockings gold". As a result the small sand together with water merges (for 2-3 washings), and production can be poured out in in advance prepared container.
Before zasypky in an aquarium it is desirable to wash out soil clear water and to boil – that there were no unpleasant surprises then.

Snag, grotto

Декорации аквариума Snag, grotto and other scenery – optional, but not so useless elements in arrangement of an aquarium. Fishes can swim away in a grotto or hide under a snag – some types are in great need in such possibility of a privacy. Well and an esthetics – too not the last business.
But with these elements it is necessary to be careful – to avoid small holes (such size that fish could get stuck), metal impregnations (all the same will rust or at least will grow dull moreover and water will poison), sharp chips (it can be wounded not only fish, but also you). It is also necessary to boil a subject (depending on porosity – of 15 minutes till several o'clock) before to place it in an aquarium – you never know what bacteria are found there.

Water for an aquarium

Water needs to be poured into an aquarium pure, not boiled, not mineral. It is desirable without bleaching powder. It is possible to take otstoyanny water or if there is an opportunity, to bring from the pump room (if it is purer, there of course). It is possible to take and filtered by the ordinary filter for water – if it is not a pity for the filter. There are various chemical additives for change of properties of water, but it is better not to be fond of them – easy to overdose, and it to anything good will not lead.

Aquarian plants

Аквариумные растения Live plants are necessary in an aquarium not only for esthetic reasons. In arrangement of an aquarium aquarian plants play a role and hospital attendants, both producers of oxygen, and a source of vitamins, and simply a stern. Usually in zoolittle shops and in the "bird's" markets a sufficient choice of aquarian plants. advises to begin with purchased, and to give preference to cheap unpretentious grades – elody and Valencia. Later, having gained necessary skills, it is possible to pass and to more interesting plants, buying them or independently digging out in reservoirs.
First of all the plants brought home should be put in water of room temperature. And then slowly to sort, remove the begun to rot or broken off leaves, perhaps, some living creatures (if it is not necessary to you, of course). Quickly to rinse in solution of potassium permanganate of an average saturation – and right there to wash out clear water. Before landing in an aquarium it is desirable to prishchipnut roots of plants.

Settling of an aquarium: fishes, crayfish, shrimps, snails

Заселение аквариума Settling of an aquarium – just that part where it is precisely possible to allow the imagination to clear up – if to follow some simple rules, of course:
  • each fish has the optimum temperature condition, about it it is possible to learn in the reference book or from the seller. It is clear that at all gathered fishes has to be though one temperature accepted for all;
  • for settling of an aquarium it is better to take little, but not adult fishes – then it is simpler to them to adapt for new habitat;
  • it is better not to overpopulate an aquarium. For orientation – 0,75 l of water on body length cm (to consider not on whitebaits, and by the approximate sizes of adult fishes). It is actually possible more, on condition of adequate operation of the filter and the compressor, but it is for a start better so. Then whitebaits can be born – or you want to add still some species of fishes;
  • if choose fish of gregarious breed, it is necessary to take at least 5-7 small fishes (better – more because there is a probability that the part will be lost);
  • and vice versa, it is better to take pugnacious fishes very little, differently at approach of a marriage season there can be problems;
  • and it is unambiguous – for settling of an akvaruim it is necessary to take only healthy fishes. That is the tail and fins on a place, scales do not puff up, floats more or less adequately (intensity of swimming depends on breed and on water temperature). If in capacity with fishes there is at least one dead – better not to buy from this seller at all.
Аквариумная улитка Except fishes, in an aquarium there can live also other inhabitants. Snails. They can be taken a little, over time they breed if is what to eat. They are necessary for cleaning of an aquarium – cleaning of plants, glasses and a bottom, a podjedaniye of the remains of a forage. For cleaning of a bottom it is also possible to occupy in your aquarium of somik – only specify at the seller, what size they will be when grow, and depending on it choose breed.
Crayfish – too amusing animals. Eat chicken meat, or any ground (that is sinking) a forage. Are the indicator of purity of water – if water dirty so that fishes of it do not notice yet, crayfish can seek to get out above. If cancer long not to feed, it can learn to hunt on fishes or to dig out roots of plants. The cancer needs something like a grotto or a cave – differently it will dig to itself(himself) holes. If you occupy in an aquarium of two and more crayfish, and in an aquarium the place will be enough for them, they will breed most likely. And still they periodically dump from themselves an old armor – it can be caught (if to be in time), and to dry.
Shrimps – differ from crayfish only in appearance and smaller bloodthirstiness.

For initial settling and arrangement of an aquarium of this knowledge more than it is enough. If to follow them, at you for certain it will turn out to aggregate all necessary for the organization of the balanced water world. And if you also show the design abilities in registration of an aquarium, and undoubtedly it will leave at you original and beautiful. But there is more to come!
Throughout this material suggests you to study useful rules and councils from which you learn how competently to arrange all components of the aquarian world, and, of course, what leaving will be required to keep this small world in harmony.
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