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Interior in colonial style

Colonial style arose at the end of the XVII century when Europeans started bringing from the distant countries and to introduce at home exotic lines of an interior. Mixture of various ethnic styles in a single whole also generated emergence of interesting and unusual at first sight colonial style.

Despite the antiquity, today, when the minimalism governs and the high tech reigns, colonial style did not sink into oblivion at all. On the contrary, it revives with a new force, attracting to itself(himself) more and more admirers. Mirsovetov will tell in more detail about what rules need to be followed and on what it is necessary to pay attention if you want to change the dwelling.

Main lines of colonial style

To explain how colonial style very simply looks – to tell enough that this combination of the European, African, east and Latin American cultures. Such rattling mix once "shot" quite interesting interior decisions, after all this direction allows to combine absolutely not combined. It is considered that this style – pleasure expensive as it does not suffer falseness and artificiality, and demands all present.

Colonial style has a number of the general rules:

  1. Huge windows which allow to be closer to the nature to revel in fresh air and to enjoy light.
  2. Zones in the room which are differentiated by means of screens, curtains, carved Indian columns from a tree etc.
  3. If simple furniture and doors, rich fine details of an interior.
  4. In an interior use of various natural materials: tree, stones, clay.
  5. Presence at an interior of wool, silk and flax.
  6. Presence at an interior equally, both exotic elements, and classical.
  7. It is a lot of various "small things": figurines, ware, souvenirs from the different countries of the world.

Finishing of the apartment in colonial style

Elements of colonial style can be "entered" in any room. Once you make though a delicate hint on a tropical component of some element or at least to place emphasis on something original, some detail from other country or other world, right there you will carry to followers of colonial style.

Thanks to that this style gives preference to dark furniture and coloring of neutral shades, it is also possible to call it practical that too adds popularity to it as a modern interior.

If you decided to arrange the apartment in style of colonial color, it is necessary to pay attention to the following helps.

  1. Walls.

    Surely monophonic pastel color: yellowish or beige, or light brown. Believe, it will not be boring at all – they will be perfectly shaded by curtains and other bright elements of the apartment. Besides walls should not miss, after all they will be decorated by pictures, mirrors and souvenirs.

  2. Ceiling.

    Here it is possible to dream to the top of the bent, however, it should be noted that the ceiling has to be very original. For example, it is possible to repeat an interior of the Dutch house or even the Indian housing – to arrange beams from a tree. And still very successful decision – to add skin to a tree.

  3. Lighting.

    In the center of the room the shod chandelier – classics of the last centuries will perfectly look. Thus it is not obligatory to observe the same style in the neighboring room at all – there, on a ceiling, the lamp from Africa, or some sources of lighting reminding east color can be placed. Colonial style provides existence of a large number of light (from here and big windows) therefore it is meant that for observance of an interior it is necessary to install more lamps. Thus, the more ancient lamps it is used for lighting, the better.

  4. Floor.

    On this element of an interior it is worth stopping as colonial style simply does not take out low cost of a floor covering. Thus all materials have to be strictly natural: a natural stone or a tree, but only expensive breeds – an oak, lapacho, mahogany.

  5. Windows.

    Colonists escaped from a heat and winds by means of window a shutter. Today a sun blind can serve you not as panacea from troubles, and fine addition of an interior. Surely they have to be from a natural tree which or remains in the natural look, or is painted in suitable color. Thus the curtain can be not used at all.

    If you the opponent of "naked" windows, then as curtains it is possible to use transparent fabrics are there has to be a flax, cotton or silk. It is possible to pay attention to fabric blinds go the Roman curtains.

  6. Furniture.

    Choosing furniture, it is worth remembering that colonial style has to dispose more to rest, than to work therefore the furniture is selected proceeding from its convenience. If it is upholstered furniture, sofas and chairs have to be very soft and heavy. But it is not obligatory to have a heap of small pillows and brushes on armrests at all. This already superfluous – needs to be chosen option simpler. Though also the wicker furniture for a change will approach.

    And here the bed has to have a shod back – as a last resort, wooden. It is not less desirable for a bed and existence of a canopy or bed curtains. As a last resort, it can be the usual racks veiled by curtains or curtains.

    The indispensable condition of colonial style is a lack of all modern benefits of a civilization. Well, if to you agrees to total absence hard, the TV, the computer, the audio system and the home theater, a microwave, the crock-pot and the coffee machine need to be hidden very well. For example to put the TV in a case about a wall or in a such nut English dresser. And the microwave let will lodge in a bedside table with a curtain.

    As for other furniture, it will be very original to look folding furniture is very convenient, but at the same time very functional thing. Thus you should not forget that the folding furniture happens the highest class – for example, from mahogany.

  7. Textiles.

    Enters the phrase "textiles in colonial style" various components are east carpets and mats, the European curtains and covers, ancient canopies and plaids. Here fabric screens, an upholstery on furniture, pillows belong. The coloring of "textiles" has to be brighter, and it is possible to combine considerably with various flowers, for example, red, white and black. If you want to change the room under the African motives, place emphasis on geometrical drawings, and if on Indian, on golden elements with ryuliksy and gloss.

  8. Trifles.

    The pictures framed in heavy frames, melkhiorovy ware, table silver and refined glass will become one more strong indication of colonial style. Pay attention also to vintage trifles – chests or suitcases will perfectly bring the contribution in formation of a colonial interior in your apartment.

    Sign of colonial style are various eclectic accessories and trinkets. Carved hand-made articles "hand-meyd" perfectly adjoin to refined porcelain figurines, crystal with silver, color glass with a tortoise pattern, telescopes and ancient cards. Will perfectly update a frame interior from skin, the magnifying glasses or any other accessories brought from trips abroad. And, it is not obligatory to go behind them at the other end of the world at all – to do commission some shopping or "flea markets" enough - here you will surely find such things which will help to create the atmosphere of distant wanderings and travel.

  9. Plants.

    Pay attention to exotic plants which can be got in various modern shops on sales of rare flora today. It can be ferns or palm trees which as if incidentally got to you to the house from far tropics.

  10. Animals.

    It, of course, absolutely radical council nevertheless perhaps, it will please you. Parrots and monkeys from far Africa, a turtle and a lizard of the Mediterranean is the best option for an embodiment of colonial style in reality. Certainly that to get any animal is very crucial decision, and especially, some exotic. You should not make the decision precipitately. Be convinced at first that you will be able to care of animals and birds and you have enough place for placement of cages where monkeys and parrots of macaw, aquariums and terrariums for amphibious and kowtowing will contain. Not superfluous will be to find in advance the veterinarian who specializes on tropical animals.

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