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How to collect petunia seeds

The petunia is considered one of the most beautiful and odorous flowers. It is capable to unite at once some shades of paints. There is a wrong opinion that this plant one-year. Actually it is grassy perennial. The petunia can be landed anywhere – on a balcony, a loggia, in a garden. And that the next year you had not to buy seeds, will tell you as they need to be collected.

As seeds look

Very small seeds of a petunia in the diameter make no more than 0,6 mm. Most often they have darkish brown color, is more rare - yellow. A so-called box in which seeds too small – about 10х8 mm "sit". About 100 seeds can be collected from one such box. It should be noted that in shops seeds are sold by the piece in separate tight bags.

Collecting seeds

Try to delete the dried-out flowers that the plant did not cease to blossom in time. Seeds start ripening on places of faded flowers. It is necessary to consider that fact that boxes with seeds usually interfere with blossoming. And if in time to clean zavyaz that on the contrary, there will be a laying of new kidneys. As soon as you see that in a small fruit seeds accumulated, they need to be collected immediately from it. But before it let's a fruit reveal a little. It will be the certificate of that seeds are completely ready to collecting. It is important to remember if sunflower seeds are not collected in time, they can simply be scattered on leaves and then you should bring together them by means of a brush, accurately crumpled in any capacity. If you have doubts concerning that, you will manage to collect seeds of a petunia or will miss, it is possible to arrive in any other manner. On the buds chosen by you which are at the stalk basis, it is necessary to put on any sack and accurately to record. It can be a bag from under tea or a usual slice of fabric. When the bud reveals and seeds will drop out in a sack, it needs to be removed, and evenly to spread out a seed to a vertical surface (for example, a window sill) and to dry within 1-2 days. Then to collect in a box, it is desirable cardboard, and to postpone for storage in a dark dry place. It can lie already there till spring, time for disembarkation will not come to an open ground yet.

Technology of cultivation

To grow up good flower seedling, it is better to use quality seeds of known firms and producers. If you are going to land it in gardens, squares or parks, seeds have to be at the level of all necessary requirements. For example, to correspond to the sizes, color scale, and also resistance to environment. The substratum in which land petunias, has to pass air and water, and also to be disinfected from various wreckers and diseases. At crops of seeds it is possible to use for convenience with a plastic capacity not lower than 10 cm. It needs to be filled with actually pure substratum approximately on 8 cm. The remained 2 cm will be useful in order that plants were in perfect security is a protection them from cool air and differences in temperature.

Petunia types

Seeds of this plant happen pure and covered with a cover. The second have the mass of pluses. For example, the covering protects them from damages, and also unexpected diseases. As skilled flower growers speak, it is much easier to put them. And pure seeds attract only with the low cost but if not correctly to put them, viability good cannot and wait. Also do not forget to mark crops, that then the nobility where what grade is put. The most important in cultivation of a petunia is to have big capacity, regularly to feed up, try to tear off the died-off flowers, and also it is good to water.

On a note. If you want that the plant clustered and did not grow one stalk, it is necessary to prishchipnut it over the third leaf.

Crops time

Readers Mirsovetov are interested when it is better to make crops of seeds. Everything depends on when you want that plants started blossoming. If in May – the beginning of June, it is better to begin crops at the end of February. And besides it is worth paying attention, the grade belongs to what group. About it you will be able to consult with the seller. It is possible to seed seeds and in January, but then you should highlight artificially them as plants are very photophilous. In the fall you should take care of the soil and to prepare mix in advance. Usually for this purpose take humus, the earth and sand in the ratio 1:1:2. In what to sow depends on your choice are there can be wooden boxes, plastic bottles cut lengthways or unnecessary ware. Then to cover capacity carefully with the newspaper, to fill up with the prepared mix of the soil and to leave on cold that it well was chilled. At the beginning of winter it is possible to bring capacity to the room and to allow to thaw to contents. As soon as it occurs, it is possible to begin crops. On a note. If you have no opportunity the soil to prepare since fall, you can use the bought, already disinfected earth.

We grow up seeds

As soon as in the capacity in which you seeded a petunia, shoots start appearing, they can be landed in soil. For this purpose perfectly will approach opened and it is desirable solar places. It is necessary to land a petunia very densely – about 70 plants on 1 m, and it is obligatory on uvlazhenny soil. As soon as seeds are sowed, do not forget to press down slightly at the end the soil a palm. Before crops sometimes seeds mix with sand (1:5), because they very small. Then at the end of them it is necessary to strew with a substratum and to water through a sieve with 0,1% solution of a previkur. It will protect future plants from various fungi and diseases. Besides watering do not forget to spray periodically flowers otstoyanny water. Be not overzealous with top dressing, to this flower once a week suffices, it is possible less often. Thus try to alternate top dressing root about not root. If you noticed that the petunia does not grow or grows very slowly, it is possible to try to add a growth factor. And then the first boring will please you in five days. If seeds it is put much, at germination it is simpler to remove excess seedlings. +20-22 °C - this most excellent temperature at which it is possible to grow up seedling. If all rules were met and created optimum conditions, in three weeks seedling it is possible to dive.

And if seeds in granules …

If you bought seeds in granules, it is necessary to try a little. It is necessary for landing of such look on a surface of the soil which is filled in capacity, to carry out grooves parallel each other. Then on these strips, holding with a small stick a napkin, accurately to spread out seeds. In the earth they will not be lost as well stick to strips. From above without powdering with the earth, it is necessary to spray water. It is desirable to put near each row the plate in which it will be specified where what grade and date of crops. After that capacity needs to be covered with either glass, or a film and to put in a warm and light place that there were not less than +22 °C. If to plants there is no enough light and heat, they will simply be extended and will be gone. As soon as you see the appeared first floret, it will be necessary to remove a film and to reduce temperature of 14-16 °C. And here with the advent of the third, it is possible to thin out plants and superfluous a seedling to replace. It is necessary to water once in three days: when drying the soil, roots will look for humidity that will give them incentive to the best work, that is to rapid growth. And then it will be necessary to prishchipnut plants.

Sword-play of seedling

In any unnecessary ware it is necessary to dive only those plants which got stronger and grew. Small plastic glasses perfectly will be suitable for these affairs. By the way it is possible to add a peel of millet or buckwheat to mix of the soil which is used for crops in order that the earth was more friable and could breathe air. In glasses it is necessary to make holes and watering in them seeds, it is necessary to put on a support that excess water could flow down. And when plants will blossom, and there will pass the frost time, flowers can be planted in the container which will be for them constant "dwelling". Also do not forget to fill expanded clay on a bottom. And from above it is obligatory to cover with a small amount of the earth. If thus to grow up a petunia, it will please you till late fall and an illness with it will be at all.

You with ease will be able to decorate these with flowers the bed, a balcony, a site if arm with knowledge how to land seeds. - do not forget the main thing about regular watering and top dressing, and also removal of faded flowers. We hope that our councils will help you with it!

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