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Masks for hair with coconut oil

Each girl dreams of beautiful and healthy hair, but not always store and saloon means, even expensive, will be able to cope with a problem. Dry, fragile, lifeless, disobedient – it is possible to speak about it infinitely. How to return them softness and magnificent gloss? Only one natural component – coconut oil will help to cope with it.

It is possible to tell about oil of a coco very long, it is eulogized and those women who used it do not cease to advise each other. For a face, hands, a body and the coarsened skin standing – coconut oil will help to cope with all problems of dryness of skin. It is added to cream, means for clarification of skin, shampoos and masks for hair, used for moistening of skin after suntan and as means for receiving a beautiful golden shade for those who likes to luxuriate under the scorching sunshine. Will rescue coconut oil and the injured hair. If you stayed long time for the sun, like to use skins and mousses for laying, and also regularly use the hair dryer and the curling iron, often change a hair color, then you should try coconut hair oil. Will throw out inefficient means, get only one – coco oil.


Oil of a coco is received from a copra (these are the dried-up kernels of nuts of a coco). The popular way of "oil getting" - a method of hot pressing when the fresh pulp of a coco is dried up at first, and is passed then through a press. The received product cannot be eaten, but it can be used in cosmetology. Such oil hair treat, eliminate dryness of skin, use as a protectant from an ultraviolet at long stay on the sun, and also add to raw materials for production of soap, balms and other cosmetics.

The second method of receiving oil – cold pressing. Thanks to a special technique more useful substances remain, but in such a way will receive all the tenth share of a qualitative product. Now it becomes clear why coconut oil of a cold extraction costs very much.

7 types of acids are a part of oil of a coco, each of which possesses the positive properties. For example, laurinovy acid (55%) fights against bacteria and fungi. Oil can be applied on cuts and grazes. Miristinovy and palmitovy acids (8% and 5%) update deep layers terms and improve penetration of nutrients into skin, and stearin acid (1.3%) promotes restoration and mitigation of skin. Oleic acid (11%) reduces cholesterol, clears vessels and has positive effect on work of a cardiac muscle, kaprilovy and kaprinovy acids (10% and 9.7%) oxygenate cages and strengthen protective functions of an organism.

About advantage and types

People discovered for themselves this unique ingredient long ago – coco oil. The dense structure creates a protective film and reliably protects locks from damages. Besides, coconut oil keeps protein, and it means that with each procedure your earlier dry and lifeless ringlets will become better. It is necessary to use this product in due form, otherwise and do not hope for a miracle.

It is possible to buy oil in shop of cosmetics or to go behind a saving flakonchik to a drugstore. It is important to understand that oil of a coco happens refined and not refined. If to use the refined oil, it will recover hair, and here it is undesirable to apply it on roots as sensitive skin can react differently. The refined product can be used bravely: to distribute on all length of locks and to apply on roots. Hair become strong, obedient and healthy. It is allowed to be rubbed in moist skin (after acceptance of a shower) and to use as dry face skin cream. But do not wait that the dense structure of oil will help you to get rid of wrinkles, the main objective of oil of a coco – moistening.

As it is possible to buy coconut oil everywhere, even in the market, you should not acquire cheap goods as its quality can be bad. Upon purchase of a jar of oil of a coco, pay attention to structure and an expiration date. It is possible to store a product 2 years, it is desirable in a cool place. At structure there should not be fragrances, dyes and fragrances.

Not refined oil (completely natural product) of a firm consistence (batter). If to put an oil jar in the refrigerator, it becomes firm, and in a warm place gradually starts thawing. Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw such conclusion: oil of a coco is a dense dense mass of a pale yellow shade. The smell at it pleasant, is hardly notable aroma of coconut oil. In a cold place oil stiffens and becomes more solid, thus color will be more saturated, almost white.

Similar physical properties and at the cleared oil of the coco (refined). It differs in an almost inaudible smell and transparency. The product can be used for enrichment of any cream and hair preparations. For persons interested to have silky hair Mirsovetov recommends to buy a jar of the refined oil.

In what cases it is necessary to use coco oil:

  • at frequent washing of the head. If to use every day shampoo, chemicals gradually wash away from hair of squirrels, that is – deprive our ringlets of gloss. Before washing up hair, it is necessary to apply a little oil of a coco on all length and to leave at least for 30 minutes. The result will be visible even after the first use;
  • for dry locks;
  • when ringlets break often and stratified on the ends;
  • for the exhausted hair;
  • when locks dim and weakened.

Oil promotes good moistening of head skin, and further hair will not be overdried so. Besides, oil protects each filament, creating an invisible barrier. Also coconut oil can be used to get rid of dandruff and a hair loss.

Contraindications to application

As any product, for coconut oil too has contraindications. It is not recommended to use a product to people with individual intolerance, and also at whom problem head skin, very oily hair or is available rashes on skin.

Recipes of beauty with coconut oil

Simple and available recipe of use of oil of a coco is as follows:

  1. Take 2 tablespoons of means, if your hair of average length. For short locks the amount of oil can be reduced, and for long – to increase.
  2. If you got oil from the refrigerator, wait when it heats up. It is best of all to apply warm means therefore warm up oil on a water bath on ringlets.
  3. Apply with fingers or a brush oil on head skin and distribute on all length of hair.
  4. Pay special attention to tips, carefully rub means.
  5. Now it is possible to tie hair on the top in not hard tail, using a soft elastic band, and to leave.
  6. If there is a desire, oil can be distributed evenly on all length of hair a crest with wide teeth, and then to tie a high tail.
  7. After that it is possible to wrap up hair a film and to wrap up with a towel. Influence time – is not limited, it is allowed to leave oil on hair for 30 minutes, to sustain some hours or to go to bed.
  8. It is important to wash up hair soft shampoo (preferably children's) several times and to dry up in the natural way. Do not use the hair dryer or the curling iron, look – what beautiful and your ringlets became magnificent!

Oil of a coco adds gloss and feeds our hair. It can be applied even on ringlets after washing. Take a little oil, take in palms, wait when it starts thawing. Apply oil on tips, you will see at once how their appearance improved.

Mask for a hair shine.

We do ringlets brilliant:

  1. Let's take a little coconut oil.
  2. Let's add to a product some drops of any essential oil. Best of all for hair to use oil of a tea tree and rosemary.
  3. Mix components, distribute such oil weight on dry hair.
  4. Now it is necessary to wrap up hair a film or to put on a polyethylene hat for a shower, and then to wrap up with an old t-shirt or a terry towel.
  5. Time of influence of a mask – 2 hours.

We let grow a long braid.

If you always dreamed of long hair, but you should cut constantly damaged tips, do not despair, it is possible to correct a situation if to do such mask:

  • take 50 g of oil of a coco. Kindle it on a water bath or in the microwave oven;
  • crush 1-2 garlic gloves (it is possible to take only juice);
  • add 1/4 part of a teaspoon of tincture of red pepper;
  • mix all components and apply on hair. Time of influence of such mask – no more than 20 minutes.

The first 2 weeks can be done such mask 3 times a week, then there are enough 2 times, and in a month – once a week. Means needs to be rubbed only in roots of hair. In other days it is possible to do a nutritious mask, distributing oil on all length of ringlets.

Food for an oily hair.

Oily hair too needs food and special leaving. The kefiric mask with addition of coconut oil will help to improve a condition of ringlets. For preparation take kefir (250 ml), 1 Art. of l of warm oil of a coco and mix both components. Mix needs to be distributed on hair, then to wrap up a film and a towel. We wash away such mask 50 minutes later.

It is possible to add coconut oil to your favourite masks for hair, this product is combined with many ingredients: essential oils, honey, grass tinctures, fermented milk products. Please and you are the ringlets coconut oil, your hair will become brilliant, strong and healthy!

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