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Review of Monstro's movie

"Monstro" it is not simple the movie with the scenario and a plot, it, first of all, the confidential project from the producer of sensational series "Survive" Jeffrey Abrams. About the movie started telling, writing and starting up gossips much more before its release. The picture did enough noise to draw to itself attention, both the ordinary audience, and world film critics.
"Monstro" it is not simple the movie with the scenario and a plot, it, first of all, the confidential project from the producer of sensational series "Survive" Jeffrey Abrams. About the movie started telling, writing and starting up gossips much more before its release. The picture did enough noise to draw to itself attention, both the ordinary audience, and world film critics, and now we also will talk about it.

Background reminds that official date of a release of the movie "Monstro" to world screens is dated on January 16, 2008 (on January 18 in the CIS countries), and the events connected with the movie originate on July 3, 2007. Then before the movie "Transformers" show a teaser of the new movie, while without name (but we already guess what the speech will go). Some days later in a world web the site with photos opens (which have direct link with a picture). Passes a little more time and in open spaces of the Internet there are blogs (the main characters of the movie "Monstro"), they correspond with each other, leave video of the message, communicate on different subjects. Then yet not the many watch blogs and only units know that all this is connected with the movie that all this game which was started by Jeffrey Abrams, and the final of game and is the movie "Monstro". Jeffrey Abrams opens new open spaces in producer motion picture art, looks for that side which was established long ago by others, ruthlessly breaks stereotypes.
    It would be desirable to note the original name of the picture "Cloverfield" (English clover – a clover, field – a field) i.e. if to translate literally – "A clover field" or "A clover field". Here domestic film figures adapted the name for our viewer (to estimate their work quite difficult, personally to me unclear original name "Clover Field", in my opinion, "Monstro" is more suitable option which transfers a full-fledged essence of the movie).

Review of the movie "Monstro"

Main part
Having studied the list of actors, there is an impression that the movie will pull a maximum on an average assessment, very rotten structure, and the director Matt Reeves in general is a little known to our viewer. Only Jeffrey Abrams creates such public relations the name, first of all the movie is waited by his admirers. It is worth noticing that stereotypes were broken without remainder, it is seldom possible to contemplate the movie with the 30-million budget which was removed on an amateur video camera. It can seem to someone ridiculous, but I would not hurry to laugh. And after you should not give premature marks, proceeding from a cast and a little sensational budget for the movie of such genre (for example, the budget of the movie "The day after tomorrow" made 125 million).
From first minutes the pleasant impression of viewing is made, such carefree and lung began, even it is difficult to imagine that will be farther., It seems, everything settled down, the viewer already completely penetrated into the events and starts yawning, it becomes a little boring for it. And here at this moment there is something improbable, the plot sharply turns towards a horror, and the first sign of that it is already possible to be afraid is the sharp push (similar to an earthquake), but it not all that waits today's night for our heroes. Sudden explosion, the sea of human shouts and the splinters which are on a silver platter force to have the viewer indescribable feelings. Heroes, having run out on the street, are lost in crowd among hundreds of mankhettenets, and the head of the Statue of Liberty dissecting the night New York sky headlong rushing and forcing down everyone and everything on the way, is a starting point in a plot.
From this point the viewer will not be able to yawn, he will hardly be able to tell in general something, the viewer wholly will plunge into the developing events, will feel one of inhabitants of Manhattan. Meanwhile people do not try to realize the events any more, having seen long-awaited Monstro, they rush up hill and down dale and try to survive at any cost. The tanks passing by, the shouting soldiers and mad marauders give even more staginess to a rough plot. Further events develop on the accruing fear scale, without leaving the slightest chance to turn away from the screen.
If you decide to watch the movie "Monstro" (that recommends strongly to you), you will feel at least a half of that the main characters will feel and will test: the falling icebergs skyscrapers and the New York bridges, hordes of vile, creeping bugs (externally similar on space creatures from "A star landing"), the decapitated Statue of Liberty (it is worth looking at it) and it not all that waits for you. Will "be unreal" terribly, emission of adrenaline is guaranteed to all, try to survive together with them.
Post Scriptum
"Monstro" cannot compare to other movies of this genre, it is not similar to one of them (an example of the budget of a picture see above – for descriptive reasons). I would compare the movie only to an attraction, it and is a peculiar attraction. Feelings which you have during viewing, are similar to what overtake you on a roller coaster when you rush with a mad speed on very tall designs and are quick to grasp deadly loops. It is necessary to go for viewing, having adjusted if you want to see the next soap opera with a happy end, then buy the ticket for other movie. There is no place rectilinearly - to the developing plot, can occur anything in any second, and it is necessary to be to it ready. Of course, thrill-seekers can safely go on the movie "Monstro", without reading responses and reviews is will provide to viewing even more waves of adrenaline which will cover each cinema hall in which will show "Monstro".
    The project is not ended yet, blogs of the main characters are updated, only dates in posts are specified not today's, and here that the director Matt Reeves about it speaks: "We saw only record from one chamber, and them was a little so for that evening many similar movies were shot". It can be estimated only as a hint on continuation. So if do not want to miss "game", then to you a direct road on the sites and blogs of the project.
It should be noted as plus camerawork, did not think that on an amateur video camera it is possible to remove such fascinating action. In the movie there are a lot of film mistakes, but after viewing they want to be lowered. Having left movie theater, do not ask yourself excess questions, first of all, this cinema in which there are defects and mistakes, and study as them. I hope, Jeffrey Abrams with the team will consider it and will not allow in the following part of the project which has chances to be born. For now we put to this masterpiece the firm five (if not film mistakes, the five with plus would be provided).
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