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We close pipes in a bathroom: what way to choose?

Quite often after the end of repair and replacement of bathroom equipment in a bathroom there is a question how to close pipes? This question quite serious as from that, pipes will be how skillfully disguised, will depend also that, the general interior of a bathroom will be perceived how harmoniously.

Quite often after the end of repair and replacement of bathroom equipment in a bathroom there is a question how to close pipes? This question quite serious as from that, pipes will be how skillfully disguised, will depend also that, the general interior of a bathroom will be perceived how harmoniously. There are some ways of laying of pipes, and from what you will choose, also will depend what way to use at their masking. Let's look as it is better to resolve the matter.

The main ways of installation of pipes in a bathroom

Depending on a way of laying of pipes, allocate the closed and opened types of installation. As a rule, the closed option is used when laying communication pipes in modern new buildings: they can be "immured" either in walls, or in a floor coupler. If, the open way is used, all pipes will be outside. It does an interior less attractive therefore primary most of those who does repair, prefer to hide pipes.

There are some maskings options of the pipeline. Depending on features of design of a bathroom, everyone can pick up for itself(himself) the most suitable option. Let's look that experts offer for the solution of the matter.

The most widespread ways of masking of pipes

Today there are very many ways allowing to close pipes in a bathroom. Each of them is in own way good. Depending on your financial position, and also from what sizes your bathroom, among the available options it is possible to pick up the most suitable. Among the most popular ways it is possible to note the following options:

"Masking" by gypsum cardboard.

This option is the most widespread. The easy design by means of which pipes and are closed is made of this material. Thanks to that gypsum cardboard is very easily cut, you will be able to give it any form. That is not necessary for installation of this material any special equipment, can be executed all necessary actions independently. You will be necessary to get arms and subscales only. When masking it is necessary to provide a door by means of which you will be able to control current state of communication pipes. After the end of installation works, the design can be pasted over with a tile (it is possible to make it by means of special glue).

The main advantages of the gypsum cardboard used in bathrooms are:

  1. antifungal and water-repellent covering;
  2. moisture resistance;
  3. low cost (concerning other materials).

Therefore, it is possible to tell with confidence, what even at the small budget, by means of this material, it is possible to disguise very effectively and beautifully pipes in a bathroom.

Horizontal way.

To disguise horizontal pipes, it is possible to use plywood boards or a chipboard. At desire and whenever possible it will be later possible to replace with stronger design, however also such option initially will approach. It is possible to make a construction in the form of a letter "P" of boards - further it can be used as a low shelf, an oblong form.

It is possible to close pipes in such a way also the hands. For this purpose it is necessary to fasten well to the help of nails two boards suitable by the size, to place lateral face between a wall and pipes then, long screws to fasten one more sidewall. To have opportunity to watch a condition of pipes and in due time to rectify any faults, and also to take readings from counters, experts recommend to make one of panels to which there is a free access, removable or glass. Besides, such decision will provide you a free access to gates of hot and cold water which are placed, as a rule, on horizontal water pipes.

It is possible to carry to advantages of this maskings option:

  • low cost of expendables;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • functionality of a design;
  • esthetics.

Vertical way.

As vertical pipes in most cases are placed in a corner, it is possible to hide them quite simply: it is possible to solve a problem of "masking" of pipes in a bathroom by means of the built-in case. Especially well this option approaches in case pipes are in a niche. For designing of a locker you need to make only of whetstones and laths a frame and after, to hang on its forward panel of a door. If the place allows, in such case it is possible to make some shelves which will be ideally suited for storage washing and cleaners, tools and other trifles. Everyone can choose material for such locker at discretion, however the pine is most often used. It is possible to decorate appearance of the turned-out design somehow, the main thing that its design was not too allocated from the general style of registration of a bathroom and did not rivet attention on itself.

There is one more maskings option of vertical pipes. It usually use when the pipeline in a bathroom old and a large amount of condensate gathers on it that in turn leads to increase of level of humidity, and money for its capital replacement is not present. In that case, exit one: to get heat-insulating "macaroni" - special, polypropylene stockings which put on on a pipe. With their help it is possible to isolate pipes, and thus, to exclude possibility of their congestion of condensate. Before using "macaroni", pipes need to be prepared. For this purpose it is necessary to disconnect water and to give to pipes the chance to dry, then to eliminate limy deposits and corrosion manifestations then it is possible to start an oshkurivaniye and painting. When all above-mentioned is made, it is possible to use "macaroni": for this purpose they are cut on length, put on a pipe and fastened to the help of an adhesive tape. At application of this way it is necessary to consider some nuances, for example, of such:

  1. as pipes from hot water extend, it is not necessary to buy "makaronina", as they say, end-to-end;
  2. for bigger efficiency, the seam should be stuck not only lengthways, but also on cross joints;
  3. to save wood from excessive dampness, it is recommended to varnish a locker.


If there is a lot of pipes in your bathroom, in the most optimum way to disguise them, will be - to make one solid wall, or as it is called, a falsh-wall. By means of this way it is possible to hide at once all communication pipes, however it should be taken into account that in that case the area of a bathroom will decrease a little.

When masking water pipes it is necessary to remember that to gates and counters which settle down on pipes, and to pipes on a case of emergence of malfunction you surely have to have an access. For this reason this way assumes that self-tapping screws will be almost open, they can only be decorated slightly by means of a special plastic corner for bathrooms.

Masking "under a coupler".

This way is suitable only for new buildings when you can be sure of correctness of performance of installation and of worthy quality of pipes. If pipes go on a wall, they "are immured" under a coupler and it is possible to forget about repair for many years. However, thus, besides, it is necessary to remember that to cranes and gates you have to have a free access. For this purpose, in a wall, on a place of a coupler do the hatch, and revet its door with the same material, as on walls (for example if on a wall a tile, the door trimmed with the same material looks most harmoniously). However sometimes go from the return and allocate a door of the hatch, decorate differently, doing of it, thus, a peculiar ornament. It is also possible to hang up a locker in which it is possible to store various bathing accessories to the place of a door of the hatch.

If pipes go under a floor coupler, for their masking it is possible to make a podium in a bathroom. At the small sizes of the room it will look as not really big step, is indoors more spacious, it is more than options of dressing, having taken advice of the designer, it is possible to make a podium in the form of an original eminence.

Rolling shutters.

It is one more modern way of masking of pipes. Today it is quite often used by designers at registration of an interior in a bathroom. As installation by a rolling shutter demands certain skills and knowledge, professionals have to be engaged in it. They will establish in your bathing rolleta which do not take a place at all and at the same time effectively hide all communication pipes. On your discretion there is a choice, with what drive there will be a device: with mechanical or with the manual. Thanks to their mobility you will always have an access to pipes.

Thus, we considered the main ways by means of which it is possible to hide communications in your bathroom. Having examined them, you will be able to assess own situation and to choose that from options which will approach most optimum.

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