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Ayurvedichesky resorts of India

The Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine which cornerstone use of natural, natural means is. The homeland of an Ayurveda is the southern state of India – Kerala. Exactly there is the most dense concentration of ayurvedichesky clinics and resorts. Also some ayurvedichesky clinics and offices are located in the territory of states GOA and Karnataka.
The Ayurveda in translation from a Sanskrit means "science about life and longevity".
It is traditional Indian medicine which cornerstone use of natural, natural means is. This system in India arose. The Ayurveda is the most ancient of known medical systems, its history totals more than 5000 years.
It is complete science about health and longevity, philosophy and system of healing of a human body and mind. Throughout centuries it proved the efficiency in treatment of a number of diseases. For example, treatment of frustration of nervous system, sleep disorders, corrections of immune violations, effective rejuvenation and clarification of an organism, treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, restoration after surgery, restoration after injuries, treatment of a varicosity and much other.

What does an Ayurveda unique in the area?

Аюрведические клиники Индии
  1. The Ayurveda treats not an illness, and the patient. She considers the patient, as set of a body and mind. The Ayurveda considers the nature of all diseases – psychosomatic. Therefore also treatment is carried out the complex, directed on healing bodies and mentalities of the patient.
  2. Unlike heteropathic medicine, the Ayurveda uses only natural, natural means that minimizes side effects in treatment of patients.
  3. As the Ayurveda is capable to distinguish an illness while it was not shown on the physical plan yet, treatment takes place more simply and effectively.
  4. Proximity of techniques of treatment to the nature that allows to be in harmony with world around. The Ayurveda also completely fits into life of the people who stepped into a way of yoga.
The Ayurveda at treatment of stresses, nervous breakdowns, problems with a metabolism is especially effective and at treatment of chronic diseases.

What is process of ayurvedichesky treatment?

Аюрведические клиники Индии The Ayurveda is pranichesky medical system. It is directed on maintenance of balance of vital energy in the person. Vital energy represents set of 3 types Dosch. Extent of manifestation of each of Dosch is individual, and Dosch directly depends on a proper correlation of all our health.
By means of an Ayurveda there is a regulation Dosch, their balancing and, as a result, control of all organism, its general clarification, rejuvenation and improvement. The main methods of ayurvedichesky treatment are: a diet, different types of massage, rubbing in of oil and grass means in skin, wrappings with various herbs and powders, administration of drugs on the basis of natural raw materials. During all treatment you will be under supervision of the doctor who will make for you the individual plan of treatment, depending on extent of manifestation of this or that illness. The program will always be an integrated approach, and will be directed on search of a source of problems and its further eradication.
The Ayurveda is a soft, forward method of treatment, with characteristic accumulative effect therefore, as a rule, the course of ayurvedichesky treatment lasts some weeks. However, anybody to you will not forbid to visit certain improving procedures one-time.

In what season it is best of all to come to India?

The ideal period for visit is the season of rains, during a monsoon from June to September. At this time in India rather warmly, the increased humidity, fresh air without dust that promotes the best disclosure of a time on a body of the person and, therefore, leads to more effective treatment.

Where in India it is possible to complete a course of ayurvedichesky treatment?

The homeland of an Ayurveda is the southern state of India – Kerala. Exactly there is the most dense concentration of ayurvedichesky clinics and resorts. In Kerala you will find offers for every taste and a purse, from the budgetary treatment in the state clinics to luxurious ayurvedichesky resorts.
The climate of this Indian staff is ideal for treatment, and uninterrupted delivery of raw materials is arranged many centuries back. Recently gains popularity rent of floating country houses. Traveling on them on picturesque bogs of Kerala, the patient receives full treatment, combining business with pleasure.
Also some ayurvedichesky clinics and offices are located in the territory of states GOA and Karnataka. Besides specialized clinics, ayurvedichesky services are presented practically in each beauty shop and hotel of category 5*.

Range of the prices of ayurvedichesky services

The most budgetary option is treatment in ayurvedichesky hospitals. The cost of such treatment will make about $1000 in a month, this price does not include accommodation cost. You will be able to rent suitable housing practically everywhere. The rent term is longer, the daily cost will be lower.
For comparison: minimum price of daily accommodation with treatment and food in the resort about $100. Week round on floating lodges with a full complex of ayurvedichesky services will cost from $1500 for 2 people. It is possible to rent the whole floating house on the big company to 8 people, the cost of similar week round will be from $6000.

Treatment types

Аюрведические клиники Индии All treatment by means of an Ayurveda can be divided into 2 big groups.
1. General restoration, rejuvenation, velness procedures.
2. Intensive, deep treatment, eradication of heavy forms of an illness, fight against chronic diseases.
The first type of services is presented mainly in resorts, at hotels or beauty shops. It, as a rule, services of massage therapists, oil procedures and various Spa - the focused services with use of ayurvedichesky preparations. Such procedures besides the all-strengthening and revitalizing effect will give you the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of Old Indian doctoring.
If your problem is deep and demands serious treatment, it is better to go to specialized clinic (hospital) where your treatment will take place under supervision of the best experts in the area. As a rule, for achievement of the maximum result such treatment drags on not for one month.

The best ayurvedichesky clinics of India

One of the most known and authoritative clinics of an Ayurveda in India is the Arya Vaidya Sala network under the direction of the charitable organization. The head office of clinic is in the city of Kattakal, the State of Kerala. This network is also presented to Kochi, Delhi and Calcutta. Various ways of accommodation, from budgetary to luxury are provided to patients of clinic. However, readers of Mirsovetov should note that the place in this network needs to be reserved beforehand, especially it concerns the most budgetary options of accommodation. If you were not lucky and all places in this network are taken, try to address in Padinharkkara Ayurveda Hospital or to the research center (Research Center), both clinics of the budgetary option and are in the town of Pallakad (Palakkad) in the Indian state of Kerala.

The best ayurvedichesky resorts of India

Undoubtedly, the best resorts are located in the homeland of an Ayurveda, in the Indian state of Kerala, However, some centers which proved from the best party are in the state of GOA, in particular, of Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre near a beach of Kalangut, and also in Karnataka (Ayurvedagram or Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC).

The best ayurvedichesky resorts of the State of Kerala

Аюрведические клиники Индии The number of ayurvedichesky resorts in Kerala impresses. Humid, warm climate – an ideal condition for treatment. Here you will be able to combine useful procedures with beach rest all the year round. Each of the resorts of Kerala considered below is served according to the best international standards of treatment.
1. Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort. In this resort life is most approached to all natural and natural. The area of possession exceeds 50 acres. The resort in the town of Pallakad is located. The nearest airport is all in an hour of a driving. Here are harmoniously combined high-quality, authentic treatment with unforgettable ethnic color. In spite of the fact that it is the resort, traditions of an Ayurveda adhere strictly here. It means to vacationers completely vegetarian food and lack of alcohol. Every morning for guests of the resort the class of yoga and meditation will be organized. The majority of products is grown up in own organic garden. There is a cozy pool with skilled instructors. Accommodation cost in this resort fluctuates from $150 in a night, and includes: accommodation, food, consultation with the doctor, one of oil and grass procedures, morning class of yoga and meditation. The price in a week from $1200.
Official site: www
2. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort. The first-ever ayurvedichesky resort and one of the best hotels in Kovalam. Kovalam is the cozy resort on the bank of the Arabian Sea which is in 15 km from the capital of the State of Kerala. To services of the living various classes of yoga, ayurvedichesky procedures and meditations are offered. All services of the resort are directed on restoration of a body and mentality. Also every evening entertainment programs for guests of a complex will be organized. To services of the living own sandy beach is provided. In 2010 9 new cases that allows the resort to accept even more visitors were open. The price for accommodation from $70 in days. The week package (accommodation, food, improving procedures) will cost in the sum from $1200.
Official site: (there is a Russian-language version).
3. Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort. This resort really lonely and private. Totals only 8 apartments covered on the small island washed on the one hand by the Arabian Sea, and with other river of Karaman. The resort is located near the capital of the State of Kerala – Trivandrum. On the one hand the resort picturesque bogs, on other party the pacifying sandy beach are located. From all apartments the exotic and magic look opens. The price for days of accommodation from $105, cost included a breakfast. Week rest will cost in the sum from $1080.
Official site: (there is a Russian-language version).
4. Kalari Kovilakom.Аюрведические клиники Индии If you are not limited in means, can safely go to Kalari Kovilakom. Earlier here the palace of the ancient kingdom Vengunad was located. Today this place is the kingdom of an Ayurveda. Accommodation conditions really impress. Traditions of an Ayurveda adhere canonically here. Any animal food, alcohol and leather clothes, footwear and accessories. Full compliance to the yogichesky principle of an akhims – a non-violence. Total absence of television and other media ways of entertainment will allow you to stay in a full privacy and detachment from the whole world. In the evening here sing anthems. The program of treatment is formed for each visitor individually and combines an Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Such integrated approach revitalizes living both in physical, and in the mental plan. In this resort reckon with each trifle, even food for guests is selected individually, according to their wishes. Mission of the resort is full transformation living, and everything becomes in order that the client felt newly given rise. 2-week accommodation will cost to you in the sum from $6800.
Official site: www
5. Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort. Good option of the budgetary rest. This complex is located on the bank of the pacifying bogs of Kerala. The resort is 3 acres of picturesque gardens on the edge of a bog in the town of Kollam, the State of Kerala. It is family business which is operated by the third generation of doctors of an Ayurveda. To diversify the rest, you can remove a floating lodge and be alloyed on bogs, visit evening dancing show programs or travel on nearby Indian villages. The prices of accommodation in this complex moderate, begin from $60 in a night, cost included breakfasts. The package rest including a complex of improving procedures, accommodation and food will cost to you in the sum from $300 in 3 days.
Official site: www
6. Ideal Ayurvedic Resort. One more available ayurvedichesky resort in the State of Kerala, the town of Kovalam. The resort is located on the suburb of a small village, under a canopy of numerous palm trees, in 5 minutes of walking from Chovar's beach. This resort is not so magnificent as nearby, however I want to tell readers of that the level of service and degree of professionalism of doctors do not raise any doubts. Here to you will help to combine traditional ayurvedichesky treatment with classes of yoga and meditation. The full package including accommodation, improving procedures and food will cost in the sum from $1700 in 2 weeks of rest. Accommodation without additional services will cost from $40 in a night.
Official site: www
7. Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort. Perhaps, one of the best ratios price/quality. Not high cost along with high professionalism of the service personnel. The owner of the resort is the representative of a family of doctors who are engaged in an Ayurveda more than 400 years. The resort is located at rock top in the town of Chovara, near a beach Kovalam. To the nearest airport of only 30 minutes of a driving. Along with traditional ayurvedichesky services, here you will be able to receive the qualified help in fight against dependences (smoking, alcoholism). The price for a double room during a season of rains from $65 in days.
Official site: www

If you were tired of city bustle and good rest is necessary for you for your body and soul, ayurvedichesky resorts of hospitable India that will fill you with an energy charge for many months. You will surely want to return to this warm, exotic country.
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