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How to clean pillows

To keep clean towels and bed linen – habitual work for each hostess. And here is how to keep clean bulky blankets, and also pillows, knows not everyone. For certain you got your pillow "by inheritance" from your mother or the grandmother, and in it many microbes accumulated. It is just necessary to clean such pillow.

We carry out the third part of the life in a dream. In these taken-away eight hours our organism has to have a rest fully. But, so happens that in the morning of people rises broken and not the holidaymaker. According to health workers, the ordinary pillow can become the reason of feeling sick. It is very important component on which health of the person depends.

Depending on on what pillow we sleep, our health therefore to its choice, and also the contents in purity, it is necessary to treat with all responsibility depends.

Types of pillows

At a choice of the main accessory for a dream it is necessary to pay attention to a filler. There are two categories of a filler:

  1. The natural.
  2. The synthetic.

The first category – pillows from natural fillers. They are considered environmentally friendly, however they are not recommended to be got to the people having an allergy to dust. Act as a natural filler:

  • goose quill;
  • goose down;
  • sheep wool;
  • silk;
  • natural vegetable collecting: buckwheat peel, grass collecting.

Synthetic pillows have such filling:

  • synthetic winterizer;
  • silicone;
  • hollofayber;
  • special synthetic pennovolokno.

Service life of such pillows makes no more than five years, and it is necessary to clean them at most once a year. And now let's remember when there was in your house a peryevy pillow? Ten, twenty, and even thirty years ago when careful mother with the grandmother presented you it together with a dowry. And how many times it was cleaned? Probably, any.

Why to clean pillows

Pillows which are filled with a natural filler, have property to attract to themselves parts of dust and only one knocking-out not to get rid of it. Besides, there is a huge probability of that dust ticks can lodge in goose down or feathers. Gradually these insects invisible with the naked eye fill with the waste products everything a pillow that can lead to rashes on skin and an allergy. Besides, if you were ill a viral disease, for example, flu, after recovery such pillow needs to be cleaned surely.

Four main reasons for need to clean a pillow:

  1. When the person sleeps, the organism sweats, and all moisture is incorporated by a pillow. We got used to wash bed linen every week: a blanket cover, a sheet and a pillowcase, and we forget about washing of blankets and pillows.
  2. In a pillow which about five years used, ticks for certain lodged.
  3. Together with a saliva, and also allocations from a nose during an illness also viruses which settle in the favorable environment of a pillow are allocated. After recovery there can be a recurrence, and the illness will return again.
  4. Over the years each pillow having a natural filler sostarivatsya. It gets an unpleasant smell, gets off lumps, on it it is inconvenient to sleep because it became rigid.

How to clean a pillow

Synthetic products. Problems with a synthetic filler when cleaning do not arise. And why to clean such pillow if it has low cost. It it is simpler to throw out and buy the new. Means service life for the dream having a synthetic filler – one-two years. Throughout this term there can be a need to clean a pillow. Clean pillows with a silicone filler a paroochistitel. If you do not have this house assistant, then the pillow can be washed in the washing machine.

Before putting a pillow in washing, it is necessary to check how the synthetic filler will react to water and detergent. As a rule, the pillow is on sale with a small package in which the filler sample is presented. It can also be tested. If such sample is not present, it is possible to unstitch accurately a pillow on the one hand and to get a little silicone. If test took place successfully, in the machine together with a pillow put silicone or rubber balls for washing of down-padded coats. It is necessary in order that the product did not get off. Pillows erase in the "delicate washing" mode, at a temperature not higher than 50 degrees.

After washing the subject for a dream is wrung out on low turns (no more than 400) and sent to dry in the fresh air.

Peryevy pillows. Ideal option of cleaning of peryevy pillows is the dry-cleaner. But, if it is impossible, it is quite possible to cope with cleaning most.

It will be necessary for work for us:

  1. Gauze cut.
  2. Threads.
  3. The sewing machine (or a needle with a thread).
  4. Scissors.
  5. Two basins.
  6. Liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.

Before starting cleaning of a product, it is necessary to know that it is best of all to erase pillows from a feather and down in the summer, when on the street warmly and chilly.

Before washing of a pillow it is necessary to learn, what inside a filler. If the pillow is filled with a chicken feather, then it cannot be erased. It is possible to wet only pillows with a filler from a feather or down of waterfowl.

We start cleaning of a peryevy pillow:

  1. On the sewing machine or manually it is necessary to sew two gauze sacks, and to put a gauze in some layers.
  2. From a corner of a pillow accurately to unstitch a bedtick, to put, and it is better to pristegat threads a gauze bag to a bedtick so that the feather or down moved to a bag. Such way will allow to keep all contents in integrity and not to turn the room into a hen house. To distribute contents of a pillow on two gauze bags.
  3. To prepare two basins, to pour in them warm water and to dissolve detergent.
  4. Accurately to ship in water bags with a feather and smooth rotary motions to erase a feather at first in one water, then to replace water. On color of water the feather and how many time will be visible, how strongly polluted it is necessary to replace water.
  5. It is necessary to finish washing with rinsing in cool water.
  6. It is undesirable to unscrew bags with contents. It is necessary to wring out and stir up them softly.
  7. It is necessary to hang up sacks for one corner so that the feather dried evenly. At first for one corner, then for the opposite edge.

That the feather well dried out, it needs to be dried at first in a shadow on a wind and when it well dries, bags can be taken out under direct sunshine. In the course of drying when the feather or down well dry, it is necessary to loosen them with hands.

When gauze sacks with a feather dry, it is just a high time to pay attention to a bedtick. Mirsovetov recommends it to wash well and after drying to take a slice of dry soap or a candle and to rub from a wrong side, and then to iron the hot iron. Such measures are necessary in order that the down did not filter through a bedtick. If there is no desire to potter with an old bedtick, it is possible to sew new and in the same way to process it soap or a candle.

After these actions the dry feather needs to be moved to a bedtick. For this purpose again it is necessary to sew a bag with contents to a bedtick and to move it. To sew up edge of a bedtick.

Woolen pillows clean according to the data specified on a label. Before erasing a product, by means of a toothbrush and soapsuds to remove spots, to wash out under flowing water. Erase woolen pillows in the machine machine gun in the mode of delicate washing without extraction. Before sending a product to the machine, he needs to be wetted. For soaking in a bathroom gather cool water, add powder or means for a hand wash and immerse a pillow on half an hour. The pillow will absorb liquid. Such method will allow to wash a product with higher quality. It is impossible to unscrew woolen products. It is possible to dry in the drying car or on the street. After drying the pillow needs to be stirred up several times well to distribute a filler.

The pillow from buckwheat pod and with a filler from herbs is cleaned the vacuum cleaner. Other way of clarification of such pillows is forbidden.

Are not lazy to look after the pillows, and then you will always have a healthy sleep and good health!

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