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How to clean a nose to the newborn

With the birth of the kid at young mother increases cares: the child it is necessary to feed, wash up, change pampers and to execute some other daily manipulations. A compulsory procedure of care of the newborn – release of nasal passes from slime.

With the birth of the kid at young mother increases cares: the child it is necessary to feed, wash up, change pampers and to execute some other daily manipulations. A compulsory procedure of care of the newborn – release of nasal passes from slime.

Why to clean a nose?

In the first months of life such manipulation as clarification of a nose, is obligatory. This necessity is caused by that in the nasal courses a lot of slime accumulates. Its large number should not frighten mother. It is natural process because the kid is born sterile, and getting on dusty Wednesday and staying in the dry room, its immunity starts working actively. In this regard accumulates not only a large amount of slime. Also young parents can be concerned by that the kid often sneezes. You should not worry because the child is not sick – so his organism actively resists to external irritants. And here that really has to guard mother, so it when the nose of the child is strongly hammered or from it dense slime of greenish color in a large number is emitted. will teach you as it is correct to clean a nose to the newborn, and at what situations it needs to be done.

When it is necessary to carry out the clearing manipulations:

  • when in a nose of the child slime collected;
  • at formation of dry crusts;
  • when the kid pants because of the hammered nose.

How to exempt a nose from slime

Many young parents consider that to facilitate breath of the child and it is possible to clean the collected slime by means of usual Q-tips. But pediatricians recommend strongly not to use sticks! They can injure a mucous membrane of a nose.

Why it is impossible to clean a nose Q-tips:

  1. It can be dangerous because nasal passes very small, and the Q-tip can have the bigger size.
  2. Unaware mummies can insert a stick too deeply and damage the mucous.
  3. Cleaning of a nose dry sticks (cotton wool) will cause unpleasant feelings in the kid.

Every day in a nose at the child as well as at the adult, slime is formed, it is independent to get rid of it it will not turn out.

To clean a nose to the newborn, prepare such subjects:

  • vatu or wadded disks;
  • oil – is desirable vaseline.

How to carry out procedure:

  1. Wash up hands with soap.
  2. Now clean hands from cotton wool or wadded disks (to cut a disk on four parts) twist a soft cone-shaped stick (turunda). That vatu was easy to be twisted, it is possible to do it by the fingers moistened in oil.
  3. Dip wadded preparations into oil, superfluous it is necessary to wring out. Watch that cotton wool did not lose elasticity.
  4. Hold with one hand the head of the kid for a forehead, and other hand insert a wadded turunda into nasal pass. Now it is necessary to scroll vatu several times and to get from a nose. You have to see result of the efforts.

That's all! If it is necessary – it is possible to do the same actions once again, only already to take pure preparation. When you clean a nose, the child can sneeze it it is quite natural and it is not necessary to worry.

How to exempt a nose from dry crusts

Often young mothers face that at the newborn dry crusts are formed in a nose. It occurs because the kid sleeps in the dry and hot room. To avoid emergence of dry crusts, it is necessary to do in the room damp cleaning every day and to observe temperature condition. Temperature in the room has to be no more than twenty – twenty two degrees.

To get rid of crusts, besides cotton wool and oil liquid salt solution is required. In a drugstore ready solutions are on sale: "Akvamaris", "Salin" and other physical solutions. They consist of water, sea salt with iodine addition. At desire the clearing means can be prepared independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take a glass of the water (cooled) and to add to it one fourth teaspoons of sea salt. Table salt can be used, but then solution will be not such effective.

Remember! Pharmaceutical solutions are on sale with the special batcher, but it is forbidden to use it to the baby. The kid can dig a nose an ordinary pipette. If to neglect this condition, there can be a following: when the head of the child is incorrectly inclined, and solution when pressing the batcher leaves a big stream, medicine will get to an ear and at the child otitis can develop.

We clear a nose of dry crusts:

  • Prepare ordinary (the new!) pipette.
  • Gather in it some droplets of solution and dig in each nostril.
  • Wait one minute until crusts are softened.
  • Now they can be taken by means of wadded zhgutik.

What to do, if …

The kid caught a cold, and in his nose a large amount of liquid accumulated. It becomes difficult for child to breathe, he cannot normally suck a breast and starts being capricious. This situation can be aggravated even more if the child constantly is in the situation "lying on a back" - in that case slime will not depart at all.

To facilitate a condition of the child, it is possible to use the special device – an aspirator. In a drugstore a large number of different adaptations in the form of bright animals is on sale, but it is necessary to pay attention not to color of the adaptation, and to the tip size.

Besides, it is possible to use an ordinary rubber pear. For slime suction Mirsovetov recommends to decide on a device choice independently: someone likes a pear, and someone will be delighted with an aspirator.

That is required:

  1. Buy any solution of sea salt and a pipette in a drugstore.
  2. Prepare an aspirator and process a tip any anti-septic tank.
  3. Vaseline oil.
  4. Medical drops for a nose.

Now consistently carry out such actions:

  1. If slime at the child very dense, it is necessary to gather two droplets of physical solution (salt solution) in a pipette and to dig in each nostril.
  2. Wait two minutes. At this time it is possible to put the kid on a tummy or to carry on hands in vertical situation.
  3. Take oil and grease with it an aspirator tip. Now it is necessary to bring it to a nose and to suck away slime. At this time the second nostril should be closed a finger.
  4. If you see that slime badly leaves – repeat actions once again and wash out a nose.
  5. After a prochishcheniye of a nose it is possible to dig drops (antibacterial or vasoconstrictive) which will be appointed by your attending physician.

Remember that to use drops which will narrow vessels, for the newborn follows extremely carefully as they will give short-term effect. For thin mucous the kid of a drop can do much harm because when their action will end – mucous the child can swell even more. For this reason pediatricians recommend not to apply drops, and to use sea water and an aspirator.

To children is more senior – aged from four months about one year it is possible to dig in on two-four droplets of salt solution. The grown-up kid cannot extract slime from a nose zhgutiky, and to wait until she falls to edge of a nose and it easily it is possible to clean a napkin or a handkerchief.

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