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How to clear a teapot of a scum

All people daily heat water in a teapot to make tea or any other drink. And each housewife knows that to avoid an unpleasant raid on its walls very much and very difficult. The raid about which we speak, it and is that scum which is formed at boiling of hard water. Fortunately, in the world there is a mass of methods as to fight against it.
All people daily heat water in a teapot to make tea or any other drink. And each housewife knows that to avoid an unpleasant raid on its walls very much and very difficult.
The raid about which we speak, it and is that scum which is formed at boiling of hard water. Fortunately, in the world there is a mass of methods as to fight against it. But we will talk about them a bit later, and at first we will deal with how it is formed and what effect has on work of the teapot and on a human body in general.

As the scum is formed

Как очистить чайник от накипи In the school program in chemistry there is such section where it is told about composition of tap water and its properties. There it is said that our drinking water contains salts of calcium (Sa) and magnesium (Mg) which, actually, and turn into a hated raid on walls of teapots.
Their content in water happens different, and therefore it is accepted to distinguish:
  • soft water in which contains 3,0 mg-ekv/l salts;
  • water of average rigidity, it is about 3,0 to 6,0 mg-ekv/l salts;
  • hard water where the quantity of Mg and Ca is higher 6,0 mg-ekv/ml (when this indicator reaches 8, say that water very rigid).
Of course, except magnesium and calcium in water can be impurity and other salts, and therefore distinguish different types of rigidity: silicate, carbonate and sulphatic. In kitchen we face carbonate type.
And so, in our pipes hard water, and at best average rigidity most often meets. Therefore if to use simple water from under the crane, it will not be possible to do without scum in any way.
So, as the scum is formed. How water starts heating up in a teapot, the above salts start turning into an insoluble deposit, and together with it also carbon dioxide is formed. This deposit in the people it is accepted to call "scum". It is characterized by that at first has porous structure and easily is removed from a surface, but the more long it on it is, the more hardens and becomes difficult for cleaning.
If never to wash a teapot, soon it is possible to see already some layers of scale.

Why it is so important to delete a scum?

Как очистить чайник от накипи First, the scum leads to that on heating of the same amount of water will be required over time more and more time. And it means, it is necessary to use more and more gas that will affect payment of utilities.
The reason for that that heating process is slowed down, emergence of an additional heat-insulation layer (it is so possible to call a scum), which reduces true heat conductivity of metal serves. As a result the teapot needs bigger amount of time to reach that temperature at which water begins to boil.
Secondly, the scum can become one of the main reasons of breakage of an electric kettle. In a standard case when the usual teapot is used, to it from it will become nothing unless taste of water will worsen. And here with an electric kettle the situation is more difficult as at a strong raid there can be a failure in its work and it in general will fail.
Thirdly, it is never necessary to forget about own health. After all that water which visited such here polluted teapot, changes the smack, and at times may contain small particles of a scum. The last will immediately get to an organism that can cause different diseases.
So, in some sources it is told that such firm particles of salts can "be postponed" for surfaces of veins and vessels that will break activity of all cardiovascular system in the same way. Besides, regular consumption by the polluted water scum quite often leads to formation of stones in kidneys, to diseases of joints and other.

Ways of removal of a scum in house conditions

Как очистить чайник от накипи After we dealt with that represents a scum and why it is so necessary to fight against it, let's learn of that she is afraid.
Methods of cleaning of a teapot of a scum is much. Perhaps, the idle time is to buy chemical solvent in shop and to work according to the instruction. However all this can be made by means of simpler means.
The most popular in this case it is considered to be vinegar and lemon acid, and also their essences.
Vinegar. In order that the teapot began to shine from within again, it is possible to use usual vinegar, having diluted it with water in a proportion 3:1. This mix is poured in a teapot, brought to boiling and support him within 30 minutes. Then switch off and watch result. If walls were not strongly polluted, from a scum there will be no trace also.
Lemon acid. Here it is necessary to fill a teapot with water on 2/3 its volumes and to pour an acid half-bag (though if it is a lot of scum, it is possible to use also all packing). Also to bring to boiling, however, it has to last no more than 5 minutes. After that it is necessary to merge water and to check result.
If necessary each of the above procedures can be carried out again.
Lemon or acetic essences. These two means are very concentrated, and therefore them take proceeding from calculation 1:10. They are parted in water and leave a teapot for some time. Thus it is not heated at all. After such the scum has to be dissolved completely. This method is not recommended for electric kettles!
Baking soda. It appears, soda too not bad splits salts of magnesium and calcium. Feature of its action that it does their structure friable thanks to what the scum easily is removed by means of the cleaning sponge. On a usual teapot will be to part quite enough a soda teaspoon in 4 glasses of water.
At very strong pollution it is possible to arrive still so: at first to fill 1 tablespoon of soda in a teapot, to fill in up to the top with water and to boil. Then to merge water and anew to fill a teapot with water, however, this time to add there a tablespoon of lemon acid. To boil half an hour. Then again to merge everything and again to gather clear water. To add about 100 ml of vinegar to it and once again to boil 30 minutes. Full removal of a raid has to be result of all these actions.
Potato and apple peel. In the people say that if properly to wash up a crude potato peel and half an hour to boil it in a teapot, the scum and will be gone. In the same way it is possible to arrive with an apple peel. An action secret that in them too there are acids which split a raid.
Brine. Likely, still our grandmothers knew that if in a teapot to pour a brine from cucumbers or from tomato and to sustain so whole night, by the morning it will be as the newcomer. And all because contains in them the same vinegar.
Well, and, perhaps, there is still the most modern "house" method – to use as deposit solvent such drink as Coca-Cola, Sprite or the Forfeit. At first from them it is necessary to let out all gas, then to pour in a teapot and to boil. The one who tried, claims that it even very good way to return to teapot walls an original form. Their action is based that lemon acid is their part.

Apparently, methods, really, there is a lot of. What to choose from them, everyone solves itself. But anyway it is necessary to understand that work from a different look as acids is unsafe for our organism. And therefore after removal of a scum, the teapot needs to be washed out properly flowing water, and then still few times to boil in it usual water.
As for preventive measures, uses of soft water are by the only method. And it can be received by a filtration, that is by means of installation in the house of special filters for water.
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