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How to clean the iron

The iron is, perhaps, one of the most often used representatives of small appliances. And for this reason it gryaznitsya very quickly. At the time of our parents cleaning of the iron was carried out by means of an edge for shaving. Now it is necessary to buy various means for cleaning of a sole of the iron from modern materials and to learn to delete a scum from the tank for water.
The iron is, perhaps, one of the most often used representatives of small appliances. And for this reason it gryaznitsya very quickly. already told about rules of a choice of the iron, now we will talk about ways of its cleaning.
At the time of our parents cleaning of the iron was very simple business. Any pollution from a sole were removed by means of an edge for shaving: and it is productive, and quickly. Now it is necessary to buy various means for cleaning of a sole of the iron from modern materials and to learn to delete a scum from the iron tank with an otparivaniye.

How to clean an iron sole

Как почистить утюг Not to allow considerable pollution of a sole of the iron, it is necessary to look after it regularly. After each ironing to wipe a working surface a soft rag. But over time on a sole all the same there will be a raid, especially, if the iron with function of an otparivaniye. In any household shop it is possible to get a special piece of chalk for cleaning of a sole. Its cost is small – only 1,5-2 dollars. On sale there are also pieces of chalk more expensive with natural components, but as practice shows, the difference in efficiency of expensive and cheap pieces of chalk is not present therefore you should not overpay. It is necessary to tell that such method of cleaning of a sole the fast, effective and, the main thing, safe for the most household appliance.
Carefully rub a hot sole of the iron a piece of chalk, especially in places of considerable pollution. The piece of chalk will "thaw", and dirt – to be dissolved. At the end of procedure properly press unnecessary cotton fabric, and the remains of dirt will remain on it.
If you the opponent of chemical means also wish to use national methods, there is one extraordinary effective way. A hot sole, just as a pencil, we rub with a piece of a laundry soap. Also we wipe the iron about an unnecessary rag of fabric. So we repeat until all pollution leave. This method in old kind times was applied in studio on tailoring – misfires were not. Instead of soap it is possible to use vinegar if it is about removal of a scum. In it it is necessary to moisten a rag of fabric and to iron with effort some minutes.
For cold cleaning of a sole it is possible to use solution of peroxide of hydrogen or usual means for removal of a varnish. The wadded tampon moistened in one of these means with effort rub the cooled-down iron sole before full removal of pollution. Only be careful that acetone or peroxide did not get on nonmetallic parts of the device and did not damage them.
    Use of soda, salt and small emery paper for cleaning of modern irons is not desirable! After such cleaning inevitably there are microcracks which provoke the fastest pollution of a sole further!
If your iron rusted – and such happens rather often – do not try to scrub away a rust a knife or other improvised devices. Powder for cleaning of ware can solve this problem. With what we rub our pans and teapots to gloss. It is slightly humidified, applied on a cold surface of a sole and by means of the rigid party of a porolonovy scouring sponge is accurately rubbed in a surface. The rust will descend quickly, only consider that powder abrasive and at considerable efforts can damage an iron surface.
    If you managed the heated iron to concern any artificial fabric and it remained on a sole, do not despair! So far the iron hot, iron it a slice of unnecessary natural fabric, having arranged it at an end face of an ironing table so that the iron moved almost vertically.

How to clean the teflon, enameled iron sole

Как почистить утюг On modern models of irons with a ceramic, ceramic-metal and teflon sole also over time there are pollution. The most whimsical – aluminum, it is easily scratched, is exacting to a right choice of temperature condition for each fabric. Therefore we do not recommend to buy such irons.
The teflon surface of the iron is not soiled if, of course, it is the real teflon. But in the market it is not enough such models. And often in some months on a sole there is a whitish layer of scale. We categorically do not advise readers of Mirsovetov to use any abrasive folk remedies! It is better to get a special pencil for cleaning of such sole in advance! It is possible to try a way of cleaning by vinegar or a laundry soap which are described above.
Ceramics and metal ceramics – the most durable materials. Irons with such soles the most expensive, but they for 100% justify the price. The only thing of that these surfaces are afraid are strong blows. Are soiled seldom, are cleared by the same soap or vinegar.

How to clean the iron tank

Как почистить утюг That you had no such problem, never use for an ironing water from under the crane! Ideal option – the distilled water. It is possible to get it in any autoshop for kopeks. But it is not suitable for some models of irons – attentively read the instruction!
If trouble nevertheless happened, it is necessary to clean the tank from within. For this purpose it is possible to use special means for removal of a scum, for example, "Antinakipin". But in the people it is accepted to fight against a scum lemon acid and vinegar. They are parted in water to not too concentrated solution, filled in in the tank and include the maximum temperature of heating. Maintain 3-5 minutes, cool the iron and merge everything from the tank, wash out it clear water and do a control ironing of an unnecessary slice of fabric with the included otparivaniye. It is necessary "to drive" the iron minutes 5-10 that through openings in a sole there were all slices of a scum, and you did not spoil further the loved thing. If self-cleaning function is provided in your iron, use it, strictly observing the instruction. recommends to clean regularly a sole and the tank of the iron, after all considerable pollution can cause damage of the device or things at an ironing. And, please, carefully read the maintenance instruction of the iron just before use!!!
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