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How to clean fur in house conditions

It seemed, you bought winter clothes with a fur collar only recently. You already washed a jacket down-padded coat, and about a fur collar - forgot. It is impossible to erase fur products therefore we will learn to clean fur independently in the automatic washing machine.

Mirsovetov recommends to begin cleaning of fur products in house conditions with survey of a product. If you found a spot or dust – you should not be upset and run at once in a dry-cleaner – it is quite possible to cope with a task independently and to save the family budget.

Not to spoil natural fur, we will decide on nature of damage:

  • the fur in the course of storage can be subject to "attack" of a moth. Unfortunately, such defects cannot be corrected in any way. Therefore recommends to store outerwear with a fur collar together with special means against a moth;
  • the fur lost color – such defects can often be found on light products. Happens also such when upon purchase of outerwear, nobody pays attention to fur, and then it is found out at home that it has not a light shade, but color with easy yellowness;
  • the decoloured spot is revealed – it can appear at inaccurate use of perfumery. Essential oil can spoil fur and decolour it. To eliminate such injury independently it will not be sustained;
  • the fur is damaged by dye. It comes because of long carrying on one shoulder (or through a shoulder) bags from natural suede. It instantly gives paint to fur;
  • the fur and its tanning basis were deformed. The damage reason – the product was exposed to drying on heating devices.

It is always more difficult to eliminate above-mentioned defects, than not to allow them. Therefore it is necessary to store outerwear with fur elements in special covers (plastic or punched). It is necessary to store products in dark, dry, and whenever possible, a cool place.

Not to allow emergence of spots on fur, it is not recommended to spray clothes with fur the perfumed liquid (spirits).

After every season the outerwear needs to be washed, and the fur to remove and brush with a natural bristle.

To carry in a dry-cleaner or to leave at home?

Naturally, the natural fur demands bigger leaving, than artificial. If regularly to clean a product, it will help to keep its appearance and to prevent small damages.

What to do – to give a collar from fur to a dry-cleaner or to clean it independently? Skilled housewives recommend to give a product to experts. There skilled workers will execute processing of fur special components, considering extent of its damage. But it is not always possible to find the specialist in fur therefore it is possible to study recommendations about cleaning of natural fur in house conditions and to make it independently in a dry-cleaner.

How to clean natural fur of the house

Frequent problem of light fur – change of color. Yellowness can appear as a result of the wrong storage or product socks. Let's consider in more detail ways of cleaning of white fur collars:

  • to put fur in order, we will use ordinary potato starch. Take packing of starch and pour a product white powder. And now it is necessary "to wash" fur in the dry way. Carry out the same movements by hands, as well as when washing usual clothes. Washing time – no more than ten minutes. Now it is necessary to shake the vigorous movement starch and to comb out the powder remains a brush with natural pile. Such method of cleaning of products will be suitable both for white, and for color natural fur collars;
  • prepare liquid ammonia (is on sale in a drugstore without recipe) and hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to prepare such cleaning solution: on a glass of clear water add a teaspoon of peroxide and two-three droplets of alcohol. Fill capacity with a spray a cleaner and spray fur at distance of ten centimeters. After clarification the fur needs to be dried at the room temperature. It is impossible to put a collar on a heater or the battery;
  • when cleaning it is necessary to consider, what length pile. If your fur has short pile then the cleaning structure can be put "against wool" if long – that on its growth. Therefore during removal of fat spots from a fur collar, use the cleared gasoline or mix from alcohol, waters and salts. The cleaner prepares so: take one part of liquid ammonia, fifty parts of water and three parts of salt. Mix and apply means on fur.

And still our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used this recipe. They cleaned fur collars, cuffs and outerwear from natural fur independently. To prepare the universal cleaning mix, take alcohol (it is possible to replace with vodka), vinegar (table or apple) and water in equal parts. Then it is necessary to apply with a bast or a brush structure on pile and to use well absorbing fabric (it is possible to use a linen or terry towel). After that the fur can be dried and combed.

How to clean fur fabric

Now in fashion not only natural fur, but also artificial. Sometimes even it is difficult to distinguish it from the natural. Now it is possible to acquire outerwear with fur fabric under "raccoon", "fox" and even "mink". At the price such outerwear will cost slightly cheaper, than a product with natural fur.

Too it is necessary to be able to look after fur fabric. Such fur can be made of synthetic or cotton fiber therefore it is also necessary to store products in special sacks with means against a moth.

It is possible to clean fur fabric according to the ancient recipe of our great-grandmothers. Prepare such components:

  • glycerin (one part);
  • denatured alcohol (alcohol), (hundred parts);
  • water (hundred parts).

This cleaner will be suitable for processing of unpainted products. If the fur is strongly polluted, it can be washed in the machine on the delicate mode without extraction. After the fur is washed, excess moisture clean by means of dry fabric, and then dry vertically. Fur fabric very long therefore it is desirable to hang out it on a balcony or other place with a sufficient stream of fresh air dries. Remember that to dry both artificial, and natural fur under direct sunshine it is impossible. From it it can lose gloss, to turn yellow and become fragile.

Councils for cleaning of fur products

  1. If your fur got off a little and lost gloss, it is possible to return it a former look so: take a slice of pure natural fabric and moisten it in vinegar. Accurately walk on product top, without reaching the basis. From vinegar the fur can become rigid therefore often such procedure cannot be done.
  2. That the basis of a fur collar (skin) did not grow coarse, from time to time grease it with glyceric water. For its preparation take one part of glycerin and as much water.
  3. It is possible to clean large fur (nutrias, a goat and a wolf) bran from wheat or sawdust from a tree. The fur is strewed with sawdust or bran and frayed hands. It is impossible to apply sawdust from coniferous breeds of a tree!
  4. The fur of a muskrat and otter is cleaned sand. It is cleared previously of foreign impurity and heated. Sand should not be damp. Spread out a collar on an equal surface and powder it with sand. Now it is possible to rub fur hands. Clean dirty sand, and pure add. It is so necessary to do until sand and your hands are not pure.
  5. Fur fabric cannot be cleaned acetone. Safe means – the soap solution consisting of a spoon of laundry detergent (without bleach) and liter of hot water. Solution should be cooled and applied by means of a bast or a wadded tampon on a product, and then to wash away the bast moistened in warm water.

Remember that it is easy to spoil any fur therefore do not dry it on batteries, do not use irons and hair dryers, do not erase it in the machine. And if your fur is very polluted, it dampened or and on it there are spots from coffee, wine, it is better for you to carry it in a dry-cleaner.

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