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As what to choose the air purifier

Let's try to create clean air in places where it is carried out most of all time: houses and at work. It is not so difficult as it seems at first sight, all necessary is already invented, tested and successfully works on advantage to the person. It will be a question of the household air purifier, and will help to decide on its choice of
Modern living conditions, in particular, the bad ecology, gas-polluted or dusty air of the cities often cause desire somewhat quicker to curtail affairs and to leave far away from such "benefits" of a tsivilizition in the person. Unfortunately, not all can do such to afford therefore it is necessary to begin with the small.
Time is too expensive to move from the industrial region or from a brisk traffic intersection and the pure suburb which is smelling sweet in the spring as a lilac, and in the winter – frosty freshness, we will try to create clean air in places where it is carried out most of all time: houses and at work. It is not so difficult as it seems at first sight, all necessary is already invented, tested and successfully works on advantage to the person. It will be a question of the household air purifier, and will help to decide on its choice of

Air purifiers with replaceable filters

Очиститель воздуха со сменным фильтром Air purifiers are the simple devices which are not demanding some specific skills on their service and use. Of course, repair should be entrusted the expert, and the child will be able to use even.
In cleaners the air stream by means of the fan is consistently blown through different types of filters which clear air of certain pollution. One filters well cope with gas impurity (smoke, various smells, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides), others – with mechanical pollution (hair of pets, sand, dust, dust pincers, pollen). Therefore most often the filtering elements are applied, as a rule, in steps (2-5 degrees), to neutralization of different types of pollution. For example, the model can have three steps of purification of air: mesh filter, coal and photocatalytic filters.
Intensity of an air stream is regulated manually by the switch (or by means of buttons on the control unit) or automatically depending on impurity of air (will tell about detectors of impurity of in the section "Pleasant Options" in more detail).
Generally aircleaners with replaceable filters are presented by the Bionaire, Daikin, Electrolux, Boneco and Air-O-Swiss, Air Comfort, Venta, Toshiba, Sharp, Bork brands. In a word, it is always possible to pick up model according to requirements and design preferences.
Очиститель воздуха Cost begins from $80 for the elementary models and about $200 are limited. At range of $200-500 there are cleaners with function of moistening, ionization equipped with a remote control with multistage system of cleaning. The cost of models of a premium class makes $500-1000, these are already so-called climatic complexes when some devices are integrated in one case and are capable to work both at the same time, and separately.
Be guided at a choice only by the desires, do not forget to be interested only at the seller, what area the model which interested you can process. It concerns both air purifiers with replaceable filters, and the following type of air cleaners – air sinks.

Sinks of air

Мойка воздуха There are models of air cleaners without replaceable filters, in them for purification of air water is used is so-called "air sinks". They are usually slightly more expensive, than models with filters, and, except cleaning function, also moisten air.
The principle of action of "sink" is that the processed air is passed through damp disks (cartridges). This elementary device of a look "two - in - one" will remove dust, dirt, pollen of plants, some allergens and, besides, will lift value of relative humidity of air to 50-60%, comfortable for the person. If impurity high, recommends to give preference to a cleaner with replaceable filters. If you need to moisten air and in addition only slightly to clear it – the sink of air will be an excellent choice for quite acceptable price.
Sinks of air in the market are presented by the AOS brands ($250-500), Venta ($250-700), Ballu (from $180), Boneco (from $220). It is possible to receive the device which is able to filter not simply air from impurity for this money and to humidify it, but also the mode of night work having in addition with the lowered noise level, ionization, disinfecting with use of particles of silver, with a remote control.

Types of filters

Фильтры грубой очистки The filter is the central link of all air purifier; from what is applied the filter, both extent of cleaning, and the general productivity of the device depends.
Let's consider in more detail, what filters for what are used that works better, and that is worse. will begin the description with most "rough", deleting only large mechanical impurity, then will pass to more perfect.
Filters of rough cleaning (mesh) represent the most usual small grid. It is the filter of preliminary cleaning, it is intended for removal of large particles of dust, sand, hair of pets, poplar down, and also protects the device from hit of these pollution inside. The grid in process of pollution is washed out or blown, thus, the filter of preliminary cleaning can be reused. For stable operation of the device it is recommended to clear (or to change) the filter grid of 1 times in 2-4 months.
Coal (coal and adsorptive) filters Угольные (угольно-адсорбционные) фильтрыare carried out with use of absorbent carbon as the filtering element, known means for fight against toxins. They can liquidate the unpleasant smells, gas impurity containing in air. Coal badly clears of easy connections, characteristic for city air (for example, nitrogen oxides). Thus, it is desirable to use coal filters as additional, but not the main. As coal adsorbs all impurity and is not capable "to give" them, the filter should be changed periodically. Service life of the coal filter sostalyat from 3 months to 1 year, the cost of $30-40.
Electrostatic filter
Электростатический фильтр (фильтр-ионизатор) (filter ionizer) is intended for "thinner" purification of air. The principle of their action is as follows: air is banished through positively loaded grid (a positive electrode), and then particles of the polluting impurity settle on negatively loaded elements (negative electrodes). These filters can be reused, at pollution it is rather simple to wash out them. A lack of filters of this look is that in the course of their work gas ozone is formed. This gas, despite its medical and disinfecting properties, vysotoksichen and it is important not to allow big concentration.
NERA filtersФильтры НЕРА (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting – a highly effective delay of particles) are used not only in household appliances, but also in devices of medical appointment, in medical institutions and laboratories. It is caused by that they catch to 98% of allergens and pollutants the sizes more than 0,3 microns. Filters of this type are disposable, the term of their service – 1 year, the cost of $25-35.
Photocatalytic filters represent the last generation of the filtering elements for air purifiers. Today it is the most effective option, but also the most expensive. The principle of its action consists in splitting of all impurity passing through the filter to harmless components under the influence of UF-radiation. It is capable to destroy particles the size to 0,001mkm, and it is the virus size, the smallest molecule. Besides, its efficiency does not change during time, remaining always at the initial level. Also it is the most durable of all replaceable filters: service life makes 2-6 years, and cost – $80-120.

Pleasant options

Очиститель воздуха First of all, there is a wish to note the small power consumption of air purifiers, usually it does not exceed 50-60 W (and more often it is 20-35 W) at models of average price range, so, they are quite economic.
Also noise level, made by cleaners is also low. It is an important indicator as often the air cleaner should work round the clock including at night in a bedroom. The main noise in any air purifier makes the fan, and, therefore, in "the night mode" its turns will be the smallest of possible. Most of producers consider this requirement and create models noise level from which does not exceed 37 dB (it is considered that at such value the device does not distract the person, does not prevent it to sleep). Also noise level depends on type of the filters used in a cleaner, namely to provide run of air via the HEPA filter, more powerful is necessary (therefore, more noisy) the fan. Nevertheless, producers declare that noise level still remains within norm. Now it is possible to find air cleaners which work is almost inaudible (in the sleep mode, 16 dB).
Очиститель воздуха As well as it was promised, will list separately those options and additional functions thanks to which daily use of the air purifier becomes more convenient and pleasant:
  • the timer allows to set time of inclusion and shutdown of the device;
  • remote control. It is especially useful if the air purifier is established so, what inconveniently to approach it for switching of an operating mode;
  • adjustment of speed of rotation of the fan. This function is used for switching of the air cleaner in other operating mode – for example, for the night mode the smallest speed of rotation is established, thus the level of the made noise decreases. The modes "sleep", "turbo" and so forth are possible;
  • impurity detectors. Some models of air purifiers are equipped with infrared detectors of tracking of number of pollution (dust and gas) in air. When the quantity of particles in an action field of the detector exceeds some initially preset value, the air cleaner automatically turns on. Thus the detector can not only include purification of air, but also operate the device, reducing/increasing the speed of rotation of the fan (therefore, and intensity of work);
  • display. Usually air purifiers are supplied with liquid crystal displays on which information on the used mode, device operating time is displayed;Очиститель воздуха
  • indicators. Your air cleaner can have additional indicators by means of which it is possible to receive additional information on operation of the device, for example, the indicator of a condition of filters, air. As a rule, it not simply air purifier, and climatic complex of a premium class;
  • aromatization. This function is available for models of different classes: the air purifier is completed with additional fragrance (though practically always there is an opportunity to add fragrant substances independently, for example, to water if the design of the device allows its use – air sinks, or a cleaner humidifier).

Features of operation

  • Producers of air purifiers recommend to change all replaceable filters in time, and at emergence of unpleasant smells – before the termination of nominal term of use.
  • The more in air of impurity, the more often it is necessary to make washing and replacement of filters.
  • For maintenance of purity of air, it is necessary that all its volume was indoors processed at least two times within one hour.
  • Even the best air purifiers are not capable to oxygenate air therefore regular airing when using the air cleaner is not cancelled.
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