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Plasticine the hands

Today more and more mothers choose environmentally friendly materials for the children. And that can be better, the product prepared by the hands. It concerns also plasticine. Of course, it is possible to buy already ready in shop, and it is possible to prepare plasticine in house conditions.

There are many options how to prepare weight for a molding. Plasticine can be inedible and edible. It is possible to train him in the cold way, and it is possible by means of heat treatment. The most important that all products for preparation of plasticine almost always are in house conditions near at hand.

House plasticine

Practically all children like to mold from plasticine, so the child not simply sees that he created, and maybe if necessary to introduce amendments in the already created. Plasticine toys it is possible to play and even to put small performances. All this is very important for development of the child. And that it was easier for small children to create figures, mothers prepare plasticine the hands which is much softer habitual to us, store.

It is possible to make house plasticine in the different ways. It turns out pleasant to the touch, does not stick to hands, soft, well colors among themselves mix up and easily details connect. How to prepare such plasticine:

  1. To pour two glasses of water in a kastryulka, to add there one tablespoon of vegetable oil and to put on fire, will not begin to boil yet. At emergence of the first bubbles at once to remove from fire.
  2. While water begins to boil, it is possible to mix two glasses of a flour, a glass of medium-sized salt and a tablespoon of lemon acid in a bowl. Carefully to mix.
  3. To pour out hot water in ready mix and it is good to mix. At first dough will undertake lumps, but then gradually will start being ready from hot water and will begin to get denser. When mix slightly poostynt, it is necessary to knead mix already the hands until soft elastic dough which will not stick to hands turns out.
  4. Now it is necessary to divide dough into some parts and to paint in desirable color. Before it it is necessary to put on gloves. Then to make dredging in the test, to drip in it some drops of dye and to mix. It is possible to add still dye before obtaining such color which is necessary for you.
  5. At desire it is possible to add to plasticine also spangles and properly to mix.

If plasticine starts drying up over time, it is possible to add to it a little water and it is good to mix, then it is possible to use it again. But if plasticine dried and hardened, to add water is useless, it is better to prepare new, it and is not difficult.

If plasticine too wet, it is possible to warm up a little it and then excess moisture will evaporate. Usually such trouble occurs when leave for a long time an open box. And if in the room high humidity.

By the way, having molded from such test of a figure, it is possible to bake them in an oven, then they will remain for a long time.

It is necessary to store house plasticine densely having turned in food wrap or in the closed container. To develop touch perception of the child, offer it different options – from the refrigerator, warmed up or room temperature.

To paint plasticine, it is possible to add food dyes, but it is better to prepare from natural products. For example, juice of beet can paint weight in red color, juice of carrot or a turmeric – in orange, spinach will paint plasticine in green, and tea infusion to a karkada in the blue.

It is possible to prepare plasticine and a cold way. For this purpose it is necessary to take a glass of cold water, to mix in a bowl with a glass of salt, two teaspoons of vegetable oil and food dye. Then slowly to add three glasses of a flour and two tablespoons of corn starch, to mix, mix on a consistence has to be similar to dough. It is necessary to store such plasticine having turned in a film.

One more recipe of plasticine: in a bowl to mix one part of a flour, one part of water, two parts of porridge, will not become homogeneous mass yet. This plasticine is good for small children because if it and will be swallowed by the child, big harm from it will not be.

One more recipe of edible plasticine: to mix two glasses of peanut butter, six tablespoons of honey in a bowl, to mix and add so much powdered skim milk that on a consistence weight became suitable for a molding. It is possible even to mold cakes, to decorate them with edible jewelry and to eat.

If at your place there are any aromatic essences or fragrances, it is possible to add also them at plasticine preparation, then it will be also it is not simply good to be molded, beautifully to look, but also it is pleasant to smell that cannot but be pleasant to children.

What is the clever plasticine?

Hendgam, or clever plasticine, in translation means "A cud for hands". Today it became one of the most popular toys, both for children, and for adults. In it a set of interesting properties. It is the most interesting polymer, it both firm, and liquid at the same time. How such can be? At prolonged use Hendgam behaves as liquid substance. It can slowly flow down, drip, spread in a pool. For example, if to roll a ball and to put it on a table, already in a few minutes this ball will turn into a pool. At fast influence clever plasticine will behave, as a solid body. For example, if to stick together from it a sphere and to throw on a floor, it will jump up. It is also possible to break off the sharp movement of a hand it and even to hammer with it a nail.

To the touch clever plasticine reminds chewing gum. To hands it does not stick, to things too, does not leave spots therefore it can quietly be thrown both about walls, and about a floor. Also that is important, plasticine is not toxic at all, without taste and a smell. At change of temperature the toy can change the color and properties. If to make a figure of this plasticine and to leave it, it will not be stored, and will simply spread on a surface. There is a plasticine which can be magnetized and shine in the dark.

Clever plasticine can be stored in packing five years and thus not lose the properties. But thus it can burn down on fire and drown in water. If to put Hendgam in the refrigerator, it will deteriorate. It is possible to tear it on slices and to mold figures. It is impossible to eat it by no means and to glue on hair.

Such plasticine develops creative thinking, handwriting, the speech, a small motility of hands in children. Occupations with it increase mood, take off fatigue. Will estimate such gift as adults, and children. Here only kids till three years are not recommended to give it.

By the way, it is possible not only to buy clever plasticine in shop, recommends to prepare it. For this purpose it is necessary to squeeze out PVA glue in capacity and to add to it food dye. To mix everything a wooden stick till uniform color. Then to add one teaspoon of sodium of a tetraborat which is on sale in drugstores to weight. Then it is necessary to stir mix until it does not thicken. To put ready plasticine in a package and to rumple hands until it does not become elastic and soft. And the cud for hands is ready.

There is one more way how to prepare houses Hendgam. For this purpose it is necessary to mix office silicate glue with pure alcohol in a proportion one to one. It is necessary to stir weight until it is not knitting. Then substitute mix under cold water and wash out. Clever plasticine is already ready.

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