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Review of the movie Fight of Titans

The simple fisherman found somehow on the seashore of the thrown-out child which appeared Perseus – Zeus's son. As soon as Perseus grew up, up to his head the immemorial enemy of Zeus – angry god Hades came, destroyed adoptive parents and in general promised to exhaust all city. Quick Perseus collects small group of national avengers and moves off in searches of spiteful Hades.
    Name: "Review of the movie Fight of Titans" ("Clash of the Titans")
    Genre: fighter, fantasy, drama, adventures
    Duration: 106 min.
    Slogan: "Legends come to life in 3D"
    Country: USA, Great Britain
    Year: 2010
    Director: Louis Leterye
    In roles: Sam Uortington, Rafe Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Gemma Arterton, Nicholas Holt, Alexa Davalos, Danny Houston, Isabella Miko, Jason Fleming, Polly Walker
    Scriptwriter: Travis Bichem, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
    Operator: Peter Menziyes Jr.
    Composer: Ramin Dzhavadi
    Producers: Kevin De La Noy, Basil Ivanik, William Fae, John Dzhashni, Thomas Toole


The plot of this "creation" can be described literally in two-three offers. The simple fisherman found somehow on the seashore of the thrown-out child, took away it to himself home, left, grew up and as could, brought up. The child appeared Perseus – the son of the most important Greek god Zeus (I do not say any more that as the adoptive sonny appeared also the Hollywood actor Sam Uortington famous recently).
As soon as to young Perseus the put number of years was executed, up to his head the immemorial enemy of Zeus – angry god Hades came, destroyed adoptive parents and in general promised to exhaust all city the terrible huge Kraken (who generally according to myths it lives in Denmark, but not an essence important), and even to become the main god on light, having destroyed Zeus.
    "Fight of Titans" is a remake of the movie of the same name which appeared in the USA in the 1981st year. The famous Hollywood actor Lawrence Olivier acted in that movie, and Ray Harrikhauzen who became a legend in this sphere was engaged in special effects. By the way, wanted to invite Ray as the founder of special effects in the picture Louis Leterye. That, however, reasonably refused as long ago is not engaged in creation of special effects for cinema.
Long Perseus has no time to think – precious screen time expires promptly. Quick Zeus's son collects small group of national avengers and moves off in searches of spiteful Hades. On the way to the tsar of a vault, the young son of the Thunderer it is necessary to battle to a set of mythical monsters among which somehow separately there is Gorgona with a face of our model Natalya Vodianova on a tail.


The center of all picture, her main accent is Sam Uortington who promptly gained popularity recently. At some point viewing a peculiar overdose of Uortington in an organism is felt. Besides, it is obviously felt that the actor is not ready to become the main line of any movie yet and badly gets used to new roles. According to, in "Fight of Titans" Sam is some continuation of himself in the pictures "Terminator 4" and "Avatar" – the same emotions, the same reflections about a duality of the essence, the same army hairdress on the head.
In a picture it is worth talking about special effects separately. On the one hand, multiple scenes of fights are made soundly and is felt that a lot of money is invested in all this. However it is necessary to notice that brains in this action it is enclosed much less, because a good few of battles turns into senseless movement of people and monsters on the screen in which often you will not sort where "ours" and where "bad". The same Kraken who is so long described in a picture perishes practically right after the emergence so the viewer does not even manage to consider his sense.
It is enough one view of a slogan of a picture to understand on what the emphasis of this creation is placed – "Legends come to life in 3D" – it was so possible to call any exhibition of modern technologies, but to christen this phrase of cinema, means to bury the most part of an intrigue. Present if the phrase becomes the slogan "Avatar", for example, "Aliens battle to people in 3D". Besides, this most 3D at the expense of which producers try to pull out in a top of a box office more and more of frankly mediocre pictures, leaves much to be desired, much the best.
Generally, we got next "divorce" from the Hollywood kinodel which let out the whole series of the attractive trailers filled with significant phrases which did not receive due reflection in the picture.
    The picture is the Hollywood debut of our model Natalya Vodianova who before "Fight of Titans" tried the actor's forces in the little-known Russian movie "Stopper" of the director Alexander Kot.
Despite all aforesaid, "Fight of Titans" will receive the deserved audience in which there will be also people impressed with trailers and advertizing, and simply fans of expensive cinema, and admirers of the new hero of fighters of Uortington, and simply missing audience. If you carry yourself to one of these categories, can quite go to the cinema and estimate the next creation of the author "Improbable Hulk" and "the Carrier 2" Louis Leterye.

Critics worldwide literally crushed "Fight of Titans" – the movie has disgusting ratings everywhere that, however, did not prevent a picture to raise from hire three times more money, than was spent for creation of the movie. Such commercial success set producers thinking of creation of the sequel – the beginning of shootings already planned for 2012. The prior consent of Sam Uortingtona is already received, and here the director, most likely, will be another.
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