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Sights of Lviv

To be in Ukraine and not to visit Lviv – the real crime. This amazing city – not only an architectural pearl, but also the guaranteed excellent mood and mass of positive emotions.

It is possible to find a huge number of small restaurants only in Lviv, each of which differs in uniqueness and color. Here, it is possible to visit the museums of chocolate, beer, coffee and a great number of others.

Having inspired by all these delights of Lviv, we found free days off and went on acquaintance to this amazing city. The trip was planned in advance, for the middle of March. We also could not think that weather will introduce so essential amendments – instead of easy walk across spring Lviv, at us fight against snowdrifts turned out. But even plentiful snowfall could not prevent us, see uniqueness and beauty of this wonderful city.

Before a trip

It was for a start necessary to decide on the place of residence in Lviv. Here no problems arose. They also cannot arise – in the center of Lviv the huge number of hostels and mini-hotels which are ready to offer berths for every taste is located.

You can settle down at the price from $15 for a bed in the 12-seater room of hostel, to $50 - for comfortable two or a triple room.

We stopped on "golden mean" and chose one of hostels in the center of Lviv with double rooms, but the price of $40 for number per day.

For this money we got very nice spacious room, with a king size bed, a chair, the LCD TV, satellite television and furniture. Also the hostel offers a big bathroom, however, one on two numbers, beautiful kitchen with all necessary equipment and ware.

With the road to the city of Lviv also problems are not present – there is a mass of trains since all ends of our big homeland.

First day

As I already spoke, Lviv met us by snow weather and huge snowdrifts. Weather introduced small amendments in our plans, and instead of evening walk on sights of Lviv, we went to the well-known Lvov National academic opera and ballet theater.

But before it we had to pobluzhdat on narrow city streets as because of bad weather the public transport did not go, and the most part of a taxi of a zagruzl in snowdrifts. After that we were waited by warm welcome and a lunch in hostel.

Important remark. We recommend to readers Mirsovetov at walks across Lviv to use the navigator. If you do not have that, surely buy at the station a map of the city – for the visitor, the labyrinth of local small streets can become a barrier before full walks.

Visit of the Lvov theater left at us the extremely positive impression – the theater shines with paints, game of actors carries away, and music fascinates and forces to forget about bad weather. Theater tickets stand from 6 to 50 dollars. Here too it is possible to save – to buy tickets cheaper, and before the beginning of representation to change closer on empty seats. We four together, thus, saved about 50 dollars.

After theater we visited the well-known restaurant "Kryivka", with the famous submachine gunner on an entrance and the password "Glory to Ukraine" which it is necessary to answer "To heroes glory". The restaurant is on a central square of Lviv – the market in the cellar of one of houses, and to find it, without knowing the address, not so simply. In us the ascetic situation in style of a guerrilla underground, friendly waiters and the tasty menu at quite acceptable prices expected. The average dinner for two will cost 20-30 dollars. Interestingly, but the prices at all restaurants of the city approximately identical – dishes with a garnish and meat – from 3 dollars, 50 grams of any local tincture – are slightly more than a dollar, a glass of local Zenik beer - 1,5 dollars.

Some frightened us that in Lviv are negative to Russian-speaking tourists. Actually, it absolutely not so – Russian can be heard quite often here, and react to it quite quietly. Also in Lviv there are a lot of English-speaking tourists and guests from Poland.

Second day

Having had breakfast, we went to go sightseeing in Lviv. The benefit, on the street snow stopped and the sun looked out. On narrow small streets of this city it is possible to go infinitely, but at us, unfortunately, so much time was not.

After a photoshoot with the Lvov sights, we went to the well-known workshop of chocolate located on Serbskaya Street 3. Here itself can choose something from a huge number of chocolate products and to sit in the cafe located under the roof to drink a cup - another of fresh hot chocolate or coffee. And once a day in a workshop of chocolate is carried out an action – near shop take out chocolate and 15 minutes sell it for a half of the price, however, it will be necessary to stand a little in turn.

The following item of our route – well-known Lvov "kopalnya coffee" which is on Rynok Square, 10. It is restaurant museum, here it is possible to walk absolutely free of charge on small mine in which "get" the Lvov coffee, and on an entrance you will be given the most real helmet and a lamp. Above it is possible to get svezhemoloty coffee or to sit at small restaurant.

Near "Kopalnya" there is a gift shop in which it is possible to get unique Lvov gifts for relatives and "Kavivka" - spirit tincture on coffee.

Right there on Rynok Square, down the street Drukarska 2, located a drugstore museum where for only 1,5 dollars it is possible to look at ancient pharmaceutical accessories.

The following item which needs to be visited in Lviv – the well-known observation deck which is in park the Old Lock. To go to it from Rynok Square about 30 minutes so it is necessary to prepare convenient footwear. But from a platform it is possible to get a bird's eye view of the city of Lviv.

Having returned from walk on park the Old Lock, we took rest in number of hostel, have a bite and began to prepare for the evening program. For the evening at us visit of the well-known small restaurant "Gasova of a lyamp", located on Armyanskaya Street 20 in 5 minutes of walking from Rynok Square was planned. Simply to learn small restaurant – near it there is a monument to the inventor of the Gas lamp, and inside – more than 200 historical exhibits of this invention.

Interior of "the Gasovy lyampa" simply amazing. These are some small halls located on five floors. Transition from the hall to the hall is made on a narrow spiral staircase so through some flights it is possible to appear under the roof of the building and to have a bite, admiring a tower of the Lvov town hall. The atmosphere in "the Gasovy lyampa" friendly – here will offer a wide choice of galitsky dishes and local tinctures.

Walking on the downtown, I advise attentively to look around – on the Lvov houses it is possible to find a lot of the interesting. For example, a big metal eye which grants desires.

Third day

In final day of our stay in Lviv, we walked on local Catholic and orthodox cathedrals which impress with the dimensions and beauty. For short walk we managed to visit Latin Chair of Saint Maria, church Sacred Yura, the Dominican monastery and the main Armenian temple of Ukraine.

Having walked on churches and cathedrals, we went to the museum of brewing which is in the territory of Lvivske plant on Kleparovskaya Street 18. Here for 2,5 dollars we walked on the museum, having got acquainted with brewing history in Lvovshchina, having seen various archival photos and documents, and also tools by means of which cooked beer nearly 300 years ago. For 2 dollars will offer you tasting of two types of beer – light and live.

After visit of the museum of brewing, we walked on streets of Lviv have a bite in one of cafes a little more and went to the station. From Lviv we took away the mass of bright impressions, about one thousand photos and the desire is obligatory to return here on a festival of coffee or the jazz. We advise all readers of to go to this amazing city and to look on all the eyes.

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