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The SNPCh installation on the printer

What does this mysterious abbreviation of SNPCh mean? Everything is simple – system of continuous supply of ink. The continuity is that blackened much more, than in regular cartridges and it is necessary to fill system where is more rare. The SNPCh installation will demand from you some time and abilities. Also it is possible to go in two ways here.
If you own the digital camera and often go to tourist travel, or simply like to photograph much, for certain at you not one hundred, and even one thousand photos in computer archive already accumulated. And from time to time you start reflecting on creation of a photo album with selections of the best photos. To you everything wants to print not to miss the slightest detail. But it is unprofitable to print everything in a photolaboratory, and sometimes and it would not be desirable to expose for what there is no wish that strangers to you people saw on general display. And here you remember that at your place there is a fine photoprinter and it is possible to try to print independently that will be wished and how many will take in head, without leaving the house.
It should be noted at once that neither office inkjet printers, nor similar text laser printers even if color, you are not helped with this action. Here jet photoprinters having not less than six flowers in a price niche from 6 to 15 thousand rubles are necessary.
Установка СНПЧ

Replacement of cartridges. Alternatives

Well here the printer is established and adjusted, and even started for printing. The carriage with the encouraging noise runs in a wonderful device subsoil, beautiful glossy photos continually lean out in a reception tray. You with affection consider them and rejoice to an accomplished fact. But at some point the printer does not wish to print more to you a photograph any more. If in it ink at least ended of one color, the printer will cease to print even if it does not use in this period this color. The printer expects procedure of change of a cartridge. And you have a direct road in shop of expendables. There you will find a new set of cartridges which will lead to loss of a round sum of tickets of bank of Russia (or other countries). Sadly, and what to do!
The matter is that the printer prints ink which, as we know, are an expendable material. In their original cartridges it is not enough, at cost they are comparable with diamonds (you will check it in shop). Yes, they qualitative, light-resistant, but awfully expensive. Having studied prices, having armed with the calculator, start removing a formula of love to a usual photolaboratory. Yes, will leave cheaper there! And if to remember that is required also photographic paper …
It is possible to replace only that cartridge in which ink ended (though so not in all models) and to continue the press, but the producer prepared for you "surprise" here. Let's consider it on an example.
At the time of the termination of ink in light-purple (further LM – light magenta) a cartridge, in light blue (further LC – light cyan) still remained 10% of ink, and in yellow (Y – yellow) – 15%. You replaced only LM where after change there were 100% of ink. However the printer will start direct responsibilities only after a regular clearing at change of cartridges. On a clearing very essential amount of ink leaves. And here after that we receive that in LM already of 90%, in yellow – 5%, and here in LC ink already ended, i.e. 0%, and a cartridge it is necessary to change. After repetition of procedure of change of a cartridge it is received: in LM any more not of 90%, but 80%, the yellow also ended. It is called "fan change". And, if you got under it, you merge very expensive ink in "toilet bowl". Here so entice money and place on expensive raskhodnik.
In what then economy, you ask? It is possible to receive economy only in case to pass to so-called compatible expendables.
So, we buy suitable ink and we fill in. But having brought a small bottle with ink to cartridges, we realize hopelessness of a situation – there is no place to fill in! It is logical, not for this purpose did cartridges at such price that you filled them. Still forgot. The printer at the termination of ink stops not because they really ended but because there are chips and they "speak" to the Stop, Change a Cartridge printer. And that ink not absolutely ended, and a little bit remained, but the chip solved quite so, for reliability not to allow the press on dry with a guarantee (and this guarantee can be very essential). Here also leaves that not only that ink just like that merges at clearings, so also is not used up to the end. And actually, what to waste time on trifles, the user will buy the new. And how after all to fill a cartridge? Right! We take a drill, we drill an opening in a cartridge and we fill with a syringe it. Here it is necessary to know, where to drill and as then hermetically to close up this opening, differently the system will lose the normal functioning, at best. In the worst – will fill in with ink a cavity of the printing head, and the printer will fail. How to you such way to save? Does not approach? Eh, the brand new drill is not useful. Though is not present, do not hide far, it can to us still it is required a bit later if you decide to install by SNPCh.
Here we, at last, also approached the device allowing not only to use alternative expendables, but also to reduce number of manipulations with the printer.

SNPCh and with what it is eaten

What this mysterious abbreviation – SNPCh means? Everything is simple – system of continuous supply of ink. However, the continuity is that blackened much more, than in regular cartridges and it is necessary to fill system where is more rare. And here with a chipovannost the situation is where is worse. Usual capacity is, as a rule, registered in chips and their zeroing is required. Here zeroing of level of ink is understood as not installation of zero values, and, on the contrary, values of 100%, it is simple to speak more conveniently about zeroing, i.e. read "installation of initial level". However about everything one after another.
In essence the SNPCh device is elementary, but demands, nevertheless, accurate and high-quality production. Here main parts of system. A source of ink are so-called donors. In SNPCh set donors represent the polyethylene jars established outside of the printer on a table and having traffic jams for gas station of ink in them. Donors have to work in the mode of vessels of Marriott. And why have to, in it there are doubts? Certainly, is! First, quality of many donors does not allow it, not tightness etc. is observed. Secondly, there are donors with an unsuccessful design. In donors on the basis of Marriott's vessel is (it is obliged to be) an air compartment which has to be air, ink should not fill it and it has to have very essential volume. Otherwise such vessel will be a simple jar with ink and pressure of liquid (ink) at the exit will be changeable and strongly dependent on liquid level in this jar.
And trouble just that on sale the majority such, I will not be afraid this word, cheap stuff. It is simply to define, and it is possible to make it and even it is necessary in shop before purchase. If the air compartment is executed in the form of the tubules which are in donors (approximately at distance 1/3 from edge), look still better. Such to us it is not necessary!
Установка СНПЧ
In good donors the air compartment is executed in the form of a separate compartment of the essential volume separated from an ink compartment by a partition, from above and on each side it is tight, and below has a small cut for air passing, availability of ink, but no more this level is allowed there (if ink podymatsya above, somewhere there is not a tightness).
Установка СНПЧ
High-quality work of an air compartment is very important and is fundamental in trouble-free operation of SNPCh in general therefore we will consider shortcomings and advantages of donors of each type.
So, an air compartment in the form of a tube and in the form of a separate compartment with a partition on the general dimensions and configuration are almost identical.
In air compartments in the form of tubes availability of ink because the tube is shipped in ink is not visible. At donors with a partition the compartment is perfectly looked through. And to distil ink from tubes cunning procedure of pumping by air by means of a syringe or a pear, with observance of all ritual of shaman dances will be required. And, unfortunately, it lasts not for long very and practically at once the air compartment is filled with ink. At the competing donors release of compartments from ink is made by a simple inclination, and the compartment is filled with ink extremely seldom, generally at the wrong refueling by ink.
Besides, at tubes as it was already told, and at temperature drops you observe very small volume and badly made backpressure valve which or does not bring benefit, the most beautiful fountain in the different flowers of a rainbow about coloring of everything that came to "hot hand". Or the valve do not pass air at all and work of SNPCh will be paralyzed. The conclusion is obvious!
Further donors leave a loop, it silicone, and serves for transportation of ink from donors in cartridges or not to them, looking what system.
Установка СНПЧ
There is no delicacy, except beautifully looking multi-colored tubules. However, raznotsvetna they only when are filled with ink. Tubes thin, in them the capillary effect is obliged to take place. The loop has to have sufficient length and to be flexible not to break from bends, and also resistant chemically to ink (some "high-quality" copies are dissolved, hammering the printing heads with the structure at all, and it as sealant).
Further ways paths disperse and there are distinctions in SNPCh designs. And here we absolutely missed one moment. And after all there is SNPCh without donors and a loop at all! Though, however, it already and not SNPCh absolutely, and simple alternative to regular cartridges. Remember, I told you about drilling of cartridges for their gas station? And so in these devices everything is drilled to us. Actually it is the same cartridges, but chips having opportunity for gas station and nullified. In principle, here everything is clear, there is no sense long to explain. Let's stop only on advantages and shortcomings.
From PZK advantages (the refilled cartridges, quite so they are called) simplicity of installation, preservation of a guarantee on the printer. And … perhaps, all! Unless slightly lower than a cost more, than at SNPCh. And shortcomings inherent in usual cartridges: small volume blackened, therefore, frequent need of their refueling, risk of damage of unions for the printing heads if gas station is made with extraction of PZK, and risk to fill in the printing head and "to kill" the printer if to fill, without taking PZK. Running forward, I will tell that all cartridges have shortcomings and they are essential. If on original cartridges at the expense of these or those shifts called by producers of a know-how it is possible to level the majority of these shortcomings except the price, perhaps, that on the alternative is not present to neither "no", nor "ha".
Cartridges are established, as a rule, by all package and chips are attached to them. Thus, there is no possibility of visual definition of existence and level of ink, and it is important in this case, because the chips nullified. You, or not you, and the machine gun, nullified chips, and cartridges are empty meanwhile. As a result of this the printer can seriously suffer from the press on the dry. It is good if you found at once and if chips were nullified automatically when ink still was and the printer printed regularly. You with satisfaction checked the level of ink in the status of the driver of the printer, it is the 100th % and quietly went on the affairs, not to stand over over constantly wasting precious time. And in a few minutes ink in cartridges physically ended, though the status shows not 0%, and the printer started printing on dry that can be for it deadly.
It is also difficult to define, whether fills in the printing head. And after all there are cases not of tightness of cartridges or leaky cuffs which put on on unions of heads, or as a result of inaccurate and inattentive gas station. And the worst – uneven, wrong, and sometimes and unpredictable supply of ink to the printing heads.
As you likely guessed, there are also cartridge SNPCh. These are the same cartridges, but with a binding of donors with a loop. In this case only frequent gas station though there is a periodic need for pumping of system from air which inevitably pursues this system is not required. For the rest, the same shortcomings that at PZK.
And, at last, there are capsular SNPCh. Here instead of cartridges in the carriage of the printing heads the capsules representing cylindrical vessels of very small size and with a capacity about 1 ml everyone are established.
Advantage of capsules are convenience of their operation and reliability of work. A shortcoming – difficulties in acquisition connected with their single production (they are made in Ukraine).
Chips in this case are located on a separate level that allows to keep operability of the printer with the taken SNPCh, or one (several) capsule, for example, for washing. And also for diagnostics of problems on every color separately that is very convenient. Besides, at capsules fine informational content. If in cartridge SNPCh you could only observe availability of ink in a loop and the formed air traffic jams at an entrance to cartridges, the level of ink in every color is perfectly visible here and, by the way, in qualitative capsules air traffic jams in a loop are not formed because of tightness of a design at all. However, capsules have to be tight, differently will not work normally. Visually and simply, and plus to everything also it is easy. Yes, weight much less, than at any cartridge SNPCh and even original cartridges. First, capsules the reserve of ink in capsules is easier than cartridges, secondly, less that too significantly reduces weight. And why to save on weight? It will not affect quality of the press, of course, and here on a condition of your purse in the future can. The carriage, the less load of the electric motor giving it, the more its resource and small economy of the electric power because the consumed current the electric motor decreases a little is easier. Also wear of a driving belt of the carriage decreases.
Here so everything is fine with capsules. Though is not present, remembered still a shortcoming, however, it very subjective – need of more exact balancing. Cartridge also needs balancing, but more rough, though frequent. And qualitative capsular SNPCh needs balancing, as a rule, only once at installation. How to make it? About it a bit later.
Summarizing told, I unambiguously advise readers Mirsovetov installation of capsular SNPCh. It can be not established in two cases:
  • you have no place to buy it in your region, and you are not eager to order it in online store;
  • you print very little, then to you will be usual enough PZK.


If you resolved to follow a way of economy and the regular press, we read further.
Unlike PZK where installation differs in nothing from change of regular cartridges, except for manipulations with the button of zeroing of levels of ink, the SNPCh installation will demand from you some time and abilities. Also it is possible to go in two ways here: easy and fast or more difficult and expensive on time but to make so that will look, as factory. Whatever you went in the way, at first it is necessary to descend in shop. Before going, write down model of the printer, record its concrete model, say, in relation to specified, "Stylus Photo T50". This information, in a consequence, you state to the seller. The matter is that SNPCh are approximately identical, but here chips at each model of the printer can differ.
I compensate you SNPCh missed in the above description. I just did not report about types of chips, and transferred as it is possible closer to a campaign in shop that you did not miss this moment. Having got SNPCh set with the improper chip, you will appear the happy owner of a drinking bowl for birds. By the way, drinking bowls are constructed also by the principle of a vessel of Marriott, as well as your donors in SNPCh.
Thus, to each model of the printer there corresponds a certain model of the chip, for this purpose you also wrote down model of yours. But is also options of types of chips. The simplest work by the principle of regular chips, and when zeroing only the level of the "ended" color is dumped. Such options today already rarity. Further there are at what all levels at the same time are dumped, but there is "counter". The matter is that it is possible to dump the level of ink not always, i.e. not voluntarily but only when at least the level of ink became equal in one of flowers to zero. Anything terrible? Yes, it is valid, anything. But if you are not eager to stand and watch for your printer, and to leave it to print independently, it is of great importance. Present in light-purple … it, and also light blue and yellow other colors therefore they come to an end first of all are spent where quicker, than. You should add these colors where is more often.
And so in light-purple there were 20% of ink, you sent a task for the press and hurried to leave on the affairs. The printer printed to you 10-20 cards and stopped waiting for replacement of "cartridge" instead of printing 50-100 pieces from a task. You returned and see the printer winking a lilac eye which the most part of time goofed off. And many printers are not able to distinguish the moment of the termination of ink and they suddenly come to an end on the middle of a leaf. Thus the leaf safely goes to a garbage can and if it is a premium paper …
Generally, offensively somehow it turns out and what to do. Fortunately, there is an exit! It is enough to find in sale of SNPCh with chips of the following types (and them only of two).
The so-called nano - chips which allow to dump levels of all flowers in any time, convenient for you, i.e. without waiting for the termination of ink. Actually, it is the same chips with dumping of all levels for 100%, but they feign at the request of the user, i.e. you, a situation of total absence of chips. It compels the printer to ask you to replace cartridges. Further all regularly.
And the second type of chips are autochips. As it is clear from the name, all of them will make for you and when it is required, will dump levels of ink absolutely independently, and the printer will eternally work. Or rather, would work if did not reserve paper. It is the most advanced and convenient type of chips, but there is also minus – it is possible "to oversleep" the real termination of ink. As you understood, ink in chips comes to an end virtually, and levels are all the same attached to original cartridges. In the same EPSON T50 it is standard approximately on 7 ml blackened in every color and on 11 ml in an expanded cartridge. As it is declared, in nano - chips the expanded reserve of ink – 11 ml is put. I.e. ordinary donors with a capacity of 80 ml will be enough for seven zeroings (80: 11 = 7,2).
It should be noted, unfortunately, not for all printers there are autochips though their conveniences are indisputable.

SNPCh installation

So, the suitable set is bought and already delivered in an assembly zone, there is a wish to establish quicker all this difficult happiness on the printer. And it is correct, why it will roll?!
Here two ways and both true. On the one hand you can spend original cartridges not to vanish, but then after them it is necessary (or perhaps and is not present) to wash out the printing heads. Why it is so ambiguous? It depends on you and your desire to risk. The matter is that in the most printing head there is a quantity of ink. It, of course, very little, but, nevertheless, can give bad reaction at "meeting" with new stereotyped ink. Before you three versions of solutions of this task:
  1. To wash out that flushing liquid, whose production there will be in a consequence ink.
  2. Not to wash out at all. More precisely to wash out new ink, having started several times right after the SNPCh installation procedure of a clearing of the printing heads. It will wash out from old ink, and it is necessary to clean at the SNPCh installation on already used printer all the same several times because old ink or flushing liquid interfere with a free air outlet.
  3. To establish SNPCh at once on the new printer. Then the listed problems cannot be in principle. And the cartridges enclosed in a set can be sold, for example, having a little paid back SNPCh.
However your obedient servant arrived by the second option. There was a strong wish for comparison with the original and buyers, most likely, it would be necessary to look for long time.
I am sure that you were already defined how will establish SNPCh. If the easy way of installation according to the instruction then there is nothing to speak is chosen – attentively read it and establish. Only, pay attention from what party better to carry out a loop, and it depends on your model of the printer.
But if you thirst of culture of production and an accurate look, and also convenience of operation moves, we read further.
For a start we will arm with a krestovy screw-driver and we will remove a casing. The help in analysis/collecting can render service manual for which for your model of the printer it is possible to look on the Internet. It is necessary to tell, not on all printers it is possible to pass a loop under the carriage on a bed is also it is necessary to look for a concrete case. But on the majority it so.
So, the casing is removed. Also for convenience it is possible to remove a reception tray and a tray for reception of prints. On T50 it becomes without tool. As soon as you surveyed printer interiors, at the left and ahead if to take a detached view a tray of prints, it is possible to behold a small plastic detalka with the characteristic tail which is unbent up – the trailer switch. It is made for safety of the printer that at the press of anything did not get to it under the moving carriage. It is useful, but we already know about it, and we will not begin to lower at the working moment foreign subjects, and furthermore, God forbid, hands there. But here to look as the printer works, sometimes there is a strong wish. And even not because of idle curiosity, and it is exclusive for the sake of advantage, for identification of problems, so to speak, for primary diagnosing of malfunction. Therefore resolutely we disconnect the socket from a kontsevik and we take itself kontsevik (it on latches). But on it not all with it because so all the time the printer will consider that the cover is open. We make a crossing point of metal and we insert it into the socket, we isolate. Or without disconnecting the socket from a kontsevik, we roll up it in the pressed state an insulating tape. It is also possible to insert into a crack of a casing and to stick with an adhesive tape, having simulated thereby a petal on a cover, but then the cover will not be closed. And we agreed to do everything culturally and on-zavodski. After the executed blocking the printer will be able to work not only with an open cover, but also at all without casing. Everything, it is possible to forget about this problem forever.
Further for works we need to put forward the carriage. But if you already tried to make it, I hope, did not break, probably already realized that it does not leave from a parking zone. Here it is possible to follow the instruction and to conjure with a network wire of food. I.e. to turn on the printer and as soon as it releases the carriage to switch off power supply, having pulled out a cord. Here is, though small, but probability "to freeze" the printer, i.e. after inclusion it will cease to give life signs. It is better to arrive differently, and without connecting food, simply we rotate a gear wheel clockwise (from ourselves if to take a detached view a tray of collecting prints, by the way, we will agree that at such instructions, always we look in front).
Установка СНПЧ
Nuance No. 1: do not try to remove the carriage along with rotation of a gear wheel. The lever of blocking is jammed by the carriage and does not leave. Nuance No. 2: do not rotate a gear wheel more, than it is required for release of the carriage, differently then you receive problems with its parking. Rotated a gear wheel a little – tried etc. until the carriage does not leave.
Here the carriage of the printing heads already cheerfully runs on printer interiors from influence of your hand and it is already good, but do not rejoice too, now scary responsible stage is necessary to you. And it at the same time terrible and responsible. You will need to uncover the carriage which closes from above cartridges because SNPCh will not manage to establish with it. Here is how it can be made ( v=S1Kvig98qcQ). Here I can afflict and please you at the same time. Without experience to uncover, and to tell, remove its hinge fastening to the carriage on latches without having broken these latches thus more true, it is very problematic. It as you understand, will automatically deprive of you a guarantee on the printer. And what to do, art demands the victims! But on the other hand, even without having broken a latch, all of you equally lose a guarantee at such alterations, and it will understand a bit later. By the way, in the guarantee plan it is better to put according to the instruction, then it can be removed without traces and to establish original cartridges. And I can please you with that refusals at the same EPSON’a very much and is not enough and to refuse to that there. Therefore it is possible not to torment long itself reflections on this subject.
As soon as the hinge is taken and the carriage is uncovered, it can be hidden safely in a distant box, as well as original cartridges (it can be necessary for us at addresses on a guarantee, and after it, it is possible to throw out at all). We now with you will start taking these cartridges from the carriage. We press clamps and it is accurate not to break unions on the printing heads, we take out each cartridge. However, if you decided to establish SNPCh at once on the printer which is able "from shop", you miss dismantle of cartridges, but you all the same should uncover.
Here you are faced by the prepared printer and anything does not prevent to start the SNPCh installation on it any more, as we will make. And we will begin with preparations.
At least two levels will be necessary for us for fastening of a loop to a bed. I made them not two, but three, though it already an excess on the A4 format printer (for A3 will be just right). I made them of a steel (tin) galvanized strip 20 mm wide. I.e. from a ready tape I cut off strips of suitable length.
Установка СНПЧ
We drill an opening with edge of such diameter that the self-tapping screw freely entered it. Self-tapping screws are necessary with a flat head and short, carving part long no more than 11 mm, differently they will leave in a paper exit zone.
Установка СНПЧ
We do not fix yet, at first we will need to fix a loop on the carriage. Consider that the loop needs to be passed at once through all cavities as it will work, differently then you will not make it any more. And here that to pass it, you should or disconnect donors, or capsules/cartridges. We pass a loop without revolutions, twistings and excess excesses, especially under acute angles. So far it it is not fixed. When the loop is passed, we make (if it is not present in SNPCh set) an arm of fastening of a loop to the carriage. It is possible to do, of course, and without it, especially on cartridge SNPCh. But to exclude wrest, blooming of veins of a loop, etc., I urge to make it. Naturally, there has to be a possibility of reliable fastening of an arm. I made it of the same tape and bent as appropriate, drilled and fixed the M4 screw suitable on length (it is possible also for smaller, for example, M3 or even M2,5).
Установка СНПЧ
If you have capsules, having slightly put them to unions, we try on and we determine the necessary length of start of a loop the carriage. By the way, in passing we check compliance of flowers, there is also a discrepancy, adjustment is required. As soon as tried on, it is possible to acquire a loop in an arm through laying from PET of bottles that the loop was not squeezed.
Further we start we start driving the carriage to the left-to the right. It is necessary to define a place of the first fastening of a loop to a bed so that it did not stretch and was not too weak. Having taken away the carriage in extreme left (the opposite side from a parking) situation we choose a loop that was not superfluous, but having left a small stock and a finger we fix a loop on a bed. Touching fingers not to let out a loop and not to change its situation on bed length, we take away the carriage on a parking. Again without allowing movements of a loop from the recorded situation, we move it fingers so that to define where there will be the first point of fastening. The is more left, the loop, when the carriage on a parking stretches more. We choose a reasonable tightness, but it is not done too poorly, differently or the loop will knock on the case, or can "fall asleep", i.e. lay down sideways. By the way, to interfere with its "dream", and also to increase radiuses of excesses, we descend behind beer, the benefit came it is time "to smoke" and take breath after a stress from removal of a cover. It not a joke! We are interested in beer in a PET-large bottle with a capacity not less than two liters. And it is useful to us not only its contents, but also a bottle, more precisely, a fragment of its case. We take scissors with a sharp nose and we puncture a bottle (look do not miss and do not wound a hand!) in that place where its cylindrical part comes to an end, and we cut out on a circle. A neck you can at desire use in life as a funnel, here it is not useful to us. Then we make the same, having cut off the bottom, in it subsequently it is convenient to put coins. The bottom too is not useful to us. We need the remained cylinder, and it should be cut at first lengthways, the wide strip is formed. Having measured width of a loop and having added 1-2 mm to the received value, we cut out a strip from the strip received from a bottle (we cut on the long party that the tape turned out as it is possible more long!). Further we will jam this tape between an arm of the carriage and the first point of fastening to a bed.
So, we defined presumable location of the first point of fastening, we mark this place with a pencil or a marker, also we apply a tag with a marker or an insulating tape and on a loop. Having recorded a loop and touching fingers, we double-check correctness of finding of our point. If everything is good, we take the level made earlier, having established it on the found place, we have so that the loop lay as it is possible closer to a carriage axis. We note where there has to be an opening in a bed. We clean both a level, and a loop and we drill an opening so that the self-tapping screw came densely. That shaving did not fly to the printer, we drill on small turns, and under a bed, in a crack, we spread a standard sheet. After a leaf it is accurately taken, and the shaving which is from above is sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. But it not the most responsible at this stage – the main thing not to drill the printer! Do not press too, do not do too big turns. As you noticed, the drill was put to use!
Similarly we drill also the second fastening of a bed in the beginning. The fastening point can already be chosen there randomly but that the loop on a bed lay rectilinearly.
Primatyvayem an insulating tape our bottle tape to a fastening place in a carriage arm.
Установка СНПЧ
I hope, you did not forget to make a tag a loop, differently all previous settings of length of a loop will come to nothing. The second end of a tape primatyvay, by analogy, to a loop in the first point of its fastening to a bed. In intervals between these points to fix a loop to a tape it is inadmissible! Still pay attention that the loop, on a carriage beam, has to lie over a tape.
So, a tape of a primotan, we fix the corresponding ends now. At first to the carriage (we remember that for cartridge SNPCh not thoroughly), and then we fix a level in the first point of fastening, having established a loop on a tag. And in end, having pulled a loop (without excessive efforts so that it did not stretch), we fix also the second level. After we check static character of a loop – it should not move, but to too time, tubes of a loop should not be pressed or even if too to contract too. For this purpose in places of levels I applied slips from the tape remains, having imposed slices of the suitable size from above and from below a loop. Here with it and everything, the loop is fixed is a basis of all installation. We double-check correctness of fastening, pogonyav the carriage, and it is passed to fastening of a loop in a printer subsoil. I strengthened textolite levels on sealant. You can, having dreamed up, to choose the fastening. Here the main thing not to overwind and not to break a loop, not to clamp it too.
We make out release of a loop from the printer accurater propil of a groove and on the basis case, and on a cover.
Установка СНПЧ
By the way, this action you will also deprive of a guarantee. Therefore there is no reason for experiences concerning the broken cover latch. But you receive a cultural conclusion of a loop from below of the printer and possibility of a free sjem of a cover as though there is no SNPCh at you.
That's all, it is possible to fill! But do not hurry. We did not install chips yet. To be more exact, if SNPCh at you cartridge, it is already really possible to fill, chips are mounted directly on cartridges there. And here in capsular SNPCh they are located separately on a level. If you bought a ready set, it was only necessary to mount them according to the instruction. And at me were available only nano - chips from the previous cartridge SNPCh, I also decided to put them, previously having dismantled them from cartridges. But a special level for fastening in the carriage they, naturally, had no, and Kulibina was necessary to speak well and to continue his hard business.

We finish chips

Initially we have this:
Установка СНПЧ
But it happens that it looks differently:
Установка СНПЧ
Here we arm with the tsianakrillatny glue having in life the name superglue. At first we paste them a plastic frame to a payment of chips. If not to make it, the payment departs from a frame and contact is lost.
Further on carriage width, in a tightness, we make a level. I made it of a steklotekstolit 2 mm thick. I will remind just in case, superglue glues only at very small gaps. Also we prepare a level from above with a cut for an obnulitel of chips.
Установка СНПЧ
It can and be not done at all, but it protects contacts from pollution, and in the printer it is enough of them, generally ink an aerosol. I took the thin steklotekstolit and cut out by the necessary sizes and a form.
Further the most interesting and responsible – installation of chips. Cunning is that contact platforms of payments of chips have to get precisely on contacts of the carriage, differently the printer "does not recognize" and will not begin to print them. There are directing grooves, track that levels of chips rose on them exactly. Then press the made level. If you made it in a tightness as I advised you, it will keep without your help and the help of glue. Everything, it is possible to turn on the printer! Yes, and not only it is possible, but also it is necessary for check. Check, whether there is nothing superfluous in the printer, whether the loop is reliably strengthened. At once I will tell that you can execute all these manipulations and before installation of a loop when you just uncovered. And so even it will be more convenient to you, but with a loop you will check how the carriage with the established loop moves.
So, we include, we see that ink is not present.
Установка СНПЧ
You, of course, connected not only a cord of food, but also the interface cable (USB cable), differently you will not see this window, and will be able to be guided only by the bulb on the printer announcing need of change of a cartridge. But, anyway, ink is not present. Though they actually are not present, but we now will try to get them after all. We start procedure of zeroing of chips. If it did not help and the printer cannot still find chips, we start adjustment of situation and pressing of a level of chips. However, if you pasted payments to a frame exactly …
    Here I will give good advice though probably you know it. After a prikleyka of a payment of chips to a frame, wait at least hour - two that glue evaporated, it is very aggressive. And when will paste a level, leave the carriage in the open air, do not cover it with anything.
And so, if you pasted exactly and established without distortions, most likely, you will see 100% levels of ink from the first. Of course, you should not try to print as you understand, it is only virtual ink is also the printer is ready for printing. If everything turned out, we take our self-made level and we paste it on superglue (it is necessary to work quickly!). We wait for a glue otverzhdeniye, pressing a level. We repeat procedure of check right after a level insert. In case of failure, glue did not get stronger yet and the level can be pulled out without special consequences. If everything is good, we paste our protective level from above if you were solved on its production, of course. For greater effect I still missed the mark cracks with sealant and double-checked.
Now it is possible to fill. How to fill system with cartridges it is perfectly described in the instruction and to copy it the sense is not present. I will add only that filling with donors, fill in more ink, than it is required, almost up to a throat (normal volume about 80% from jar capacity), the part will leave on gas station of a loop and cartridges, and then and on pumpings/clearings.
Six syringes on 20 ml (by amount of colors in your printer therefore maybe it is less, and maybe it is more) will be necessary for you for gas station. From syringes it will be required to take pistons (needles will not be necessary, unlike pistons at all). We will use cylinders of syringes as black for gas station of donors. Further already collected syringes will be necessary for us. If you did not wash out them, do not mix adjacent colors (cyanogen - lightly cyanogen).
During filling donors air openings are closed, and filling open. It is necessary in order that air compartments were not filled with ink. After gas station at first we close filling traffic jams and then only we open traffic jams of air compartments. And so you should do at each refueling of donors. Further a syringe with the piston accurately, but densely we establish in a cuff of a cartridge and we start pulling the piston – ink will be tightened in system from donors. If it is cartridges, we fill them having turned them cuffs, however, as well as capsules up.
Установка СНПЧ
Cartridges it is filled until ink a stream without bubbles does not start coming to a syringe. Capsules refuel to a half of their volume (it is possible slightly more). Do not hurry strongly, the more slowly you fill, the less ink mixes up with air and then at you the system faster will come to readiness. Cartridges have the valve and if it is tight before a cuff that not always so, ink does not flow back in donors and does not follow through cuffs. And here in capsules there is no valve, and ink will flow in donors, and at revolution of a capsule into position and to follow from them. Therefore fill a little more than a half of volume, percent 60-70. At extraction of a syringe quickly clamp an opening a finger, turn a capsule and bring it to the necessary union in the carriage (the syringe can be put, it is not necessary any more). Release a finger, and quickly, but accurately dress a capsule on the union without distortions not to break this union. Repeat manipulations with other flowers. Do not fill a capsule completely at all! Fill and establish and it is consecutive, and it is more convenient to begin with extreme right (though it to whom as). To reduce outflow of ink in donors, after gas station it is possible to close traffic jams of air compartments of donors. Cartridges refuel everything, and then are established in the carriage.
With a high probability you should pump over cartridge SNPCh through openings from above of cartridges subsequently (if such are available on your SNPCh model).
Установка СНПЧ
When everything is established and checked, and also traffic jams of air compartments of donors are open, it is possible to try, but before the system needs to allow to be defended within 1-2 hours that ink left air. Whether then we turn on the printer and we check it "sees" our chips. If everything is normal, we start procedure of cleaning of the printing heads 2-3 times with breaks 5-10 minutes between each of clearings. Also we print out the test dyuz.
Установка СНПЧ
If we see such result, and these are admissions dyuz, we wait still for an hour and we do 1-2 more clearings. Again we print the test dyuz.
As a rule, at capsular SNPCh after the first clearings everything normally and it is possible to start for printing. Whereas with cartridge system continuation of "banquet" can be demanded. It is necessary to pump over as I spoke, through flowing openings of cartridges. It is for this purpose serially taken from them traffic jams and slowly a syringe without needle we create discharge until ink without air does not start coming to a syringe. Besides it is necessary to do it very slowly. It is possible and in a different way. To open a stopper and to lift donors, expecting emergence of ink in a stopper opening. As soon as they appear there – to close a stopper and to lower donors. Here danger is that the cap (a parking space of the carriage) can fill in. It is desirable to close traffic jams of air compartments on capacities with other flowers other than the pumped over. To repeat the chosen method with all flowers. Again to leave the printer alone for 30-60 minutes. Then to execute pumping and to repeat the test. If you did not hurry when pumping, at you everything will turn out and the test will become such:
Установка СНПЧ
Then we need to print and occasionally to look behind a condition of your SNPCh. And also to watch the level of ink in donors and capsules. Do not minimize level in donors, but also do not fill them up to a throat. Add ink so that levels were approximately equal in all flowers. If you have capsules, watch, especially at the beginning, behind the level of ink in them. If level changes, balancing is required.
If the level of ink decreases, especially after the thorough press – a pripodymayta donors and put them on a support of suitable height, perhaps it is necessary to select several times.
Установка СНПЧ
If level increases, donors it is necessary to lower. Neutral position of donors is a situation when their lower part (the bottom of tanks) are flush with level dyuz (level of an arrangement of a sheet of paper at its exit in a reception tray). Do not give in to general delusion – actually table level where lower than a level dyuz and to put donors on a table is not the correct decision!
One more reception of balancing is after the long printing of facsimiles (better than the A4 format) at once, immediately to print the test dyuz. If you found admissions – means, there is no ink, donors it is necessary to raise. But, if at the press in the best quality you find blots, donors it is required to lower.
It, of course, very rough balancing, but for most of users it is the most acceptable option.
On it the stage of the SNPCh installation can be considered complete, and you can be congratulated on the beginning of the business lot press with lower prime cost.
Successful to you prints! And next time we will talk to you about pampers!
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