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Treatment of chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis represents a pancreas inflammation. Quite often the people having this disease go to the doctor at an aggravation. Thus the disease can already last some years. During this time patients quite often self-medicate that is very hazardous to health and fraught with sad consequences.


Most often chronic pancreatitis arises because the person abuses alcohol. Such pancreatitis meets at 25-60 percent of sick people. Thus bulk of patients are men. In addition, gallstones, various infections, high level of triglyceride in the patient's blood can be the reasons of this disease. Also the reason of emergence of an illness smoking of cigarettes, operation on an abdominal cavity becomes frequent. Diseases can cause even some medicines. The estrogen and corticosteroids is among such preparations. The pancreas cancer also belongs to the reasons of emergence of this disease.

The disease can be betrayed by inheritance that is caused by the genetic reasons. High level of calcium in blood, injuries of an abdominal cavity, complication after a mukovistsidoz can become the reason of this disease. The disease can be connected with pathologies of the general bilious channel and channel of a pancreas.


The most frequent symptoms are pains in the top part of a stomach. Pain can amplify at meal. Most often pain is provoked at reception of a fat, fried, smoked and spicy food. Pain can be also provoked by the aerated and alcoholic beverages. Thus pain is shown not at once, but only in 6-12 hours after meal. Pain can be short-term or long. They can sometimes last till 3-4 o'clock. Because the pancreas ceases to function normally, pain can pass in a stomach. Though it is a sign not of improvement, and deterioration of an illness. Though pains actually are absent somewhere at 15-16 percent of patients.

Besides, nausea, vomiting can also disturb the patient, at him appetite can be reduced, there can be an eructation, and in rare instances - to arise heartburn. At an aggravation the liquid chair is observed.

Violation of work of a pancreas can bring in result to that the person will have a loss of weight, even at normal food. It is connected with that the pancreas stops making amount of enzymes, necessary for splitting of food.

Thus part of nutrients will not be digested that in turn will lead to that a chair will be considerable more odorous and fat. It is connected with that the organism will allocate sugar, fats and proteins.

It should be noted that chronic pancreatitis can cause even diabetes. It is connected with that, at pancreatitis cells of a pancreas which make necessary insulin are damaged.


Diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis requires comprehensive inspection. For this purpose Mirsovetov will call some methods of diagnostics. First of all the palpation which allows to check a stomach for morbidity is, as a rule, carried out. Thus it is also necessary to check for existence of hypostases and the increased temperature. After that the doctor usually appoints special analyses, and in particular, blood test by means of which it is possible to reveal digestive enzymes and amount of sugar in blood is appointed. In blood test it is also important to define amount of fats and lipids. Except blood test the doctor can appoint carrying out the analysis of a chair for determination of level of fats. Carrying out the biochemical analysis is carried out to estimate work of a pancreas, work of a liver. Also he allows to estimate a pigmentary and fatty exchange. Immunological blood tests it is carried out if there is a suspicion on malignant tumors of a pancreas.

Except these methods of diagnostics also other methods of diagnostics of an abdominal cavity, and in particular, a X-ray, the computer tomography (CT) and ultrasonic research (ultrasonography) are quite often appointed. The computer tomography allows to estimate a pancreas, zabryushinny space and a liver. At ultrasonic research the pancreas, a liver, a gall bladder and bilious channels looks. In addition the magnetic and resonant tomography and a pankreatokholangiografiya can be carried out.

To estimate ability of digestion of a digestive tract, the koprogramma is carried out. The same method of research allows to reveal insufficient number of digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The analysis a calla is carried out to define existence of protozoa. Besides, quite often at suspicion on pancreatitis bacteriological research a calla is conducted. In particular, crops on dysbacteriosis which represents violation of normal intestinal microflora which quite often develops against diseases of the digestive system are carried out.


Treatment of chronic pancreatitis can be carried out by both a therapeutic method, and surgical. At treatment of chronic pancreatitis, first of all, it is necessary to observe a certain diet. In particular, the diet of the patient has to be with the lowered content of fats. Besides, treatment includes reception of the anesthetizing preparations. At the raised sugar in blood insulin is appointed. In addition, carrying out replacement therapy by means of pancreas preparations is appointed. At treatment it is necessary to exclude alcohol and medicines which can do much harm to a pancreas from a diet. It is also necessary to treat in due time diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways and other pathologies which can lead to development of a chronic form of pancreatitis.

At treatment of pancreatitis spazmolitik, antibacterial preparations, immunomodulators, anti-fermental preparations, motility regulators, enzymes and vitamins are appointed. Application of these or those preparations and in general treatment, in many respects depends on a phase of a disease, a state motor and the gastrointestinal tract sekretorny functions. If at diagnostics in intestines of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways parasites were found, antiparasitic preparations are appointed.


Food at this disease, first of all, has to be sparing. For this purpose it is necessary to exclude products which can stimulate pancreatic and gastric secretion from a diet. Directly fried dishes, and also products which contain a lot of cholesterol, mustard, seasonings, sharp snack and a horse-radish belong to such products. Physicians recommend to steam food. It is considered that such food does the smallest harm to an organism and thus keeps all necessary substances. It is recommended to eat food in the small portions of 5-6 times a day. It is desirable to eat food in a warm look. Besides, it is recommended to use food in wiped or in a semi-fluid look. In such look it is much better and quicker acquired. If it is used buckwheat, semolina, grits and rice, is recommended to boil them and to fray.

In general all food at chronic pancreatitis has to be obligatory balanced. Thus at food surely there has to be the necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore has to be in a diet, both vegetable, and animal protein.

Some dairy products belong to the resolved products during a dietotherapy of chronic pancreatitis. In particular, it is possible to add kefir, curdled milk, not strong cheese and not sour cottage cheese to the menu. From meat it is possible beef, meat of chicken, a turkey and meat of a calf. From fish it is possible practically all grades of low-fat grades of fish. Vegetables in the boiled or wiped look are allowed for the use. As for drinks, it is possible rather weak tea, broth from wheat bran and dogrose broth.

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