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We choose a skateboard

Skateboard choice – business absolutely not difficult, but it is necessary to approach it seriously, depends on it, your board, and, perhaps, and your health how many will hold on. Now in shops such variety a board equipment is presented that eyes run up. Each skateboarder chooses for himself certain firms.
Recently in increasing frequency it is possible to see groups of young people with boards on four wheels near any monument. A skateboarding – very spectacular and roughly developing type of extreme sport winning more and more admirers. But more than is sure that very few people know, from where there was a skateboard …

Skateboard history

Как выбрать скейтборд, выбираем скейт And it was created as it is strange, the Californian surfers in 1958. It was the simple surfboard with the wheels fastened to it. It was almost impossible to turn on it and rode them simply from hills. Therefore such board quickly bothered surfers. But in 1971 Richard Stephenson from Los Angeles improved a board. The board received absolutely new form – the bent tail and slightly curved edges. A board it became possible to operate, turn.
The most important event in a skateboarding took place in 1975: passed the first competitions in a board of such scale in Del-Mar (about 400 people gathered). But only two persons revived a skateboarding: Ollie Dzhelfand who learned to do the trick of "Ollie" known to all skateboarders which is a basis of all tricks, and Rodney Mullen who thought up a set of various tricks which now are considered as the basic on the Ollie base. Everywhere there were skateboarders, started building skateparks.
In the 80th years for various reasons in California and some other states started closing skateparks. It led to that skateboarders took to the streets, thereby inviting more and more not riding people. The set of the firms and brands which are engaged in sale a board stock started appearing. Began to open many board shops, offering all variety a board goods.
In Russia, at present, many young people ride a skateboard.

We choose a skateboard

Весь скейтборд в сборе называется комплитом (complete) Skateboard choice – business absolutely simple, but it is necessary to approach it seriously, depends on it, your board, and, perhaps, and your health how many will hold on. Now in shops such variety a board equipment is presented that eyes run up. Each skateboarder chooses for himself the certain firms making boards and other parts of a skateboard to which he trusts or which simply are pleasant to it.
I will begin with that all skateboard assembled is called komplity (complete).

Sound board

Доска скейтборда The board of a skateboard is called as a sound board. Its bent ends are called nouz (nose) and teyl (tail) – before and the back respectively. The sound board is made of a certain quantity of layers of a maple (the most frequent – 7, are less often widespread 9-layer, is even more rare – 6-layer) strongly pressed and stuck together the friend between the friend. Some sound boards from below have also one more additional a plastic layer (slik), necessary for sliding on a handrail. But recommends to consider that, choosing such sound board, you receive heavier skateboard. And whether you if you only begin need it or do not plan to be engaged in an extreme driving soon? Perhaps, no.
That depends on quality of glue, how fast the sound board will start being stratified. Sound board length on average - 80 centimeters. Its width happens different – from 19 to 21. On narrow boards tricks (flips) twist easier. On wide sound boards it is more convenient to land after successfully executed trick. Also at sound boards is available so-called konkeyv (concave) are the lateral bends facilitating performance is higher than the mentioned flips. Depth of these bends also differs from a board to a board.
Each board has different elasticity that influences jump height on it (when performing any trick so-called "click" by the region of a board about the earth owing to what the board as if springs from the earth becomes). The most popular and reliable firms: Zero, Toy Machine, Zoo York, Santa Cruz, World Industries and many others.
Upon purchase of a sound board of recommends to look attentively, whether it is stratified somewhere. It is also important not to buy a "dry" sound board which is very long lay in a warehouse / in shop. Such boards very quickly break. And still – than the sound board weighs less, it is besides easier for that to do tricks on a skateboard.
On a sound board the skin – gripteyp is glued (griptape). It is the ordinary emery paper only more resistant to wear and on a self-adhesive basis. It is necessary that feet would not "walk" on a board.

Suspension brackets (tracks)

Подвески (траки) скейтборда Suspension brackets – tracks (trucks) from below are fastened to a sound board. Between a sound board and tracks the elastic bands protecting a sound board from loading usually lay down. Suspension brackets differ with the weight and durability. Naturally, the suspension bracket, the more strongly will be thicker, but also the weight of a skateboard will be more. advises to follow one simple rule when collecting the skateboard: it is important to select tracks so that wheels were completely under a board and would not stick out sideways.
The most widespread firms: Krux, Independent, Bullet.


На подвески скейтборда надеваются колеса Wheels are put on suspension brackets of a skateboard. Wheels differ on diameter and rigidity. In general diameter is not important, rigidity is more important. Soft wheels badly hold speed, but it is pleasant to go by them, they give less vibrations and easier to operate a board on such wheels. Though higher coefficient of coupling of soft wheels has also a reverse side – because of friction they wear out quicker and the gained speed quickly falls. Rigid – on the contrary, well hold speed, but to go by them not really pleasantly – the skateboard strongly vibrates.
Therefore it is better to take soft wheels for driving in a stage, and rigid – for driving on the street or in park.


Подшипники для скейтборда At putting on of wheels on suspension brackets bearings – on 2 are inside put in each wheel. In a skateboard, as well as in rollers, ABEC standard bearings are used. There are bearings of various speed. The most widespread – ABEC 3, ABEC 5 and ABEC 7. If it is good to look, ABEC 1 can find still and ABEC 9. Speed of bearings is proportional to figure in the name – the more than a figure, the more their speed.

Here it seems transferred all parts of a skateboard and gave by them the reference …
I will tell still that it is best of all for beginner to choose at first among ready skateboards (komplit). Simply because it is difficult to solve for himself first – that is necessary for you from a skateboard as you want to ride where and how many. You should not take the Chinese boards as it considerably will slow down your training in driving on a skateboard – they wider, they have less or there are no konkeyva in general, they have quite weak click, they are quickly stratified, etc.
Surely it is necessary to choose the first skateboard in specialized shop where the understanding selling assistant will explain everything to you and will show and will advise concrete products.
And as always does not recommend to save strongly as it will affect then product life term, in this case, of a skateboard.
Successful to you purchase and progress in driving!
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