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How to choose curtains

In arrangement of your house it is very important to pick up correctly curtains which not only will hide all shortcomings of finishing, but also literally will change your window and the apartment in general.
Как выбрать шторы, дизайн, выбор тканей, ламбрекены, карнизы In arrangement of your house it is very important to pick up correctly curtains which not only will hide all shortcomings of finishing, but also literally will change your window and the apartment in general. And here it is necessary to consider everything: ceiling height, sizes and arrangement of windows, and, of course, interior of rooms. And still you should be defined at once, what role will be played by curtains. After all need of protection against bright light and dust, and in the winter and from cold is indisputable, but sometimes for the sake of it it is necessary to endow design. reminds that it is also important to consider functionality of curtains, especially in window and doorways (for example, over the doors coming to a balcony).

Design of curtains

Widespread option of registration of curtains – a combination of two panels from different materials: freely hanging down curtain, thin and transparent which usually closes all window, and portieres from dense and heavy fabric frame and decorate a window on each side. Thus do not forget that fabrics with cross strips will be pertinent in the narrow room since visually "expand" it, and with vertical – will be suitable for rooms with low ceilings.
Красные шторы создают ощущение теплого очага That curtains did not merge with a room interior, it is recommended to choose them in lighter or dark shades, than walls. Yellow, red colors create feeling of the warm center, and blue and gray are among cold tones. The additional feeling of warmth is given by curtains from dense heavy fabrics.
Lambrequins (finishing in the form of a frill which settles down over a curtain) are addition to registration of a window and create some feeling of completeness. But with a small height of a ceiling it will be difficult to pick up suitable design. In that case not to experiment that the design did not turn out too bulky.

Choice of fabrics for curtains

Выбирайте ткани с учетом функциональности штор At a choice of fabrics for curtains you have to know accurately, what function they will carry out. In case they protect the apartment from a sunlight, it is recommended to use the fabric impregnated with special structure at the expense of what it burns out on the sun less. If curtains have to be erased often (i.e. on them the dust collector role falls), it is better to choose strong dense fabrics, and, it is desirable, unlined.
Choosing fabrics for curtains from the point of view of a practicality, polyester or its mix with cotton will be the best. Fabrics from this material can easily be washed in house conditions, but at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. With flax, cotton it is allowed to apply dry cleaning to a velvet, fabrics only. Fabrics from pure cotton are not suitable for rooms which the most part of day are lit with the sun because they very quickly burn out and lose the look beautiful first.
Today for production of curtains widely use silk. It very pleasant to the touch, but, unfortunately, for it additional protection since it is sensitive to sunshine is necessary and quickly burns out. For registration of offices most often choose the curtains sewed from a taffeta which, besides, that magnificently looks also well reflects light. And to everything this fabric it is easy to keep plus clean.
Viscose is considered the most practical among artificial materials – it is noninflammable and is well erased.
Flax – the most popular of natural fabrics, but is used not in pure form, and with various additives improving its properties. For example, to make linen fabric easier and shining add lavsan to it. Such curtains well look in kitchen.


Ламбрекены служат в качестве декорации верхней части окна Lambrequins are applied to scenery of the top part of a window, with their help eaves, part of curtains and the top pier are closed, at the expense of it proportions of a window opening visually change. Often for a lambrequin use the same fabric, as well as for a curtain, but you should not make it a rule it, you have the right to choose that will be pleasant more. Usually this part of scenery from bottom edge is sheathed a band, cords, brushes or other accessories at will are sewn.
Lambrequins can be sewed as straight lines, so to give them the unusual form. By the form and to a way of tailoring they can be divided into the following types. Lambrequins on a rigid basis ("gang") represents a strip of fabric and with direct or figured bottom edge. This look is suitable for offices and other rooms issued in strict style. The soft lambrequin ("svag") traditionally is used for registration of rooms in classical style, it looks as a set of semicircles with folds. Soft and rigid lambrequins can also be used in various combinations. Still there is such kind of lambrequins as perekida: fabric as if skillfully twists eaves and spontaneously hangs down.
Sometimes there is no need to hide beautiful decorative eaves, then it is better to choose an easy lambrequin which only slightly will cover it and even to some extent to emphasize.


Карниз должен не только выдержать шторы, но и сочетаться с их стилем The eaves choice too is important for registration of a window. It not only has to sustain curtains, but harmoniously be combined with their style, differently you will spoil an overall picture. Eaves from plastic will cave in under the weight of heavy curtains from dense fabrics. To hang up tulle, naturally, the double eaves and if you expect to add to registration and lambrequins are required, it is already simple not to do without threefold eaves.
That loops on curtains served to you long time, choose eaves with the hooks and clips which are easily sliding on them, differently they will not sustain constant derganiye. Of course, from this situation there is the exit - to get eaves with the sliding mechanism which perhaps even will be more convenient for you. One more option are rings – they easily slide. But to hang up on them curtains all the same it is necessary to resort to the help of hooks or clips.
Do not forget also that the curtains closing all wall visually expand a window opening, i.e. at a big window it will be reasonable to choose eaves equal on width. For curtains with a lambrequin eaves fix under the ceiling that, on the one hand, looks more esthetically, and with another – lambrequins not strongly hang over a window and do not stir it to normal work when opening or closing.
Wooden eaves belong to classics for a long time and are made of a pine, an oak, a nut, cherry and other breeds of a tree. In a form they happen flat or in the form of a round wooden pole to rings. These eaves can easily be chosen to match furniture or a parquet that will give to your interior even more harmony.
Aluminum eaves are most durable, and the main thing of the price of them low. If necessary such eaves are easily bent (for example, for an arch) that promotes their broad application.
To classical elegant portieres, without any doubt, shod eaves will approach. Often they are made with tips in the form of leaves or a spear, borrowed from the Middle Ages.
Metal eaves differ in durability and severity that perfectly is suitable for rooms with modern furniture. As tips for such eaves various geometrical figures usually serve, and curtains are hung up either on metal rings or on the wide loops sewed from the same fabric, as a curtain. These eaves most often recommend for kitchen, but consider that tulle is not combined with them.
Plastic eaves which variety allows to pick up not only color (even "under a tree"), but also any form will be the cheapest option. It is good option for a nursery where you will be able to embody any imaginations, but, I will repeat, to hang up heavy curtains on them it will not turn out.

But anyway, knowing that you want, will find for yourself the suitable solution!
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