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How to choose the vacuum cleaner

Need for qualitative household appliances is felt by each family. But not always simply to make a right choice. Often it occurs for two reasons: big variety of models and ignorance of requirements to this or that equipment. And the choice, would seem such outage of technology as the vacuum cleaner, not an exception.
Как выбрать пылесос Need for qualitative household appliances is felt by each family. But not always simply to make a right choice. Often it occurs for two reasons: big variety of models and ignorance of requirements to this or that equipment. And the choice, would seem such outage of technology as the vacuum cleaner, not an exception. You should not rely only on design or beautiful speeches of the seller which are sometimes ready on everything if only to implement plans for sale. It is better to lean on the advice of the friends and acquaintances who already faced a vacuum cleaner choice. They can recommend you concrete model, but some awareness in possible functional and technical equipment of the vacuum cleaner will hardly be superfluous.

Vacuum cleaner power

One of the main criteria which should be guided, choosing the vacuum cleaner – power. In technical characteristics the power of absorption and power consumption can be specified.
Power consumption is an energy consumption indicator, but not efficiency of cleaning in any way. Naturally, the more there will be a power consumption of the vacuum cleaner chosen by you, the it is more than opportunities. But thus, I use vacuum cleaners with identical electricity consumption, it is not always possible to receive equivalent result.
Quality of cleaning is influenced by an absorption power indicator which has to be defining before a final decision as what to choose the vacuum cleaner. Situations when the vacuum cleaner, consuming less electric power are frequent, has identical or even a bigger capacity of absorption in comparison with other models. Bright to that example of LG V-C4A52 HT (1500/400) and LG V-C4162 HEU (1600/370). Such circumstance should not surprise, the power of absorption is influenced by use of various technologies for collecting and cleaning of dust, additional filters. Anyway under other identical conditions it is better to choose the vacuum cleaner with a bigger power of absorption.
Efficiency of collecting dust and convenience of use of the vacuum cleaner in many respects is defined by the dust collector device. In it the most part of dust and dirt gathers, the rest settles on additional filters.

Vacuum cleaners with bags

Одного бумажного мешка в пылесосе хватает в среднем на месяц If to choose among vacuum cleaners with bags for collecting dust, it is necessary to remember the following features. In some models use, both disposable paper bags, and reusable fabric bags is allowed. Paper bags collect small particles of dust much more effectively, but in process of filling they should be thrown out (on average one bag of 3 liters lasts for a month of cleaning). Possibility of use of fabric bags usually becomes on that case when, disposable ended, and new did not manage to buy. Frequent application of fabric bags is not recommended as they are insufficient are effective. And it can become the reason of a fast contamination of additional filters.
The useful will know that when filling a bag absorption power gradually decreases.

Vacuum cleaners with a dust collector without bags

Пылесос с системой очистки циклон If you do not wish to spend additional resources for purchase of bags, it is better to choose the vacuum cleaner with a compartment for collecting dust. In such vacuum cleaners the cyclonic system of cleaning is realized. Air rotates round the filter on a spiral, thus large particles move along external radius, and small settle on the filter. Such system does not demand to clear every time the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. The main thing to choose the vacuum cleaner with way of cleaning, convenient for you, since in process of filling of a compartment the gathered garbage after all needs to be taken.
Essential shortcomings of cyclonic system is an impossibility to reduce the sizes of the device and deceleration of power of absorption. I.e. choosing for itself the vacuum cleaner with such system, you buy simple equipment in use, but lose in power a little.

Vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry (water)

Принцип работы пылесоса с аквафильтром The most effective in cleaning vacuum cleaners with the akvafiltry prove to be. But also they are much more expensive, it is obviously possible to choose the vacuum cleaner with the water filter in price category from 280 to 450 c.u. and more.
Among vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry it will hardly be possible to choose compact model. The principle of collecting dust in such devices is based on a transmission of the soaked-up air stream via the tank with water. Therefore, having chosen the vacuum cleaner with akvafiltry, you have to be ready to a number of burdensome actions. The most unpleasant moment: after everyone even small cleaning it is necessary to pour out not simply dirty water, and to wash out all compartment.
Important advantage because of which choose vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry, support of constant power of absorption is.

Vacuum cleaner filters

Фильтры пылесоса необходимо периодически промывать After passing of the main tank for collecting dust the air stream goes through system of additional filters of thin cleaning and leaves the vacuum cleaner case. It is desirable to check quantity and quality of these filters before choosing the vacuum cleaner.
The filter of a motor compartment is one of the most necessary in the vacuum cleaner. It is the second step in the course of collecting dust, can be both replaceable, and to constants. Not always the vacuum cleaner choice with the constant filter demanding only periodic washing appears cheaper option. Level of protection of the motor against dust will affect service life therefore the filter has to have rather small time. But nevertheless, microparticles pass through this filter therefore it is necessary to choose the vacuum cleaner and on system of additional cleaning.
For purification of air in vacuum cleaners the S-class filters providing a filtration of small particles from 1 micron in size for 99% are used. The HEPA filter which came to household appliances from public health area also concerns to them. They are made of special material on the basis of fiber glass that allows to detain small particles from 0,3 microns in size. Existence of such filters in the vacuum cleaner chosen by you if protection against various allergens, for example, of pollen is necessary is especially important.
Also, if you are not complicated in means, it is possible to choose the vacuum cleaner with additional bactericidal filters. For elimination of smells coal filters will be very effective.
Generally, replaceable filters are good that the power of absorption mo to a measure of how dust is hammered inside is not lost. On constant filters dust cannot be washed up up to the end. Therefore, choosing the vacuum cleaner, you should not save on such trifle.

Dry cleaning

The majority of vacuum cleaners is intended for dry cleaning. For these purposes it is possible to choose as the vacuum cleaner with a bag for collecting dust, and with the akvafiltry. The main criterion at a choice is a power of absorption. In usual conditions for the low-polluted room it is quite enough to buy the vacuum cleaner with a power of absorption of 300-350 W. For cleaning of carpets with long pile or in other hard-to-reach spots it is desirable to choose the vacuum cleaner with an absorption power around 400 W.

Damp cleaning (the washing vacuum cleaners)

Thomas Twin TT aquafilter - один из лучших моющих пылесосов For damp cleaning of the room, undoubtedly, it is worth choosing among the washing vacuum cleaners. They give the chance not only to wash the floors, but also damp cleaning of carpets, a sink of windows, cleaning of upholstered furniture. Besides, the vacuum cleaner in case of casual pro-lithium of liquid is very useful. One of the best washing Thomas Twin TT aquafilter vacuum cleaners, many choose it.
The vacuum cleaner sizes for damp cleaning in many respects depend on volumes of tanks for the washing liquid (3-5 l) and capacities for the used water (5-15 l). Each producer recommends use of firm detergents.
By means of the washing vacuum cleaners also dry cleaning is not excluded. Though the impressive sizes and weight are not suitable for their frequent use.

Vacuum cleaner nozzles

Насадки пылесоса In a complete set of each vacuum cleaner there is a standard set of nozzles. In most cases it is nozzles for smooth surfaces, carpets and slot-hole nozzles. The main thing to choose the vacuum cleaner with all nozzles which can be useful first of all. The others can be bought separately in case of need.
The special attention is deserved by a turboshchetka. It represents a nozzle with the built-in roller which rotates under the influence of an air stream. It is better to choose the vacuum cleaner with a turboshchetka as such nozzle well collects pile and wool from various surfaces.
The electrobrush is more effective in work, its rotation happens under the influence of the electric motor. Therefore the speed of rotation of an electrobrush does not depend on the speed of the entering vokhdushny stream. The only subtlety to which it is worth paying attention, choosing the vacuum cleaner, it wires are how accurately brought.

Among other things, it is necessary to choose the vacuum cleaner, paying attention to such details as the noise level, length of a pipe, a hose and cord. All this can spoil impression of the chosen vacuum cleaner, having given a lot of inconvenience when using. Such functions as automatic shutdown at an overheat, indication of filling of a dust collector, automatic reeling of a cord will be pleasant and useful addition. In elite models it is possible to meet a rubber bumper for protection of your furniture against blows.
Information on all useful functions and opportunities will help you to choose the vacuum cleaner correctly. Choose the vacuum cleaner from firm which quality is checked by time, but not according to advertizing slogans. If really standing vacuum cleaner is necessary, choose among models of the German firms Bosch, Karcher, Thomas, Miele. It is better to choose vacuum cleaners from Philips or Electrolux from cheaper category.

Popular models of vacuum cleaners

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