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We choose an umbrella

It is quite topical issue, agree. The fall approaches, and we want to be protected from weather disorders reliably. One of the most necessary subjects during autumn bad weather for us is an umbrella. What it has to be? Color matters, but let's pay slightly more attention to other characteristics of an umbrella.
It is quite topical issue, agree. The fall approaches, and we want to be protected from weather disorders reliably. One of the most necessary subjects during autumn bad weather for us is an umbrella.
What it has to be? Color, undoubtedly matters, but nevertheless let's pay slightly more attention to other characteristics of an umbrella.


You saw an umbrella on a show-window, it was pleasant to you. But here you take an umbrella in a hand and feel that your hand appeared as though not on the place. As try, it is not possible to attach it more conveniently. You should not buy an umbrella if the handle does not suit you anatomic. Despite all the advantages, an umbrella with the inconvenient handle will constantly cause you inconveniences, up to hand joint pain.
Material of which the umbrella handle is made, too matters. Now it is possible to meet umbrellas with the plastic, wooden and rubberized handles.
The plastic handle has some shortcomings: at cheap umbrellas of plasticity in case of unsuccessful falling of an umbrella it is easily chopped off. Besides, the handle details shining gilding quickly leave gloss, remaining on your hands.
The wooden handle is in this regard much stronger. But nevertheless advises upon purchase at once to be convinced that on the wooden handle there are no damages to a type of cracks or dents is will relieve you from small, but nevertheless disappointments in the future. Also try to buy an umbrella which handle has no too bright coloring. Often not the qualitative covering which, becoming wet meets, makes up hands. In an ideal the wooden part has a varnish covering.
The rubberized handle is most reliable and practical: the hand will not slide off it even at the strongest wind, and even if you drop it, falling traces on such handles does not remain.

Core and spokes

Material of which are made a core and spokes of an umbrella – the first, on what it is worth paying attention.
If an umbrella rather heavy, and spokes and a core shine – most likely, they steel. Steel, of course, is not so flexible as aluminum, but it is reliable, it is possible to be sure that the umbrella will not turn out at flaws.
On modern umbrellas often establish spokes from elastic fiber glass. Fiber glass perfectly bends, the umbrella turns out elastic and strong. Such spokes use in umbrella canes, and for folding umbrellas put the combined spokes from steel and plastic more often.
The quantity of spokes can be a miscellaneous – from 8 to 16 – their number not so influences umbrella durability, as its appearance. Than more than spokes, especially and beautiful the dome form will be roundish. Important detail: on a good umbrella of a spoke have to be fixed by the concave party up. If the fillet of spokes is turned down, the umbrella will not sustain even a weak flaw. At good umbrellas of a spoke are attached to a dome in several places. It does an umbrella to more reliable and does not allow the become wet fabric to sag.
You can hear from the seller that the dome of an umbrella is equipped with special springs which do not allow an umbrella to be turned out at a strong wind. Actually such springs are present at umbrellas in order that process of opening closing happened to smaller efforts of you. And umbrella spokes nevertheless are responsible for reliability at a strong wind mostly.
At a choice of an umbrella of recommends to pay attention and to an umbrella core. In an umbrella cane to worry there is nothing – here it integral, will never break. In folding umbrellas the midstream has to be many-sided, and the more these sides, the better. For check it is worth trying to poshatat a little an umbrella here and there in the opened state: if junctions of a core are not stirred up including in a junction with the handle, you hold a product of high quality in hand.


Ask the seller, the umbrella dome is made of what material. If the umbrella cheap, most likely a dome is sewed from nylon. This fabric has one vile property: fabric sits down after a namokaniye. Besides, the cheap umbrella can fade and spoil to you clothes iridescent poteka.
More expensive umbrellas often have a dome from polyester. This material is stronger and durable. Polyester is impregnated with special structure which pushes away water. Badly only that over time impregnation is washed away, and the umbrella gradually loses the water-repellent properties.
If the dome of an umbrella is made of the dense fabric similar to raincoat fabric, it eponzh (polyester with some content of cotton). Eponzh well pushes away water and possesses high wear resistance. Similar properties also the rubberized sateen possesses.
The last word in fashion – umbrellas from polyester with teflon impregnation. "Counter" of such umbrella that at lighting change an umbrella changes a shade of color.
About material of which the dome is made, you can learn from the sewed label on an umbrella which already in itself is one of signs of qualitative production.
Upon purchase of an umbrella carefully examine seams: the seam has to be accurate, without gaps, threads are fixed and do not hang.

Cane or folding?

Everyone solves itself. It is necessary to consider only as you are going to carry an umbrella. The umbrella cane quite big and with it will be inconvenient in a crowd of public transport and it is easy to forget it, having set aside aside somewhere in establishment. However "cane" has also advantages: such umbrellas break less often as they have no joints on spokes and a core. It is necessary to add to pluses of an umbrella cane also the form a dome reminding on a mushroom cap: at the expense of such form water rolls down from it better and the umbrella dries quicker.
Folding umbrellas are compact, they easily find room in ladies' handbags. But the more addition places, the breakage is more probable. However, the folding umbrella from qualitative materials will serve you faithfully, as well as any umbrella cane.
All umbrellas share on mechanical, semiautomatic devices and machine guns. The mechanical umbrella develops and opens manually, the semiautomatic device reveals pressing of the button, and it is necessary to put it manually. The machine gun is most convenient: it develops and reveals pressing of the button. But there is a simple regularity: the umbrella design is more difficult, the it is more at it than "joints" the it is easier to break it.

Before paying money for an umbrella...

Properly "turn" an umbrella in hands. Open and close it several times, so much, how many will consider the necessary. You have to be convinced that the mechanism has to work smoothly and without delays. Be convinced that the button which opens an umbrella, is convenient and is easily pressed. Open an umbrella and examine a dome. Fabric of a dome has to be evenly tense, and without the damages seen, at least, approximately. If fabric sags – an umbrella low-quality and over time fabric will sag even more. The dome has to be the correct form, all spokes of identical length, equal, not bent. Fabric has to be reliably fixed on tips of spokes, and at children's umbrellas tips have to be hidden under plastic caps (it is made of safety reasons). Examine the handle, be convinced that it is reliably fixed.
Look at a cap on a dome: it has to be reliably attached and fabric should not look out from under it. Better if this cap will be metal – it will serve long and will not break from casual blow about the sidewalk (for an umbrella cane). The cap has to be removable, but not fixed on a core once and for all.
Color of an umbrella too matters. Under a green umbrella the person will seem sick and ugly. The red umbrella refreshes complexion, but imperceptibly irritates nerves – you can unexpectedly start being angry, prokhodiv day under a red umbrella. Yellow, white, pink color is attractive, but is very impractical, the umbrella will quickly become soiled. The black umbrella is universal, it approaches both to men, and women.

And finally, will leave some recommendations about care of an umbrella that it served you most long. After all, as well as any other thing, it demands the correct leaving.
    Council from The umbrella will always look new if you dry it in the opened look after each use even if the rain was absolutely weak and the umbrella almost did not become wet. If to put slightly damp umbrella, it can even grow mouldy, without speaking about loss of water-repellent properties and colors.
    Council from That spokes were not bent, try not to put an umbrella under heavy things in a bag. If the umbrella became soiled, open it, soap soap, slightly rub a soft porolonovy bast and wash away a shower soapsuds. After that carefully dry an umbrella.
Such simple care is capable to prolong life to your umbrella and to provide you good mood even in the most rainy day.
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