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How to choose a sleeping bag

Fans of travel, gathering in a campaign, start doubting: "What things with itself to take that weight and a backpack was minimum, and not to freeze at night?". For a night outdoor recreation there are special sleeping bags.

The sleeping bag is necessary for rest and a dream in the fresh air. Let's understand for what it is necessary for you? If you gather for rest cold time, planned a difficult route, this one business. If you decided to go to travel by car, the bicycle or on foot in a warm season and plan to spend the night in the wood – absolutely another. The choice of a sleeping bag will also depend on these factors.

Temperature indicators

Sleeping bags choose considering a season:

  • the summer – for rest at night in summertime;
  • the interseasonal – when stem of thermometer decreases to a zero mark;
  • the winter – provide a comfortable dream even at a low temperature. Such sleeping bags are calculated on minus of 60 degrees, in them will be comfortable;
  • on a label of a sleeping bag temperature indicators are specified: "maximum", "comfort" and "extreme". The maximum indicator means that in a cocoon it is possible to sleep comfortably, even when it is a little opened. The comfort speaks for itself – at the minimum air temperature of people will not freeze. The temperature indicator "extreme" specifies what even when the design is clasped completely, and air temperature is minimum, the person will not overcool.

Except temperature indicators, it must be kept in mind that besides a bag it is necessary to use in addition special clothes, a rug and an insert.

The figures specified opposite to each temperature condition speak about the following:

  • the top figure (for example, plus 15 degrees) means that the person can open a hood and slightly open a lightning a little. It will not overheat;
  • the smaller indicator speaks about a temperature limit when on the street a frost, being in a bag, the person will not freeze.
  • recommends strongly not to be too long in a sleeping bag in a hard frost when stem of thermometer shows minus twenty degrees and below.

At a choice of a sleeping bag it is necessary to know that the man and the woman allocate different amount of heat. So, the man allocates more, than the woman. Therefore women need to get a warm bag at which temperature condition will be five degrees higher, than at the man.

Besides each person has the concept of temperature of comfort which can depend on a wind, humidity of air and specific features.


Sleeping bags have such form:

  1. Bag blanket. This ordinary blanket on which edge the demountable lightning is sewed. It can also connect two sleeping bags together.
  2. Cocoon. The model is made narrower below and expanded from above, has a hood. Very comfortable form of a sleeping bag allowing to keep as much as possible heat.
  3. Bag in the form of overalls with offices for hands and feet. In such sleeping bag it will be convenient to go outside from tent, without removing it. Upon purchase pay attention to the size and temperature characteristics.



The major criterion at a choice of a sleeping bag is the filler. First of all it has to be qualitative.

The filler happens such types:

  • synthetic fiber;
  • cotton;
  • silicone fiber;
  • down.

Synthetic fiber. Sleeping bags from synthetic fiber easier are also protected from blotting. Now tourist blankets on a synthetic winterizer are considered widespread and inexpensive.

Maximum temperature of use of a sleeping bag of -10 °C. Its weight fluctuates ranging from one to two and a half kilograms. It is convenient to take with itself in warm time for rest to sleep in tent.

Sleeping bags from synthetics can have two, three and four layers. Two-layer are calculated on temperature not lower than five degrees, three-layer – to minus of ten, and four-layer – to minus twenty degrees.

At long operation synthetic sleeping bags get off and become a little thinner, respectively, and more cold.

Cotton. Though it is considered natural fiber, but will be suitable for short campaigns more. From shortcomings of sleeping bags with a cotton filler the big weight and the high absorbing ability is noted.

Silicone filler. Consists of the silicone fibers filled with air. At the expense of it the sleeping bag has good thermoinsulating indicators.

Thanks to fiber the sleeping bag remains elastic and does not lose the properties even after five years of operation. It weighs only one kilogram. It is easy to erase it, quickly enough dries. It is water-proof, keeps heat more long.

Down. It is considered the best heater. It perfectly holds heat, perfectly absorbs moisture, does not get off, but thus very long dries.

Sleeping bags fill with eider down, it has very high cost, but it is considered an ideal heater.

Popular type of down for filling of tourist bags – goose. It is available at the price and also well holds heat. At a choice of such sleeping bag pay attention to a ratio of down and a feather, to compression force (in an ideal of 800 units) and existence of a waterproof covering.

Person and wrong side.

The nylon sewn outside of a sleeping bag meets more often (an exception – down bags). Thanks to polyurethane impregnation fabric does not pass moisture inside, but evaporates it outside. The same principle of work and at thermolinen. Besides fabric well protects from bad weather and strong winds. But most of buyers ignore such models. The reason impregnation, is as follows: in some years, disappears, and the down starts being beaten out outside. On a frost nylon becomes "wooden" and when on the street high humidity – on its surface is formed condensate.

The seamy side of a sleeping bag can be from synthetic fabric, flax or cotton. If you sleep at above-zero temperature, then you will suit cotton or flax. Plan to have a rest in clothes? Then buy a sleeping bag with synthetic fabric inside.

Convenient elements

For a comfortable dream choose sleeping bags with such elements:

  • hood, collar and coupler. They will reliably protect the head and will not allow air to get inside;
  • snake. If it is equipped with the internal valve (flypaper), it will allow to prevent hit of cold air. Besides it is convenient to open and close a lightning in the dark if "doggie" shines;
  • heater for feet. Strengthening of a filler in the lower part of a bag will allow feet not to freeze.

Sleeping bag size

Before purchase of a sleeping bag decide on the size.

On sale such sizes of sleeping bags are presented:

  1. The children's – the size is 75х145 centimeters. Nebolshaya Square of a bag will not allow the child to freeze.
  2. The teenage – the size is 73х167 centimeters. Are suitable for teenagers or low people.
  3. Standard bags – the size are 84х190 centimeters. A standard sleeping bag for the person of average height.
  4. Non-standard sleeping bags – for stout or tall persons. Length is up to 205 centimeters, width is from 84 to 96 centimeters.

Usually length of a sleeping bag together with a hood makes 235 centimeters. If your height more than 185 centimeters, then you need to choose a sleeping bag of the bigger size.

At a choice of a tourist sleeping bag it is also necessary to consider width of shoulders. If the man full or sports, it is desirable for him directly in primerit shop a bag.

If you have an opportunity to test a bag, do it correctly:

  1. Get into it completely.
  2. Close a lightning. Check, whether reliably it is closed.
  3. Tighten hardly a hood.

Now you have an opportunity to understand, whether the sleeping bag on growth and width suited you. Fabric should not stretch. Bend feet if the bag stretches, you need the bigger size.

Also at a choice of a sleeping bag important, in what clothes you will sleep: dressed or in linen. The bag has to be rather spacious that in it it was possible to turn over.

If you want to sleep together, there are special double bags of "sparka". They unite among themselves lightnings. In sparka it is very convenient to married couple to have a rest, it is possible to sleep and three together with the child. Will be so much warmer.

You should not listen to councils of people around, it is better to pick up a sleeping bag individually, and then the comfortable dream outdoors is provided to you.

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