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How to choose the scooter

In vain people think that scooters are intended only for children. It absolutely not so. There are scooters and for adults, and fans to sweep with a breeze in our world not so a little. Therefore also a transport choice in shops very big, both for children, and for adults, and a question, what scooter to buy, remains always actual.

The scooter with two and three wheels

The scooter at many people are memoirs from the childhood, but it is useful and the adult. The driving on it trains the musculoskeletal device, develops muscles and coordination of the movement.

This transport shares on two groups: three-wheeled and two-wheeled scooters.

For kids or for those who in this case the beginner, is better to choose the scooter on three wheels. This transport is steady and on it it is easy to hold balance. Yes it is strong on the three-wheeled you will not disperse.

If you plan to take the scooter on three wheels, consider that it weighs more than two-wheeled and in dimensions surpasses the colleague, and it is not really convenient to store it in small apartments.

At three-wheeled scooters for children behind the small luggage carrier still sometimes settles down, there it is possible to put toys and things necessary for the kid. One more advantage of this type of transport is existence of the emergency brake which is very convenient for little children.

The adult model differs from children's scooters in an arrangement of wheels. If in children's transport of steam of wheels is behind, in the adult – in front. Sometimes, but it is quite rare, there are scooters four-wheel.

With stability scooters on two wheels do not please the owner, but they differ in good maneuverability and can gather decent speed. Besides they lungs and them can be put that gives advantage to transportation in vehicles. A platform at two-wheeled already, than at the scooter on three wheels.

This model will be suitable for skilled drivers because it is more difficult to keep balance at the movement in this option. It is possible to buy and to children is more senior than four years if they already had an experience of driving on the scooter.

To two-wheeled it is possible to carry and tryukovy scooters, they differ in small wheels, and the design at them does not develop. They are loved by teenagers.

The scooter with inflatable wheels

This type of scooters differs both from two, and from three-wheeled, it has very good passability on different to surfaces. Such scooters are bought generally by adults or teenagers. By them it is possible to go not only in the city, but also in rural areas, and to any weather: at a heat and a frost, during a rain and snow. The design of such scooters is usually made of steel, a wheel big with inflatable tires, at a driving transport can gather a high speed. To provide to the goer the safe movement, lobbies and back wheels are equipped with brakes. The design usually does not develop and has big dimensions. Therefore at a choice of such scooter it is necessary to take an empty seat for storage.

Scooter design

  1. The main thing, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a scooter choice, it is material of which wheels are made. The good option is wheels from polyurethane. They resistant to various damages are also elastic, will be able to serve many years. The more diameter of polyurethane wheels, the is higher the speed which will be able to disperse the scooter. The biggest wheel in the diameter can be 20 cm, and the smallest - 12,5. Also consider also rigidity of a wheel, the it will be softer, the it will be more convenient to you to move. But also too soft you should not take because they on rough roads are quickly erased. Therefore it will be correct to choose wheels of average rigidity: they will serve long and to go by them comfortably.

    The most budgetary option is wheels from plastic. But also they are short-lived. Usually such wheels are established on cheap children's scooters. At such transport continuous shortcomings: it quickly becomes useless, at a driving rustles, goes not smoothly and does not possess special maneuverability.

    As option, it is possible to buy wheels from rubber. They are in average price category and they have good shock-absorbers. Most often buy wheels from rubber with a big diameter, such transport will pass practically on any road. It is also important to pay attention and to wheel thickness, the more thickly, the all scooter is steadier.

  2. The frame of the scooter happens from metal or plastic. More qualitative than a frame metal, they will long serve at adequate leaving and use. Plastic frames are short-lived, but thus they are easy and cost not much. Such frames serve is rare more than one season. It can develop, and as a result the scooter becomes compact. There are models in which folding mechanisms are absent, for example, in the sports.

    With the strengthened double frame often do scooters, at which big inflatable wheels and a big forward wheel.

  3. The wheel can be regulated on growth or to be fixed. If you take the scooter to the child, I recommend to readers to look Mirsovetov, whether the wheel on height is regulated. If is not present, the child will be able to ride him only to a certain age.
  4. Length and width of a platform is also of great importance at a scooter choice. The platform is longer, the it is more difficult to gain speed. Optimum length – 40 cm for the child, and 55 cm – for the adult. Width of a platform depends on age of the goer. For children it has to be wide that it was convenient to hold balance. For not beginners or for performance of sports tricks it is necessary to choose the scooter with a narrow sound board, they are more maneuverable.
  5. Brake – at scooters for children a brake usually manual. The brake effort has to be on a back wheel, then the scooter will smoothly pull up, and the child will fall less. There are children's scooters with two types of brakes: as with manual, and foot. For adults the design is generally equipped with a foot brake, usually this metal or plastic wing which is over a back wheel.

Difference between the adult and children's scooter

Any significant distinctions in a design of scooters for children and adults do not exist. The least goers always begin with three-wheeled, and having accumulated experience, change to two-wheeled transport.

For children the scooter is taken usually from plastic, it bright also can have small accessories: with music, handles the fringe can decorate a call, baskets, buttons.

Scooters for adults need to be chosen with a metal frame if you want that it served to you not one year. Many adult scooters develop. With them it is possible to travel quietly to the subway or other public transport. Speed of the movement of the adult scooter about 20 km/h, children's, naturally, many times is less.

Adult scooters use not only on streets, but also for movement on office, they go on a floor quickly and silently. Some office workers during a lunch break arrange even competitions.

The children's scooter maintains loading to 50 kg, and the adult to 100 kg. Scooters can be used as in the amateur purposes, and to carry out on them sports trainings, to do tricks and to speak at competitions. The main thing to be defined for what it will be intended and to make a start from it at a choice.

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