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We learn to choose a window profile correctly

The modern market of window systems and the PVC profiles endures the real boom today. At present abundance of offers there are natural questions: how to define, whether the good offer a profile what differences a boundary a qualitative product and a fake exist?

The average buyer will not be able to distinguish a good profile from bad, and to pay temptation less and to save money – is great. The answer to such exciting questions comes, unfortunately, late, and to change something is already expensive and problematic.

When we speak about a plastic window, we mean qualitative raw materials at the molecular, chemical level, and also an invariance of production which conforms to standards. Recognizing that in any house plastic windows are established not for two-three years, and on tens years, the question of stability of quality is paramount.

The important nuance determining the price is quality of raw materials for profiles. The structure of composition of a profile consists of more than ten various components, they, in turn, belong to products of high technologies. As initial material, PVC is received in the form of small powder of white color. But without the corresponding processing of PVC it is impossible to use as working material therefore it is mixed with additives before receiving homogeneous mass, after these manipulations it is possible to begin processing. It is possible to carry to such additives: polymeric auxiliary reagents, modifiers on the impact strength, stabilizers, pigments, greasings, fillers.

The choice of additives depends on technology of further processing, and also qualifying standards to a product. For example, from identical initial material by means of application of different components it is possible to receive plastic bags or a qualitative water pipe at the exit.

The components making composition make from several expensive chemicals. The producer can have a huge temptation to save on them as to check quantity of additives visually – it is impossible. Let's give an example: titanium dioxide – the material in the form of white powder which is responsible just for a profile whiteness – is present at profiles, this component is responsible for safety of color during operation of a window. High extent of purification of titanium dioxide demands big expenses, and the consumer will notice not at once if the producer saves on his quality, however it will be shown in 2-3 years.

In the course of preparation of raw material proportional distribution of components in the weight (molecular-mass distribution) is important. If any of components in raw materials it is presented unevenly, on the final product weak places come to light. Control and care of preparation of raw materials in many respects influence quality of a ready profile.

At the following stage in production of profiles the wide experience and skill is necessary is a cooling of profiles and formation in the extruder die. This process is impossible without high qualification and technological discipline. Often show to customers in the form of a sample a profile piece: everything looks, at first sight, wonderfully, but on a finished product it is possible to find a great lot of faults – leaky closed shutters, draft of places of a joint of an impost and a frame and so on. Geometrical defects of extrusion often can be seen only on a finished product, but not on the presented piece, and as a result, the consumer reveals defect existence already at the filled window, and the pleasure from the saved money right there disappears.

If you choose plastic windows Kiev and in any other large city as about tens specialized shops, be guided by existence of the certificate of ISO 9001 which is intended for ensuring quality of production. For this reason we advise all consumers first of all to pay attention to existence at firm manufacturer of the Certificate of conformity (GOST P), and in certain cases and the Certificate of the color European standard, and also the collection of the industry technical regulations existing for industrial products – the Certificate of RAL. Existence of these documents certifying compliance of object to requirements of technical regulations will allow you to avoid many negative moments at the PVC products choice.

So, if offer you plastic windows at frankly cut price, think: really to the producer it is important, working to the detriment of itself, to present you a big discount? More likely, he is excited not too by a quality question, and the main criterion is fast benefit.

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