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We choose a dictophone

Set of convenient and irreplaceable devices and adaptations help the modern person to go in step with the fast-changing world. It is possible to carry to number of those also dictophones. From bulky and noisy cassette devices they turned into beautiful and compact products. And in wide assortment of dictophones it is quite difficult to decide on a choice at once.
Диктофон One of the most positive moments of today's time is possibility of the person due to use of its achievements to increase the qualitative level of the life. Literally a decade ago existence of the computer, washing machine machine gun and microwave oven was considered as luxury, but today we perceive these subjects as the necessary household machinery and appliances. A set of convenient and irreplaceable devices and adaptations help the modern person to go in step with the fast-changing world. It is possible to carry to number of those also dictophones.
Today from bulky and noisy cassette devices they turned into beautiful and compact products. Modern dictophones possess excellent sound characteristics and existence of a set of the comfortable additions capable to make record process simpler and convenient. And therefore these graceful and sometimes irreplaceable devices by right win the positions in the market more and more. But in the wide assortment of dictophones offered today by shops, it is quite difficult to consumer to decide on a choice at once. Let's try to understand a little a situation in the market and to place accents in this question.
You get a dictophone to use for its direct designated purpose, for record of audiofiles, and therefore, it is natural that technical characteristics thanks to which high quality at reproduction of the sound fragments which are written down by you is provided have to become the main indicators of a dictophone which have to affect your choice. Treat such indicators …


This parameter at the majority of models is characterized by existence of opportunity to write down sound signals in summary form (MP3 format) or without compression (in a WMA format). Lack of compression, of course, provides higher quality of record, but thus data figure prominently on a disk. The choice like the codec for compression of sound files is focused on the main characteristics of a speech signal and if the dictophone has the good speed of passability of bits of the written-down information (from 128 kbps and above), quality of a sound will hardly suffer from compression.

Maximum time of record

Мини диктофоны Indicator which depends on the capacity of the memory card which is built in a dictophone and also on the format used at record. You should not treat trustfully characteristics to which to you the seller as the person interested in your purchase can point, pay attention to record time at good bitrate in 128 kbps, it and will be an indicator of that, how concrete dictophone is suitable for you according to this characteristic. At the description of specifications these modes are often designated as SP and LP, then your parameter is time of record when using the SP mode. And the capacity of a memory card influences the device cost therefore define for yourself an admissible ratio of the price and quality of a dictophone. For ensuring high-quality record within 4-5 hours the card is enough for 128 Mb which when using the LP mode will provide record time till 60 o'clock.

Range of the accepted and reproduced frequencies

This characteristic in good models of dictophones makes from 100 to 6000-10000 Hz that gives the chance to make not only high-quality entry of a voice, but also record of musical fragments. The specified range at the rate to 3000 Hz will not be able to catch higher notes in voices of the speaking people, giving failures in sounding. If in the passport of a dictophone value from 400 to 4 000 Hz is specified, it can provide a sufficient level of quality of the written-down fragments.

Autonomy or operating time from the battery without additional charging

Parameter which you can not find in technical data sheet. But there the power consumption of a dictophone in MW/h or W/h, and also accumulator capacity in ma / or And / is specified h h. Having multiplied an indicator of capacity and tension which for batteries usually makes 1,5 B, and for accumulators of various type from 1,2 to 3,7 B, it is possible to receive the size which indicates food battery power. It is possible to receive a work number of hours if to divide the received size into the power consumption of a dictophone.

Sensitivity of a dictophone

It is the parameter indicating at what distance from object it is possible to carry out record for receiving a sound of normal quality. It is possible to get a compact dictophone for record with distance for possible record to 12 m. But it is sometimes better to try once, than to trust written in the technical specification and it is simple to make trial option of record at a certain distance to be convinced of reliability of the provided data.

Existence to ARE

Диктофон This function is simply necessary if it is necessary to write down dialogue with participation of several people. Automatic adjustment of strengthening allows to make a sound rather equal and the best for reproduction due to ability to muffle louder and to strengthen too silent voice signals. Certainly, quality of a sound also depends from built-in or existence of an external microphone if there is a need of the directed record from a certain source, and also operation of special filters which allow to change the record modes depending on a situation (on the street, indoors), suppressing the noise other than voice signals.
For someone there can be important an existence of the replaceable card which allows to increase record time, and also possibility of use of activation of work of a dictophone by means of a voice that will help to exclude additional losses of time of record due to shutdown of the device in the absence of a voice signal. Perhaps you will like model with possibility of installation of the timer of record when the dictophone starts working in a certain determined time more. And for the best orientation in the lump of sound fragments it is convenient to use function of indexation at which for fast search you can leave markers on certain moments of record.
Experts of the site who by the nature of the work have to know about dictophones practically everything, recommend: if safety is important for you, it is possible to pay attention to possibility of installation of the password of access to data of record or function of masking of soundtracks. Those models of dictophones in which design existence of an USB entrance for more convenient and fast transfer of data on RS is provided are very convenient. And possibility of purchase of a dictophone with such additions as the tuner allowing to listen sometimes to radio or the adapter for record from phone depends only on your desire and financial opportunities.
For definition of priority qualitative characteristics to which first of all it is worth paying the attention, it is necessary to decide on the purposes of use of a dictophone. And from to what functions you will give a leading role, and your final choice of model will depend.
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