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We choose a baby carriage

When in a family there is a child, sooner or later it is necessary to go to shop to choose for the child a baby carriage. For the little person it is necessary to approach a vehicle choice with all responsibility, after all the kid will spend in a carriage some hours daily.
Выбираем детскую коляску When in a family there is a child, sooner or later it is necessary to go to shop to choose for the child a baby carriage. For the little person it is necessary to approach a vehicle choice with all responsibility, after all the kid will spend in a carriage some hours daily. will try not to miss so important points to which it is worth paying attention at a choice in the story. For a start we will be defined, what types of baby carriages exist in the nature.

Types of baby carriages

So, we will begin with the most popular children's carriages cradles. In appearance it is a bulky design with big wheels. It is good that the child quite highly sits in a carriage, and it will be convenient to mother to bend to him. One more plus of such baby carriages – the removable cradle and a folding bed, it very much facilitates transportation in the car. Big wheels allow to roll with ease a carriage through borders.
Для новорожденных нужна коляска-люлька, где ребенку будет удобно лежать Minuses – the weight of a carriage cradle makes about 18 kilograms so to lift it on floors without elevator alone very hard. Besides, such baby carriage very big, it can simply not be located in an elevator cabin.
More compact and easy option are transforming carriages. Transformers weigh about 11 kg, compactly develop, take not enough place. Minuses – the design of this baby carriage is arranged in such a way that the child is less protected from a wind and dust. The basket is located at small height.
One more type of baby carriages – universal, so-called "three in one". In this option on one bed (wheels) it is possible to establish a cradle / a walking carriage / car seat. The universal baby carriage is ideal and for the newborn: at installation of a cradle the kid is rather close to mother, he is reliably covered from bad weather. And when the child grows up, and the cradle will be replaced with a walking seat, the baby carriage becomes more difficult to be operated, after all the kid sits quite highly that worsens balance of a carriage.
На универсальную детскую коляску можно установить люльку/прогулочную коляску/автокресло, но она тяжелая и громоздкая Sharper turn, and your child directs to the earth together with a carriage to which it is fastened. Universality of a carriage also that if you use an automobile children's chair, can also be established it on such carriage.
The senior children (from 8-9 months) can be replaced in a walking baby carriage. Such carriages very easy, compact, however on it their advantages come to an end. Minuses - in strollers it is very inconvenient to sleep. For small plastic castors of these baby carriages even the smallest stone on the road becomes almost absolute obstacle.
A few years ago on sale there were three-wheeled baby carriages. Among three-wheeled options strollers are in the lead. Their main plus that arrival on a cross-country terrain (the bumpy road, a pool, a ladder) it is possible to raise back wheels and to overcome an unpleasant site on one forward wheel. Therefore passability of such carriage is very high. Unlike other carriages, three-wheeled carriages equip with the emergency brake that gives the chance to control movement speed during descent. For stability, the wheel base of such carriages is made very wide therefore the three-wheeled carriage can not be located in a standard lift cabin.
After you chose, what option most suits you, it is necessary to consider properly of what the baby carriage in which your successor will sit is made.

Design of a baby carriage

Ко многим детским коляскам прилагается дождевик First of all, at a choice of a baby carriage we look at fabric of which it is made. Fabric has to be waterproof or with special water-repellent impregnation. Special "raincoat" from transparent plastic with which it is possible to cover reliably all carriage during bad weather is applied to many models of carriages. That the child did not freeze in a cold season, baskets of baby carriages warm a synthetic winterizer.
Beds of carriages are made of light-alloy metals, with the purpose to facilitate their weight. However any baby carriage, except walking, will weigh not less than 10 kg.
The best passability is provided by wheels with a diameter of 20-25 cm. Wheels of such size will not slip on sand, in snow, a carriage will easily roll through borders. Integral rubber wheels have quite weak drawing of a protector therefore pro-slippings on off road terrain are inevitable. Inflatable wheels have an excellent protector, possess fine passability, but can cause other problems. If such castor lowers, the usual bicycle can pump it. If the wheel is punctured, it is necessary to buy a new chamber.
Important detail is the handle of a baby carriage. It can be cross over, folding or with the device allowing to change its height. The folding and changing height handles are convenient at placement of a carriage in the elevator.
When choose a baby carriage, specify how it develops. If you have to transport often a carriage from place to place, it is more rational to prefer models which develop quickly and compactly.
Like cars, baby carriages have a number of additional options: matrasik, a plastic cover for protection against a rain, a cover for feet, a bag for children's things, etc. Do not forget about seat belts, they have to have reliable fasteners, and at the same time it is easy to be undone that it was possible to take out quickly the child from a carriage.
Color of a carriage is not of great importance, but it would be more practical to choose a nonspottable coloring.

It is best of all to buy a carriage before childbirth as after the birth of the kid you can not have enough for it time. Solving, what carriage to choose, analyze everything: existence of the elevator, season, financial factor. And if you expect twins, it will be for certain better to choose the corresponding carriage. In principle, the carriage choice for twins differs in nothing from a choice of a usual baby carriage. Unless there can be problems with sizes of double "transport".
Having armed with our councils, do not forget and about own taste. Often happens so that the baby carriage which was pleasant at first sight will be ideally suited for your child. Good luck!
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