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PDA choice, processor and accumulator

The PDA choice, even, despite rather small choice, is not so easy as it would seem. It is enough disputes between already present users. We saw it, having begun only with the importance of the screen at a PDA choice. And after all still there is also a mass of other important characteristics which needs also to be considered.
Выбор КПК, процессор и аккумулятор The PDA choice, even, despite rather small choice, is not so easy as it would seem. It is enough disputes between already present users. We saw it, having begun only with the importance of the screen at a PDA choice. And after all still there is also a mass of other important characteristics which needs also to be considered. We will be engaged in it.
Only at once we will stop on such moment. Never you should not pursue a PDA with the maximum productivity. The processor – yes, it is desirable more powerfully. But if the choice between two models rises because of existence/lack of Wi-fi, here, as they say, you should not "stock up on the future". The logic is simple, buy a PDA under yourself: Wi-Fi is necessary take, it is not necessary – you should not overpay.

PDA processor

Мощный процессор дает возможность просмотра даже не конвертированного под экран КПК видео As on the majority of a PDA random access memory (RAM) usually makes 64 Mb, it is natural what exactly the processor is the defining link influencing the general productivity. In particular, the importance of the processor will be noticeable during the work with one or several resource-intensive applications. Though will matter here too and existence (or absence) graphic accelerators for work with multimedia, but, nevertheless, the power of the processor is paramount.
Overall picture such is that in the PDA market models with processors from 300-312 MHz in the budgetary models (HP iPAQ rx1950, Fujitsu-Siemens N500, Acer n310) to 624 MHz are presented to a class Hi-End PDA (Dell Axim x51v, Fujitsu-Siemens N560, HP iPAQ hx2790). Let's make a start besides from tasks which we are going to carry out on the PDA chosen by us.
It is already clear that for reading books it is quite enough also a PDA with the processor possessing the minimum characteristics. 300 MHz the processor also will cope with opening of the text document. For this purpose quite HP iPAQ rx1950 approach such already mentioned PDA budgetary models as, Fujitsu-Siemens N500. The first PDA is attractive at the expense of low price, the second is interesting by existence of the GPS module. Of course, if to open documents of large volume (it concerns those who likes to re-read "War and peace" at a leisure), it is necessary to wait. The pause will be pleasant not to all, but to buy more productive PDA only for these purposes, it does not make sense – a difference in work will not feel, and the price differs at least for kind one hundred dollars. It is spoken well still also by that fact, many PDA in an automatic operating mode of the processor when reading books or listening music lower kernel frequency to 200-100 MHz.
What gives more powerful processor? Comfortable viewing even video which is not converted under the PDA screen, lack of braking in games. The best in this regard is already long time of Dell Axim X51v. The processor from Intel on 624 MHz together with the graphic video accelerator (which has also 16 Mb of own memory) provide the best productivity among all PDA during the work with multimedia. Unfortunately, since April, 2007 the Dell company closed production of this PDA and other of the Axim series (if you are interested in this model, it is worth hurrying with purchase). Fujitsu-Siemens N560 which also has the VGA screen and the similar processor on 624 MHz acts as the main competitor of the pocket computer. But benefits the handheld from Fujitsu-Siemens existence of GPS and USB host (that we will tell it and for what it is necessary a little later).
As for average values of power of processors for a PDA (400 and 520 MHz), it is possible to tell, distinction is felt at advantage/lag on 200 MHz. Of course, it is impossible to tell that the difference in 100 MHz is absolute is not important, but here will be noticeable only extreme cases when the maximum productivity is required. For example, those tasks with which the PDA copes with the processor of 624 MHz, are quite available also to machines with the 520th processor, and 400 MHz, frankly speaking, will be already small. A striking example that is served by such PDA models: Dell Axim X51v, Fujitsu-Siemens C550, Acer n311 – all of them possess the VGA screen, but thus different processors (624, 520, 400 MHz respectively). And if in the first two PDA no problems during the work in principle arise (in particular, when viewing video in permission 640х480), it is not always enough Acer'a opportunities.
Summing up the result, recommends for video, games and work with other resource-intensive applications to make a start from a threshold in 400 MHz (and 520 MHZ for a PDA with the VGA screen). As you can see, at a choice of a PDA it is necessary to pay attention not to separate components, and on as uniform system. Therefore and when determining with the processor it is necessary to consider characteristics the PDA screen.

PDA accumulator

Наилучшее время работы до сих пор остается за КПК Asus A636 Operating time of your machine also matters. As it is good if at active use it is necessary to recharge a PDA every day. But more often problems arise when food it appears insufficiently to hold on till that time when you count, to deliver to a PDA on charging.
The main consumers of energy are the processor and the screen which are already considered by us. From in what measure they will be involved – the processor what is established illumination brightness works at what frequency – period of operation of a PDA depends on one charge of the accumulator.
Generally, on the first two figures of the capacity of food specified in characteristics of the battery of a concrete PDA it is possible to judge its abilities in work at the minimum loading. That is if the PDA has the battery on 1100 mach, generally it will be capable to work about 11 hours in the mode of the minimum loading. The minimum current of the category of the battery will be when reading books at a minimum level of brightness of the display or listening of music with the switched-off screen. Many will disagree with it, and, however, such assessment very much and very rough. It is rather more approximate reference point on operating time, than the general rule. PDA from various producers work and work differently. As showed time, power supply of the battery can be enough as some hours less, and several times there is more than assessment offered Especially pocket computers caused a stir from A6xx series Asus in this question: they are capable to work from food in 1200-1300 mach more than 20 hours. And the best operating time in the reading mode still remains for Asus A636 PDA, it will accompany the owner within more than 30 hours. Such indicators will be simply a gift for those who wants to buy a PDA advantage to reading, it will be possible not to recharge it at least a week.
Of course, it is important it is necessary to take into consideration, on food of a PDA when its opportunities are involved to the maximum what is the time will be enough. Naturally, to assume that pocket Asus computers and here appear ahead. But to be fair it should be noted that limits of operating time of the majority of a PDA at the maximum loading lies within 2-4 hours. And here has impact on power consumption not only the processor and the screen, and also the involved wireless interfaces (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS), and also, connected to a PDA (for example, on USB) external devices.
Unfortunately, one of the worst indicators on time of autonomous work at a PDA of Dell Axim X51v already known to us, likely, such is a payment for its high efficiency. In an intensive operating mode he can not stretch and two hours.

Generally, the screen, the processor and time of autonomous work are the most important characteristics of a PDA providing comfortable use. How you will place for yourself priorities, and has to affect a PDA choice. If constantly to use a PDA in constant proximity from the socket, food becomes not so considerable. And on the contrary, at frequent traveling this factor becomes nearly most important.
Besides, we cannot deny influence on a choice of a PDA of other characteristics (as the memory size, wireless communications, slots of memory cards and so forth), and we will also tell about it.
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