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How to choose a PDA, other characteristics

Under the previous articles "We Choose a PDA, the Importance of the Screen" and "PDA Choice, Processor and Accumulator", you for certain already decided on what productivity want to receive from a PDA. Now business approached other characteristics of the pocket computer as far as they are useful and necessary to each certain user.
Как выбрать КПК, прочие характеристики Under the previous articles "We Choose a PDA, the Importance of the Screen" and "PDA Choice, Processor and Accumulator", you for certain already decided on what productivity want to receive from a PDA. Now business approached other characteristics of the pocket computer as far as they are useful and necessary to each certain user.
And there are a lot of subtleties, it will hardly turn out to capture everything, but will try to tell about the majority of Including we did not forget and about the prices of a PDA, after all each person at a choice of a PDA allocates for himself a certain budget for purchase. Especially now, when we finally understood that it is really necessary for us in a PDA, and that from the category "perhaps it is useful".

Memory of a PDA

КПК HP iPAQ серии rx 5хх0 обладают объемом встроенной памяти 1-2 Гб As we already spoke, RAMS of 64 Mb have the majority of the interesting PDA. And only the pocket HP iPAQ rx1950 computer costs independently, having at the order only 32 Mb of random access memory. Some games at such volume will not even be started, but the PDA developers created it not for this purpose.
Dispersion on the volume of constant memory a little bigger – from the minimum possible 64 Mb to 2 Gb (HP iPAQ rx5940). If not to store a large number of music, movies and photos in memory of a PDA, and the built-in memory on 128 Mb has to be enough for the majority of needs. If is not present, then for this purpose always there are memory cards, though about them conversation separate. By and large it is more convenient that the most often used data were in memory of a PDA. But here it cannot be helped, how many is, is so much.
Use of additional memory cards even in plus as many of us already have devices in which does not do without them. Generally pocket computers are equipped with SD/MMC slot supporting memory cards of the most popular formats. Need in support of SDIO is quite doubtful. First, when using SDIO devices the slot of SD/MMC which sometimes is the only thing is engaged. Secondly, SDIO devices – not from a row available at the price therefore very few people use them. Existence of the second slot for the CF cards is already not so demanded unless you already use the card of this standard in the mobile phone, the camera or other devices. Of course, the second slot cannot be reflected in the PDA sizes, it does more massive and bulky is, of course, minus.

Connection of a PDA

С помощью USB-хоста к КПК можно подключить USB-клавиатуру First of all any PDA can be connected with desktop computers by means of USB. It is the main way of data exchange between the computer. And at installation of the PDA corresponding drivers thus it is possible to use and as the card reader. It is a pity, only, that the USB 1.1 interface on many pocket computers is restriction in transfer speed.
The USB host is for many very necessary and useful opportunity. This option will allow to connect and exchange data with USB flash cards and external hard drives without the desktop computer. Besides, by means of an USB host it will be possible to connect to a PDA also the USB keyboard that can be convenient for those to whom opportunity work with the big text is interesting. By the way, it is not much such PDA (ACER of the series n300, Fujitsu-Siemens of the N5x0 and C550 series). It turns out that if the PDA with an USB host will be necessary, the circle is sharply narrowed.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS on a PDA

На большинстве КПК используется чип GPS от SiRF Star III, поэтому качество приема приблизительно равное Further we have a widespread and perspective Bluetooth interface. Its existence is simply obligatory for creation of a sheaf Kpk+telefon as many mobile possess this wireless adapter. The Bluetooth-adapter works at all PDA without any complaints. A PDA steel exception from Fujitsu-Siemens in which decided to leave drivers for work with Bluetooth in a standard set from Microsoft with which often there are problems. If your choice after all falls on a PDA of this firm, recommends to install at once drivers from Broadcom which are preset on all others.
Concerning Wi-Fi there is nothing to add. You need it or not, solve. The main thing, Wi-Fi covering even across Moscow not strongly big what already to speak about other cities. In countries of Western Europe this technology is widespread, in hotels even free points of access are provided. Through Wi-Fi it is possible to climb without problems Internet open spaces, to listen to Internet radio and even to use the Internet telephony through Skype. Therefore if you spend the most part of time on trips over these countries, Wi-Fi in a PDA is useful and even very much.
Existence of GPS, and, respectively, use of a PDA as the GPS navigator will be more interesting. Quality of reception on the majority of a PDA approximately equal as producers use the chip from SiRF Star III. And even the decision of Asus firm to make in the PDA the GPS module external, it was not strongly reflected in quality of reception, at least, users of it will not feel.

PDA price

Here we also approached the final stage to a PDA choice – its price. What full functionality would not be wanted to be had in the hands, the price of a PDA becomes big restriction. And for many it is necessary to make a start at a choice from cost, and then already to look at other characteristics. Will not give the concrete prices of a PDA of, we will specify only approximate limits of the prices (in each region they can differ in this or that party). We will present to your attention a little most the PDA interesting models from different price categories (budgetary, middle class and Hi-End), and we will note, than they can be attractive and in what their shortcomings.
Budgetary PDA
Бюджетные КПК, HP iPAQ rx1950 и Fujitsu-Siemens N500 HP iPAQ rx1950 most of all attracts with the price. A little more than 220 c.u. – many mobile stand much more today. Internet connection is possible unless through Wi-Fi. Therefore this PDA is interesting, first of all, as "eReader", a notebook, a MP3 player and another matters. And hardly HP iPAQ rx1950 will be suitable for three-dimensional games.
Fujitsu-Siemens N500/N520 will cost at least on 150 c.u. dearer of the previous PDA. For this money the useful Wi-fi module will disappear not all, but GPS and USB-host will be added. It is unlikely a certain functionality of the computer will be possible to find GPS navigators at the same price with the same screen, plus nevertheless. Internet connection is complicated due to the lack of Bluetooth, but at desire and existence of an USB cable from mobile it is possible to organize a sheaf through USB-host. N520 turned out 30-50 c.u. more expensively, but for it is equipped with the module the Wi-fi module and twice the bigger built-in memory.
PDA, middle class
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX C550 – самый интересный в плане функциональности КПК среднего класса Here the greatest number of models gets. They will be convenient both for web surfing and for other work.
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX C550 – the most interesting PDA in respect of functionality. The price around 450-500 c.u. is quite justified by existence of the VGA screen, rather productive processor from Intel on 520 MHz, all wireless interfaces and an USB host. The only moment, is not present GPS, as the navigator it will not be possible to use.
Acer n311 wins against the previous PDA to the smaller price, about 50-60 c.u. But thus it is equipped with less productive processor on 400 MHz from Samsung. It is obviously not enough of it for realization of opportunities of the VGA screen at the games and video. But if to exclude these functions, very worthy the decision at other similar to Fujitsu-Siemens C550 functionality.
HP iPAQ hx2490. It is a PDA something between already above-named. The same processor, as well as at FS C550, but thus the price (about 370 c.u.) is a little lower than Acer n311. Though there is CF slot, but here already the screen with the smaller permission (QVGA) and is absent an USB host.
HP iPAQ rx5xx0. PDA are obviously positioned as good replacement to GPS navigators. Thus all of them possess the Bluetooth-adapter as, however, and all other PDA from this category, but version 2.0 gives a little high speed of transfer. Their main distinctive feature – the volume of the built-in memory is 1-2 Gb. The price is from 400 c.u. for the younger HP iPAQ rx5710 model to 490-510 c.u. for the senior HP iPAQ rx5940.
Asus MyPal A636/A636N two very worthy models from the same price category (the price around 480 c.u.). First of all they are attractive at the expense of time of autonomous work, record among all PDA.
PDA, Hi-end class
Dell Axim X51v - флагман компании, один из лучших по работе с мультимедиа Dell Axim X51v. This PDA it was very much mentioned in articles that any comments are already excessive. And dispersion of the prices such is that it is possible to buy a PDA for 500-530 c.u.
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N560. Main and, likely, the only competitor of a PDA from Dell. The price of FS N560 is higher also not to everyone on a pocket (600-650 c.u.), but thus at it there is what just is not enough it for the rival: GPS and USB host. I.e. on the person a full set of functions in one PDA. And also in a counterbalance it is possible postavi time of continuous work from one battery charging as the PDA of Dell Axim X51v in this regard disappoints.

Upon purchase of a PDA do not forget that after all it not the full-fledged computer. It can replace only partially to you the laptop or the desktop computer. Initial tasks which were assigned to a PDA is there was a personal assistant (an organizer, a calendar, work with the text), but now that is quite natural, it can be used and as means for entertainment, having developed in all its multimedia opportunities. The main thing that, choosing a PDA, you accurately understood for what it is necessary. The after all correctly chosen PDA is not most equipped and expensive, and that which functionality you will use directly.
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