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How to choose an orthopedic pillow

The person devotes to a dream considerable part of the life. Good rest is necessary for an organism for this purpose effectively to restore forces, to be loaded with energy and to restore health. The modern science invented a way to make a human dream even more useful and this way use during rest of an orthopedic pillow is.

Mirsovetov tried to understand this article that the orthopedic pillow represents, what qualities it possesses of what it is made and in what its advantage specifically consists.

What is the orthopedic pillow and than it differs from the usual?

The idea of this sleeping accessory consists in protecting cervical department of a backbone from the wrong situation during a dream. In the course of rest all muscles and sheaves have to be relaxed and the orthopedic pillow helps them with it. She perfectly removes stress and prevents emergence of headaches and discomfortable feelings in a neck.

This invention is distinguished by two main criteria: form and internal filling. The orthopedic pillow can be in the form of a square or a rectangle, and instead of a traditional feather, a synthetic winterizer, down or a hollofayber in them other materials are used absolutely. The filler possesses the special supporting characteristics, but also there is it thus much.

Main qualities of an orthopedic pillow

This bed accessory possesses the following positive features:

  1. Hypoallergenicity. The matter is that in a filler of such pillow, there is it natural or artificial, various bacteria, pincers, a mold and other microorganisms are not got.
  2. Comfort. The orthopedic pillow is capable to pass perfectly air because of what during a dream face skin and the heads well breathes and does not sweat, and the person after a dream feels cheerfulness and inflow of forces.
  3. Ergonomics. During rest healthy position of the head and neck remains. It happens thanks to that the pillow caves in under the weight of the person exactly until all vertebras are not built to one equal line. At such level the head keeps for the entire period of a dream.

We select the correct orthopedic pillow

Resolving for itself an issue which has to be the pillow suitable you take such parameters as width of shoulders, a favourite pose for a dream, rigidity of a mattress, filler material, and also cost into account.

Let's consider in more detail various characteristics according to which it is necessary to be guided upon purchase of this sleeping subject:

  • width of shoulders is directly proportional to height of an orthopedic pillow;
  • if you prefer the most part of rest to see off lying on a back, choose an accessory lower and more rigid, ideal height – 8-10 cm;
  • be guided also by softness of a mattress, the firmer it a surface – the below there has to be this sleeping subject;
  • for those who likes to sleep on a stomach, the low and soft pillow most of all will approach.

There are some criteria by which it is possible to understand that the chosen accessory not absolutely suits you:

  • if you during a dream often enclose a hand under a pillow – means its heights to you insufficiently;
  • a neck pains and sleep of shoulders says that your sleeping accessory too low in the mornings, and a mattress – rigid;
  • the uneasy dream and constant turning with a side sideways can be the certificate of that the orthopedic pillow is tall;
  • if you fell asleep on one side, and woke up, lying on a back, perhaps, your head lay too low, and the body tried to find more convenient pose.

Key parameters of the orthopedic pillows presented in the market

Most often on sale it is possible to meet squared this subject, 60-80 cm and 40-60 cm in size. It is possible to dress up such pillows in those covers which go complete with them, or to a usual standard pillowcase.

Besides rectangular, you can also meet sleeping accessories in the form of the roller and the semi-roller. Besides, there are versions for feet and a waist, and also orthopedic pillows for babies.

Standard height of this subject lies ranging from 6 to 16 cm. Most of people quite will suit a pillow 10-14 cm thick, but after all it is better to select an accessory depending on individual parameters of a body. To calculate the necessary height quite simply:

  • take a centimetric tape and measure distance from a neck to an extreme point of a shoulder;
  • add 2 cm to the received figure – approximately at such size under you the mattress is pressed through;
  • choose the sleeping roller, based on these data.

Kinds of a filler of orthopedic pillows

As it was already told, the leading role in efficiency of an orthopedic pillow and its advantage for our health is played with that is in it. Let's consider in more detail, with what materials producers fill this sleeping subject:

  1. Latex. This natural material possesses the excellent springing properties and perfectly will suit all fans to have a rest on a back, using a high pillow. Latex differs in softness and elasticity, it well supports the head and quickly restores the form. This material from the juice of a hevea which is made foam and vulcanized is made, thus the quantity of natural raw materials in latex reaches 95%.
  2. Mini-springs. This filler has the same origin, as previous. Such material also treats to natural and hypoallergenic, it kindly holds a form and passes air.
  3. Polyester - the most widespread and available filler. It has an appearance of small balls which under weight of a human body disperse in the parties a little, reaching the necessary height. Polyester is hygienic, light in washing and quickly dries, and the term of its operation can reach 8 years.
  4. Independent mini-springs. They are rather susceptible to loading and change the form depending on your movements. This material possesses good orthopedic properties and quickly restores an initial form.
  5. Buckwheat peel. Such filler for 100% consists of natural raw materials and thus possesses good orthopedic properties. The pillows filled with small scales of grain create the massage effect killing and preventing pains in cervical department of a backbone, shoulders and a back.
  6. Special material with effect of memory. It can be made both from artificial polyurethane, and from natural latex. The main difference of such filler consists that perfectly reacts to temperature of a human body and weight of the head. After influence of pressure upon a pillow stops, it gradually restores a former form. Feelings when pressing are similar not to pushing out, and to a slow podstraivaniye under human weight. If you decided to get such accessory, remember that it cannot be erased.
  7. Gel with effect of cooling. Such material well distributes loading on all surface of a pillow, and also has effect of massage and cooling which are reached thanks to the innovative 3D technology - liquid deformation. Adaptation to such pillow requires some time as not everyone is capable to get used to unusual feelings at once.
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