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How to choose an orthopedic mattress

About a third of all the life we sleep. During a dream our organism develops special hormones which help us to restore forces after the wakefulness period. Health of the person directly depends on good and high-quality rest at night. That the dream became curative and the most useful, pay attention on what you sleep.

It will be a question, first of all, of a mattress. All will agree that different types of mattresses have to have it orthopedic, and here what features and how to find for itself(himself) the most suitable model, many do not know. Delicacy of purchase is also what personally to see that hides a mattress cover, is almost unreal. Therefore to make a right choice, we need to collect a maximum of information on a mattress which was pleasant, to rely on integrity of the producer and, perhaps, to listen to the intuition. Qualitative orthopedic production with a natural filler, undoubtedly, much more surpasses usual mattresses therefore upon purchase of a product it is necessary to pay attention, first of all, to its cost in the price. We will consider other important features of orthopedic mattresses in more detail.

Than the orthopedic mattress differs from the usual

The mattress which as much as possible adapts for position of a body is called orthopedic and keeps a backbone to straight lines all the time while the person lies. Of course, such mattress will not be able to cure a sore back, but with a task to remove stress from a bone and muscular corset quite will cope. The sound product with orthopedic effect is arranged under contours of a human body, evenly distributing loading on all the surface that cannot achieve, having a rest on a usual mattress.

What model of an orthopedic mattress is better

For your health and convenience expensive thing will serve very long therefore it is better to study all advantages of different types of mattresses not on the eve of purchase, and beforehand. Only this way it is possible to choose model which price will correspond to its quality.

All mattress products divide into two big groups today – spring and springless. Worthy copies are in both groups. The majority of spring models are presented by mattresses with fillers of average rigidity, there is a lot of rigid products among a "springless" class. At once we will make a reservation that the belief as if useful to health it is possible to call only a firm mattress, is not absolutely true. Actually, at a choice of model, optimum for itself it is necessary to be guided, first of all, by anthropometrical data and own taste.

Spring mattresses

All mattress products which are based on springs divide into two categories:

  1. Spring Bonnel block. It is a complex of the iron springs which are strong connected among themselves. With a pressure they start interacting among themselves, and the mattress takes the form of a peculiar hammock. Orthopedic action of such models minimum therefore they are carried to economy class. The only indisputable advantage of "bonnely" - the acceptable price.
  2. Block of independent springs. Today these mattresses are most demanded. Their design consists of the cylindrical springs placed in separate pockets (sacks) sewed among themselves. Loading is evenly distributed on all surface of a product, after all springs are independent from each other. Thanks to it the mattress under a body of the sleeping caves in only where it is really necessary.

Options of fillers of spring mattresses

Degree of rigidity of a mattress depends on the top and lower layer of a filler which evenly distribute loading and give to a mattress additional qualitative characteristics. For filling of modern spring mattresses use various types of a flooring.


The natural filler collected from a tail and a mane of horses is very valuable material for mattresses. It rather rigid also does a surface of a product very strong. The mattress on a horsehair has curative effect for the back "injured" by rheumatism.

Sea grass.

This ecologically safe filler possesses fine depreciation which is provided by the fibers of a sea grass bound in braids. At mattresses with such internal framework average degree of rigidity and undoubted orthopedic effect. The product possesses pleasant specific aroma, and on quality is approached to models of an elite class.

Woolen fiber.

The mattress is filled with the fluffed-up sheep wool. As the natural temperature regulator absorbs such filler to 35% of moisture which allocates a body in a dream, and gives feeling of dryness and heat. Trim with natural material the winter party of bilateral mattresses "winter - summer". For filling of more expensive models instead of wool of merinos use camel wool.

Cotton fiber.

This natural material for 100% consists of the fluffed-up cotton. Trim with it the summer party of bilateral mattresses "winter-summer". Cotton takes away excess heat in a hot season and creates a comfortable microclimate for a body. Speaking about advantages of this type of a filler, it should be noted that cotton possesses hypoallergenic properties and is very hygroscopic.

Cheap models of mattresses fill with batting. This material quickly rolls down and has no sufficient elasticity to make a surface of a mattress dense. Still use foam rubbers which quickly give and start crumbling.

Fillers for springless mattresses

Springless mattresses represent a monoblock from a certain material, also they can consist of several layers of various materials, at each of which the rigidity and properties. The biggest rigidity for the maximum orthopedic effect only springless mattresses possess. Besides, in products with such filling there are no metal elements which generate magnetic and electrostatic impact on an organism. It means that for cardiovascular system springless mattresses the safest.

Air and water mattresses.

These models found broad application in medical and rehabilitation institutions. Air and water mattresses possess high degree of orthopedic efficiency, but still remain for many exotic as at their use in a conventional dwelling there are many technical difficulties. For example, the water mattress can weigh the whole ton! Each 2–3 years water in it is subject to replacement, but to make it in the conditions of the standard house or the apartment very difficult. And the compressor of an air mattress which regulates quantity and air temperature, can prevent sleeping the noise. And it costs huge money (about 15000 euros). Besides, air and water mattresses possess one common fault – a rubber cover which creates greenhouse effect.

Latex mattresses.

Latex is received as a result of difficult processing of juice of a rubber tree. Natural material has the porous structure on a structure reminding bee honeycombs. At the same time latex differs in sufficient elasticity that with an anatomic accuracy to bend around forms and contours of a human body, softly supporting him. The cloth of the latex block is speckled by openings of the different size that does material "breathing".

Thanks to that latex provides high orthopedic effect, today it is considered as an ideal filler for springless mattresses. However, the cost of this material not all on a pocket. In this regard, as an alternative to a natural product the filler from artificial latex which differs in reasonable price was developed, but on some properties practically does not concede to the real latex.

Coconut mattresses.

The coconut koyra which is used as a filler, allocates a mattress with really extreme rigidity. Density and rigidity of such product can be compared to the thick wadded blanket outspread on a floor. Buy such mattresses, generally fans of very hard bed or those to whom on medical indications the doctor forbade to sleep on a soft mattress. A koyra source – the top fibers of a coconut. She is strong, elastic and hygienic, is not afraid of rotting and deformation, does not absorb moisture and provides to a mattress good ventilation.

The combined mattresses.

In the combined mattresses some layers of the different materials possessing various properties and degree of rigidity. Such alternation allows to give to a mattress orthopedic effect and by a combination to raise some qualitative characteristics. The most popular option – connection of layers of a coconut koyra and latex. Such mattresses rigid (because of a koyra), but at the same time convenient (thanks to latex).

Cover for a mattress

The qualitative cover for an orthopedic mattress has to possess the following qualities:

  • elasticity;
  • air permeability;
  • water repellency.

The best material for production of a cover – strong jacquard fabric which differs in durability and attractive appearance. The cotton, synthetic or mixed yarn can be Jacquard's part. Cheap models of covers make from artificial Jacquard who does not leave pleasant feeling on skin as does not "breathe" at all. As the most successful option it is possible to consider the mixed yarn for Jacquard consisting of natural fiber with some impurity of synthetics.

How to choose for itself an orthopedic mattress

Mirsovetov provides to your attention some rules and recommendations which will help you to make a right choice.

  1. For children and teenagers as the most suitable consider springless mattresses. For babies and children till 3 years the best option – a mattress with a coconut filler. Its rigid surface to take care of formation of the correct bend of a backbone at kids. Parents at whom the child is more senior than 3 years, can reflect on purchase of softer model of a springless mattress.
  2. Too rigid surface of a mattress will not suit people is more senior than 45 years and elderly – there is a risk of shift of intervertebral disks. In this regard it is considered to be safer average and rigid and soft mattresses.
  3. The springless flat mattress from elastic and durable material will become an ideal choice for the people suffering from excess weight. It is also possible to look narrowly at spring models with the strengthened independent springs.
  4. Graceful and thin people will estimate mattresses with a latex filler or soft spring products without koyra.
  5. People of average weight perfectly will suit the combined model from a koyra and latex.
  6. If the person is tormented by osteochondrosis, it is better for it to entrust the back to a mattress with a rigid surface. And here hernia becomes a decisive factor upon purchase of a soft mattress as the rigid model will only aggravate a condition of the patient.

Remember, the main criterion upon purchase of an orthopedic mattress there is your subjective opinion therefore, first of all, be guided by own taste, convenience and comfort.

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