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Choice of the door lock

It is good if at doors at once there are locks, however so happens not always. First of all, because the good lock costs money, and not each producer will put the lock which will increase prime cost of its goods at a door. does not recommend to save on such thing as the lock. What locks the best and optimum will be suitable you for your entrance door, it is just necessary.
Выбор дверного замка It is good if at doors at once there are locks, however so happens not always. First of all, because the good lock costs money, and not each producer will put the lock which will increase prime cost of its goods at the door. Naturally, and does not recommend to save on such thing as the lock. Option only two – to buy a door already with the put locks or to buy and put locks separately. What option you would not choose, precisely know, what locks the best and optimum will be suitable you for your entrance door, it is just necessary.

Types of locks

At the beginning we will sort what types of locks are.

Type of the locking mechanism
As the locking mechanism locks are subdivided on suvaldny, cylinder, smartlok.

Level locks or locks of Shubba
Сувальдный замок It is one of the most reliable types of locks. Usually in cash desks of banks, warehouses and storages such locks are put.
Reliability of the lock is defined by quantity suvald (a suvalda – the detail locking a lock bolt, rotated by means of a key). If those is 6 or 8, the lock is impregnable for master keys. An essential lack of the lock of Shubba – thickness. The good lock with a large number suvald rather thick, can also not get on thickness into the majority of doors.
Some inconvenience is given also by a key: it the big size, it is not convenient to carry it in a pocket, on a small beard of a key there are cuts of various depth which tear a pocket therefore it is better to carry such key wrapped in a scarf from within. I.e. this moment is tolerant, and it should not be written down in minuses. And taking into account that such locks are rather reliable, at all it is possible to close eyes to it.

Cylinder locks
Цилиндровые замки Consist of the dead lock and the cylinder - "larva" which is built in in it. In such locks not less than six suvald therefore they are steady against selection of master keys. It is necessary to put such lock in the opening drilled at doors. pays your attention that thus "larva" has to be closed by a steel sheet or in at least not to act more, than on 2-3 mm from a leaf surface that it could not be hooked and turned out. However there is still an opportunity to beat out "larva" inside or to drill. To prevent knocking-out special slips from a reverse side of a door inside are used. And for opposition to drilling the larva is made of especially strong material.
Separately It is necessary to tell about the recoded locks. Can be both cylinder, and suvaldny. I think, each of us met a problem of loss of keys. In such situation it is optional to change the lock completely at all.
Producers of level locks developed the new mechanism for the solution of this problem. The technology allows to change in case of need a set of keys, without sorting and without changing your lock. Upon purchase of the level lock, the buyer receives in the sealed envelope an additional set of keys which code is other than a code of the first set, and also the special tool for code conversion – so-called L-key. Externally L-key is similar to a usual master key. With its help the lock code after that get a set of new keys is nullified and already new key set a code for the lock. Now the door will open the second set of keys.
In a case with cylinder code conversion locks consists in replacement of "larva" with corresponding sets of keys.

Биометрический смартлок The last group to which it is possible to pay attention is "Clever Locks" or Smartloki. Smartloki happen digital, on a fingerprint, scanning of a retina of an eye, combined.
Digital smartlok work by the principle of the on-door speakerphone. There is a digital panel with figures 0-9 on which you type the password, and cut under a usual key. If the password is typed and there is a key, you will open a door. On a case if will disconnect light, the accumulator which will help to work independently till 48 o'clock is provided. If also the battery sits down then the door will open one key. Sometimes the digital panel is not put, and either the chip key, or system of reading of a fingerprint, or the eye retina scanner is installed. There are such systems of restriction of access from 200$ $-3000. Expediency of its use will depend on your desire and existence of the above sum.

Fastening type on a door
As fastening on a door locks can be cut-in and laid on.

Dead locks
Врезной замок As it is clear from the name, locks crash directly into a door cloth. It is the most widespread option for an entrance door, even in spite of the fact that they are more labor-consuming in installation. Also it is worth referring weakening of mechanical durability of a door in the lock location to shortcomings of installation of the dead lock. At a choice of the dead lock it is necessary to consider, first, width of a front level of the lock in relation to width of the door, and, secondly, lock case depth. If the lock deeply goes to the door case, respectively, to get to empty space. Such fastening cannot be considered as the reliable.

Laid on locks
Накладной замок As they are called still – flat or box-shaped locks (they have a box-shaped form, are imposed on a door cloth or crash into a special compartment). Laid on locks are suitable for additional protection and can be used together with locks of Shubba. It is reliable to fix the laid on lock in a steel door difficult, for this purpose it will be required that at doors there were special fixing plugs for bolts, not in each door those are available. Not bad that on such lock there was a maple latch with a chain.

Purpose of locks

At a choice of the lock it is necessary to consider, for what door it is made. Distinguish:
  • locks for armor or heavy steel doors;
  • locks for easy steel doors;
  • locks for aluminum doors;
  • locks for wooden doors.
Выбор дверного замка
Also there are also universal locks for any kind of doors. Unfortunately, on reliability such locks concede profile, for concrete type of a door. Therefore such universality can go to damage of own safety. For wooden doors the range of locks is wider, than for metal that it is simpler to fix the lock in a tree, than in metal. For example, for steel doors very few laid on locks. reminds that it is necessary to consider, and in what party your door opens. If in left, you are needs the left lock, if in the right – respectively, right. Though there are also bilateral locks which can be established both on left-side, and on a right-hand door.

Important details

Не лишним будет обратить внимание на количество ригелей в замке. Желательно чтобы их количество было не меньше 4-х, толщина (радиус) и вылет не менее 20 мм. Not superfluous will be to pay attention to quantity of crossbars in the lock. It is desirable that their quantity was not less than 4, thickness (radius) and a departure not less than 20 mm. Material of which the crossbar is made, has to be strong and it is reliable to resist to a hacksaw. Upon purchase of the lock, of course, to check for crossbar durability at you not to turn out since I doubt that the seller will allow you it to saw. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the instruction in the passport of material of which are made a crossbar.
Most likely, not all know that locks can be two-section (in one lock there are two cylinders, under different keys). Usually in such lock a half of crossbars comes off one cylinder, other half – another. Meet three-section suvaldny sections or less often combined. Sometimes locks where one section unlocks another meet. For example, there is a cylinder lock which opens not a door, but a cover of a keyhole of the second lock. It can be, as well as the first, cylinder or suvaldny.
It is also necessary to pay attention to existence/lack of the bearing installed under fastening for the handle. Its existence will provide the smooth course of the handle and will add durability to the mechanism.
Ключи And, at last, the last that it is necessary to know about locks – the keys protected from copying. In case of loss of keys you go to a workshop, give to the skillful uncle one of the remained keys, that attentively examines it and if it has a preparation, it without problems will make it. However, if this key is protected from copying, the uncle from you will disown or will tell that it has no turnkey such preparation. Upon purchase of the protected key to it the special card (pass-card) similar to a credit card, sometimes with a magnetic strip, and sometimes not is given. Upon purchase the name of the owner and factory data on the lock and keys is brought in it or serial number of the lock is simply specified. On a key there is a mark "CP – Copy Protect", and the workshop can make to you the duplicate only at presentation of this card. So far such keys are not strongly widespread at us, and practically all workshops respecting themselves reluctantly undertake to make a key even at presentation of the pass-card. As shows practical experiment, it is better to have the extremely rare and not widespread lock to which keys, in the afternoon with fire not to find preparation. It deprives of you hope to make the duplicate, but increases your chances in respect of safety.

Producers and prices

Выбор дверного замка Now being guided in locks, we will choose to ourselves suitable pair of locks. The price on usual, not electronic lies within $10-500. Firms which make locks a huge number. Sadly to recognize it, but also here by technical part, our domestic producers live in the past. recommends to choose "the lock with a name". Names which can be met in our market:
  • Cisa – Italian "Chiza". One of recognized world leaders in the field of production of locks. Clients are many world hotels, hospitals, corporations. Production of the company really impresses. For example, at the Cisa RS-3 model a combination of keys of 8 billion;
  • EVVA – Austrian "EFFA". Not surpassed quality of production, besides firm has some own unique development with which there are no analogs in the world;
  • Gerda – English "Gerda". Rather known name in England. High quality of production, big range. "Gerd" – worthy a choice for your door;
  • KALE – Turkish "CALAIS". An optimum choice from the point of view of price/quality. In difference from above-stated anything over giving out in it is not present, but here quality of production and a choice pleases;
  • MOTTURA – Italian "Mottura". Does quite good locks, something between "Gerda" and "Calais". However the big range and reasonable price, does her popular in Russia.
So, if you decided not to save that for two locks (one cut-in with a larva, other consignment note) from "Chiza" you should lay out from $150-200. "EFFA" will be a little more expensive than $180-280. "Gerd" and "CALAIS" $100-150. It is not obligatory to take both locks from one firm, it is possible to combine, - having taken the consignment note from "Chiz", and cylindrical from "EFFA".

Reliability of locks

С большой долей уверенности может сказать, что современные замки вскрыть отмычкой практически невозможно With a big share of confidence of can tell that modern locks cannot almost be opened with a master key. For example, the innovative technology of EFFA firm of 3KS (3 Kurven System – system of 3 curves), has not traditional system of relief drawing of a key, with 12 code elements. The simultaneous correct provision of all 12 elements will allow the cylinder to begin rotation and to open the lock. Quantity of possible combinations of 12 elements equally 43 545 600. It is difficult to present, how many will leave time that a master key to touch at least the third part of number. Well, it only theory.
    Literally before new year, I had to celebrate ahead of schedule the future event drinking of alcoholic drinks with "Drugami" and to communicate to the person by the name of Vitalik who specializes on legal opening of locks. On my question, what locks the most reliable, I heard such answer:
    - A question of course disputable, everything depends on ability. Well, Kerberos 111-115, 160, EVVA 3KS, these locks open usually with destruction of the code block, by drilling, or it is simple by knocking-out or retraction of the lock, in case of its illiterate fixing. Never heard that these locks could open with a master key, "brush" or a bamp-key.
    - And how many it is required to time to drill the lock, well or in general to destroy?
    - Well, somewhere 5-10 minutes. If there is "Kerb" of minutes 15-20 :).
    - And what houses at you cost locks?
    - "Керб" + "Chiz", average price range.
    - And you tried to open them?
    - Of course, tried.
    - What is the time at you leaves? :)
    - For a quarter of hour I open both :)
    I "went to a deposit" after conversation with it. He still told that ordinary locks which are on sale in stalls for $10, in 9 of 10 cases, open a master key in 3-5 seconds.
Even if to put a safe lock, often happens so that the enemy finds a gap where mistakes in installation of a door were made. Therefore for safety of the apartment and it is also not recommended to save on installation of a door, differently all laid hopes for the strongest door and most safe lock of will not justify.
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