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How to choose a toilet bowl

By calculations of experts, the statistics says that on average, the person spends in the bathroom about five years for the entire period of the life. And from what will be this time, comfortable or, on the contrary, in many respects depends on the main tool of your toilet by means of which you relieve an organism of some costs of the physiological activity – a toilet bowl.
Как выбрать унитаз By calculations of experts, the statistics says that on average, the person spends in the bathroom about five years (!) for the entire period of the life. And from what will be this time, comfortable or, on the contrary, in many respects depends on the main tool of your toilet by means of which you relieve an organism of some costs of the physiological activity – a toilet bowl. Therefore upon purchase of a toilet bowl you should not hurry, and to buy the first externally to you pleasant. Otherwise your bathroom can turn not only into a place of release of an organism from unnecessary elements, but also add to you additional physical activities on muscles of hips and a basin. Which, taking into account your main objectives, and occupations, as a rule, will very not be desirable, and to bring only one discomfort.
To avoid physical discomfort at direct use of a toilet bowl, it is necessary that its size, height and a form, would be not creating an uncomfortable position to your feet and a basin.
To define what have to be these parameters which are most suitable for you, are possible only in practice. Therefore, without fail lift a cover of the toilet bowl chosen by you and sit on it a little. For bashful, in this situation advises to cross through an inappropriate complex, and not to hesitate to sit down on a toilet bowl in the presence of the seller and visitors of shop in which you do purchase. After all on a game there is a convenience and comfort as you it is, so, possible, and your relatives.
When you sit on a toilet bowl, muscles of your feet should not be strained, and you should not feel inconvenience, discomfort and tension in the field of a basin at its support on a toilet bowl circle. Otherwise, more or less long time which you will spend in a toilet, can become for you somewhat painful. If, of course, you through any period of time do not get used to such involuntary physical activities.
The main, large, already ready making elements of a toilet bowl are the bowl and a drain tank.

Toilet bowl bowl

Чаша унитаза Bowls, depending on a method water plum, and arrangements of an opening to which she goes, is subdivided into three look: dish-shaped, kozyrkovy and funneled.
Dish-shaped toilet bowls consist of a bowl with the platform inside reminding the appearance a plate. They are convenient to that at the process of a defekation you will avoid hit of the drops of water caused by splashes from a hole, always to a certain level the filled water on the bowls of separate sites of a body lowered in internal part.
Sitting on a funneled toilet bowl at this process, on the contrary, it is quite often possible to feel unpleasant feelings from the water splashes getting on these sites of a body. The internal part of such toilet bowls represents a funnel the hole in which, is located, as a rule, in the center of a bowl. But thus the funneled toilet bowl will relieve you of water splashes at its washing off.
Golden mean are toilet bowls kozyrkovy which internal part consists of the platform located under a certain corner concerning a floor, which is coming to an end with a hole in the lower part. The corner of this platform makes usually 30-45 degrees. Thanks to such internal design of a bowl, you for certain, will be protected from unpleasant drops, both during a defekation, and at water washing off.

Tank and mechanism of washout

Унитаз с низкорасполагаемым бачком Tanks happen two types: suspended (highly located), and low located. Most often on sale we can see low located tanks. And it is not surprising. They are in the greatest demand in relation to suspended, for several reasons.
First, such toilet bowls look much better and are more modern, than with highly located tanks. To that the toilet bowl with low located tank visually creates feeling of bigger volume of the room of a toilet.
Secondly, it is much easier to establish them. Especially it should be considered if you, for economy of money, do it by the hands, without resorting to services of plumbers.
Thirdly, at the expense of a low arrangement, they considerably facilitate care of them. You can wipe without special work a tank from dust at any time, or wash it with use of a disinfectant. For this purpose you should not reach upward for highly located tank, to bear a stool in a toilet successfully to achieve the desirable.
But toilet bowls with highly suspended drain tanks have one, though not really considerable, but some kind of advantage. Water, at washing off of a toilet bowl of such design washes out a bowl slightly better, due to energy of speed of water which she manages to gain, doing the way on a vertical drain much exceeding a way of the water which is washed away from the tank attached at the level of a bowl. It will allow you to resort to services of the brush slightly less often.
Подвесной бачок If you after all stop the choice on a toilet bowl with highly located drain tank, and in your house there is a counter on amount of the water consumed by you, recommends to you it to buy with the mechanism controlling the volume of the lowered water. I.e. until you pull for the descent handle, water will wash out a toilet bowl bowl, in dependence, from the need determined by you.
It is in the same way better that the descent button on a toilet bowl with low settling down tank allowed to control independently the volume of the lowered water but not to devastate at once all capacity of a tank.
Exists also other type of the mechanism of washout allowing to save on amount of the washed-away water which is used often on tanks with a low arrangement. It is two-regime washout. Pressing of one button serves for washout of large volume of water, and another - for small.
But the most economic is such mechanism of washout by means of which ourselves can regulate the volume of the lowered water.
In the mechanism of washout of a toilet bowl details its components are not less important. The best option will be if all basic elements on which there is a loading, are made of metal. If sometimes on a toilet bowl and metal chains are torn what to speak about the plastic details which are unambiguously conceding on wear resistance and durability. Therefore the economy always has to be reasonably.

Material and fastenings of a toilet bowl

Материал, из которого изготовляют как сами чаши, так и корпус сливных бачков унитаза может быть различным Material from which produce both bowls, and the case of drain tanks of a toilet bowl can be various. There are products from cast iron, plastic, porcelain, semi-porcelain, a sanfayans, and even from the tree processed by a special covering. But most pottery from kinds of porcelain and faience between which the essential difference is not present including in the price was widely used. But nevertheless advises to buy the toilet bowls made of porcelain as to it, as a rule, the special glazurny covering which serves for protection and strengthening of a product sticks more reliably and gives it a pleasant look.
It is not recommended to buy toilet bowls from cast iron. As, despite the enameled covering, probably, because of power impact of metal on an organism, such products make feeling not of a house situation. In addition, the enamel covering cast iron rather quickly bursts.
Products from other materials: a tree, glass, marble and the more so, precious and semiprecious metals, it is almost impossible to meet on ordinary sale. Such things, as a rule, produce to order.
The color palette of coloring of toilet bowls too can be the most various. And if you, decide to choose a toilet bowl under color of wall-paper or walls of your toilet, for example, any motley coloring, do not buy it from among the cheapest better. In them usually use very low-quality color glazurny covering by production demanding not big material inputs. From here and small prime cost of already finished product.
На заказ вы можете воплотить все свои фантазии в унитазе Such covering very quickly bursts, and is chipped off from the main material in constantly progressing process.
At a toilet bowl choice, surely pay the attention to fastening which fixes a circle with a cover on a toilet bowl bowl. It is desirable that it was on metal bolts. First, such fastening is much more reliable, than on plastic bolts: will much more long serve without being loosened. Why you will not go by this circle on a toilet bowl, and constantly to correct it in the correct situation. Secondly, metal fastening is very often made so that the platform of a circle of a toilet bowl is a little raised, usually on 1 cm that strongly facilitates cleaning of this part of a bowl.

In summary we will tell and about some other kinds of toilet bowls.
It is possible to buy or order a toilet bowl with the hidden drain system. The tank in it is built in a wall niche on depth about one meter, and a bowl fixed to a surface of this wall. In such toilet the feeling of the greatest free space is created. And also that is important, in it cleaning is considerably facilitated.
Since recent time in Russia there was other, original, and very convenient system of a bidet which will wash out not only a toilet bowl, but also the polluted your sites of a body water with a temperature adjusted by you. Then will dry a warm stream of air. Such bidet can be equipped also with the conditioner which is automatically extending unpleasant smells. But such toilet bowl is able to afford not everyone: bidet cost on average from 3rd to 5 thousand euros.
Here on the majority also there are those questions which usually face at a toilet bowl choice. counts that the material prepared today for you will become some kind of assistant upon purchase. The issue of the price is resolved for each of us separately, but once again we will repeat – the cheap product seldom happens also qualitative.
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