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Choice and feeding of a kitten

So, you want to get a kitten, but do not know with what to begin. At first you need to choose, whether there will be your kitten the thoroughbred aristocrat or a simple domestic cat. The kitten is capable to bring big joy and happiness as the irrepressible temper it will begin to bother and amuse all your family to your house.
So, you want to get a kitten, but do not know with what to begin. At first you need to choose, whether there will be your kitten the thoroughbred aristocrat or a simple domestic cat, and only your personal preferences will matter here. It is for the rest best of all to listen to councils of professionals.

Where to buy?

Выбирая котёнка вам нужно решить, будет ли ваш котенок породистым аристократом или же простым дворовым котом In any city, not only in Moscow, there are Poultry markets – places where animals in large quantities are on sale and where does not recommend to take itself the pet at all. First, even if you get a thoroughbred animal with documents, you will not be able to be sure of anything as repeatedly there was forgery on kittens in similar places. Secondly, all kittens contain there in quite close conditions and not all from them the regular veterinarian (it without saying any more that some infections at an early stage can be revealed only by means of analyses) manages to examine – therefore you risk to take the sick pet. Thirdly, buying a kitten in the market, you encourage this business in which thousands of kittens annually perish, and, rescuing one, you doom to death of others. The best place for acquisition of a kitten is a nursery (in a case with thoroughbred) or the private owner distributing domestic kittens.
    Many announcements can be found and at forums and LJ communities in the Internet – by the way, there often absolutely free of charge give also thoroughbred (or half thoroughbred) kittens.

On what to pay attention?

 Котенок должен иметь здоровый вид First of all, the kitten has to have a healthy appearance – pure eyes (however, at the Persian and other long-haired breeds dacryagogue is a norm) and ears (pay attention to that in them there was no dirt which can be an existence sign at an animal ear tick or otitis), brilliant wool, the general mobility and playfulness. Pay attention and to age – the decent factory owner will never begin to give kittens more young than 2,5-month age. Till this period there is so-called "socialization" of a kitten when it needs presence by a number of mother. Mother teaches a kitten to look after fully herself and to contact to others and if to take away the kid at earlier age, it is quite possible to receive the kitten tray who is not able to be licked and use fully. Of course, has to accustom to a tray not only mother cat, but also directly the hostess. And not only to a tray, but also to a kogtetochka – that the kitten did not start using in the new house instead of it all available furniture. But in the presence of mother cat who the example shows to a kitten right behavior, it is much simpler to make it.

If you found a kitten on the street

Часто бывает и так, что вы видите на улице явно выброшенного кем-то котенка и не можете пройти мимо Often happens and so that you see on the street of the kitten who is obviously thrown out by someone and cannot pass by. It is very noble act, but to take the kid home is only half-affairs. Very first that advises to make is to show an animal to the veterinarian. The doctor will examine it, will make all necessary analyses, will prick an infections vaccine and will prompt what to do with a kitten farther. Most often the picked-up animals have fleas and therefore it will be necessary to redeem a kitten antiflea shampoo, it is also obligatory to give it a tablet from worms. Perhaps, it will be necessary to process some days ears from pincers.

How to bring up absolutely little kitten?

Если котята совсем маленькие (им меньше недели), то кормить их следует каждые два часа (в том числе и ночью, как и всех грудных младенцев) There is also such case that you find a box with absolutely little kittens who are obviously thrown out on the street on the street. Sometimes even happens that they did not open eyes. The best decision both for you, and for them – to find the feeding cat and to try to enclose them to her if it is impossible, it is necessary to bring up kittens most.
If kittens absolutely small (to them it is less than a week), it is necessary to feed them each two hours (including at night, as well as all chest babies). It is best of all to adapt for this purpose a syringe without needle. It is possible to feed with substitutes of cat's milk which are on sale in veterinary shops. After to kittens there are two weeks, it is possible to pass to one feeding at night and time at 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon. From the 25th day it is possible to start feeding each 3-4 hours.
After each feeding the kitten needs to massage a tummy and area of genitals that he peed – usually it is done by mother cat. It is possible to make it damp cotton wool or bintiky.
    Mix for feeding of absolutely little kittens can be prepared most: to take 5 ml of 10 percent cream, to add there 3 ml of boiled water and 2 more ml of glucose. To Vypaivat from a syringe on 2 ml for once.

Than to feed a kitten with age of 1 month?

В случае, если вы взяли котенка не на улице, а в питомнике или просто из дома, то лучше всего спросить у прежних хозяев, чем он питался у них, и продолжить кормить таким же образом – будь это профессиональный корм или натуральное питание In case you took a kitten not on the street, and in nursery or it is simple from the house, it is best of all to ask former owners, than it ate at them, and to continue to feed in the same way – be it a professional forage or natural food.
If you are the adherent of ready-made industrial feeds, to you it will be simplest – simply buy special kitten food. If the kitten is still quite small (it in case of the picked-up homeless animals), it is best of all to begin not with a dry feed, and with canned food. It will be possible to pass to a dry feed a bit later.
If you want to feed a kitten with natural food, recommends to begin with kashitseobrazny food. By no means you should not give to a little kitten cow's milk as it in their organism very difficult is digested. As a last resort it is possible to give goat or dry dairy mix. It is best of all to begin a feeding up with usual, "human" baby food, it is also possible to give the wiped cottage cheese, gradually adding meat and vegetables. From drink – low-fat kefir. Vitamin supplements as the organism only starts being formed are obligatory, and it needs a large number of substances for the correct growth and development. The growing kittens first of all need calcium, phosphorus is also simply necessary.
    It is necessary to feed a kitten to six times a day.


Котята – очень подвижные существа, им постоянно требуется бегать, играть и кусаться Kittens – very mobile beings, they constantly need to run, play and bite. On sale there is a set of toys for kittens who will give them great pleasure. Choose toys of quiet coloring as excessively bright paints mean availability of aggressive dyes which can be harmful to the kid. Also advises to buy strong toys from which it will be difficult to bite off a slice and to swallow – after all kittens very much like to be engaged in it. If it occurred, it is best of all to show the kid to the doctor as the slice can not leave independently, and cork a digestive tract.
It is possible to make a toy independently – to tie a piece of paper to a string and to play it with a kitten, but, besides, it is necessary to watch closely that he did not eat a piece of paper. Also kittens very much like to run behind a laser pointer, and it, perhaps, will be one of the safest toys for the kid.

The kitten is capable to bring big joy and happiness as the irrepressible temper it will begin to bother and amuse all your family to your house. Feed him correctly, play with him – and he will daily present you with the loud purring, loading with a positive and constant fun.
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