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Choice of the household ionizer already considered a question of a choice of cleaners and humidifiers, today we will pay the attention to one more device capable to change quality of the air inhaled by us is an ionizer. Ionization – sounds very scientifically and even is frightening. Nevertheless, experiments on air saturation by easy negative ions are made for a long time.
 Каждый из нас отмечал качество воздуха в деревне, горах, на море, в хвойном лесу How often we note slackness, drowsiness, apathy, decrease in working capacity and something is simple "to pant"? Realities of modern life in megalopolises, where two major components of activity are that: water and air – are far from an ideal. And after all it is two main components of a way of life which are directly influencing our health! already considered a question of a choice of cleaners and humidifiers, today we will pay the attention to one more device capable to change quality of the air inhaled by us is an ionizer. Ionization – sounds very scientifically and even is frightening. Nevertheless, experiments on air saturation by easy negative ions are made for a long time (all for certain heard about Chizhevsky's chandelier), and results very impressive. But about everything one after another.
Let's not go deep into the difficult theory, we will simply remind that ionization is a process of formation of positive and negative ions and free electrons of earlier neutrally charged particles. It is proved that the insufficient content in air of easy negative ions (aero ions) negatively affects on health of the person. Each of us noted quality of air in the village, mountains, at the sea, in the coniferous wood. Of course, first such air often causes a headache in city dwellers, after all long time before they were exposed to the present to "air starvation". Therefore many reflect on getting to themselves the device capable to improve city air, to increase its saturation ions, to refresh.

Natural and artificial ionization

In a natural environment ionization happens due to reaction of photosynthesis, space beams, ultra-violet radiation, radioactive radiation of terrestrial breeds, during a thunder-storm. Especially intensively process of photosynthesis happens at coniferous breeds of trees, that is why rest in "forest" resorts is so good. In mountains where the layer of the atmosphere is thinner, than the flat district, more powerful ultra-violet radiation, and concentration of useful ions is therefore higher; not without reason mountain and medical resorts are located significantly above a zero mark – sea level. It is also known that when spraying small drops of water are loaded negatively, and after give the charge to air – therefore is so well breathed by the sea, near falls. And if it is mountain falls!
Известно, что при разбрызгивании мелкие капли воды заряжаются отрицательно, а после отдают свой заряд воздуху – поэтому так хорошо дышится у моря, вблизи водопада The quantity of negative ions in cubic centimeter (cm3) under natural conditions makes about 1000 (midland), 2000 (sea resorts), more than 15000 (mountains). In habitat air is updated continuously, and natural ionization has enough. But very few people can brag that he lives in such paradise. And scientific researches proved that air rich with negative aero ions has bactericidal effect, promotes treatment of respiratory diseases, improves health and working capacity.
In the conditions of megalopolises natural ionization does not cope with consequences of influence of a civilization on the nature: the big congestion of people, mechanisms, harmful productions complicates natural processes of purification of air, its disinfecting, regeneration. And the quantity of easy negative ions seldom exceeds 10-20 in cm3. Thus, there is a need for additional ionization.
For air ionization in the artificial way it is possible to use crown categories, radioactive isotopes, ultra-violet radiation, a gidroioniztion. Ionizers are used in policlinics, hospitals for a long time, there are special devices for specific industries. will tell about the household ionizers intended for use in our houses, offices.


Люстра Чижевского The household ionizer is a climatic device for premises which generates positive and negative aero ions. Only ionizers which principle of action is based on the crown category are relevant to house use, and there is a restriction on its power – 6 kV. For comparison, at the "Chizhevsky's chandelier" used more in the medical purposes, than in life, this value makes 20-30 kV. Ionizers of other types are not used as are structurally difficult or possess side effects.
In this case it is possible to speak about two kinds of ionizers: with medical appointment and household.
Household ionizers are, as a rule, combined with cleaners or humidifiers. In such cases it would be more correct even to speak about cleaners and humidifiers with air ionization function. Nevertheless, at any brand which is engaged in production of climatic devices it is possible to find ionizers at the price from $20-30 (Vitek, Neo-Tec, Air Comfort, Boneco, Chung Pung). For the same cost it is possible to get not only the room device, but also automobile option. The Daikin and Plaston companies (AirOSwiss, Boneco) create more advanced models (range of the prices of $100-500) there are also domestic brands: Amber, Super plus of Eko, Aeroion-25. Their cost from $60, is opportunity to order by mail or to get at representatives.
The ionizers of medical appointment with more powerful category generating more than aero ions necessary to us should be got not in shops of household appliances any more. They can be ordered, for example, in manufacturing firm.

Merits and demerits

Ионизатор The undoubted advantage of the ionizer is that air becomes purer and better: from it dust is besieged, pathogenic bacteria, microbes, allergens are destroyed. Also gas impurity, smells are removed, thus there is no need for replaceable filters. The majority of ionizers have at quite good efficiency low power consumption – to only 10 W, they are economic and unpretentious in service. The noise level created by the ionizer, we will compare to values of that at an average humidifier and a cleaner if at a design there is a fan. If the "ionic wind" technology is used (acceleration of charged particles electrodes), the device works significantly more silently.
To be fair considers it necessary to tell and about shortcomings of ionizers. From minuses it is possible to note rather labor-consuming procedure of cleaning of needles on which there are categories though nevertheless it is rather simple to wash out some models. Round the ionizer all dust often settles. It occurs because negative ions "stick" to dust particles, and besiege it in close proximity to the device. For example, for couple of days of work the powerful ionizer can create round itself a dense bed of dust. And, therefore, from time to time it is necessary to wash surrounding subjects, a floor, walls, a ceiling.
At all obviously medical effects the ionizer creates an electromagnetic field round itself. The area of electromagnetic radiation is still studied and investigated, and so far there is no definite answer as this type of a field influences a human body. In one case radiation does harm to the person, in other advantage, and there are a lot more ambiguous situations. Therefore if you decided to get the ionizer to the house or in the car, surely specify safe distance at which it should be established in the passport of the device.
Бытовой ионизатор During the operation of the ionizer are created not only negative ions, but also positive, and also gas ozone. At small concentration, harm for the person is not present any, small doses of ozone are exclusively useful. But there is also other party of a medal – in big concentration gas is extremely poisonous. If you catch a characteristic smell near the ionizer, it means that concentration of ozone is close to maximum-permissible value. And the first symptom which will tell you that not everything is all right is a headache, nausea, slackness. In the doses exceeding predelnodopustimy concentration (average daily maximum concentration limit – 0,03 mg/m3, single – 0,15 mg/cm3), ozone is a highly toxic connection which can cause irritation of skin and mucous membranes, cough, bronchitis and even hypostasis of lungs. There are data on ionizers which emit ozone in large numbers therefore it is necessary to be interested not only existence of certificates, but also the conclusion about passing of such tests.
For these reasons you should not leave the device included for a long time, especially, for the night.

Ionizer choice

Выбор бытового ионизатора For a start, it should be noted that except directly ionizers, cleaners ionizers, humidifiers ionizers, and also models for cars, also more exotic combinations meet: for example, a lamp or a heater with ionization function.
If purchase of the ionizer is planned, pay attention to the following characteristics:
  • Concentration of ions which can create and support the device at a certain distance from itself (usually within 1-2 meters) – is specified value, for example, of 1Õ105/cm3, i.e. 100 000 aeroin in cubic centimeter of air. It is rather high concentration, under natural conditions, this figure significantly lower, even in mountains. According to norms concentration of ions has to be in limits 400-50000 in cm3.
  • Concentration of the emitted gas of ozone should not exceed maximum concentration limits given above. Often producers specify concentration in other units, for example, of 0,05 per milles. It means that 1 kilogram of air contains 0,05 grams of ozone. As it is conditionally possible to consider that 1 kg of air contains in the volume of 1 m3, it is possible to count that it is 50 mg/m3.
  • The area of the room (volume is sometimes specified, then divide figure into room height to calculate the area). Surely specify this parameter because if you will get too powerful and productive ionizer, than your room demands, let us assume, the result can be unpleasant, after all concentration and ions, and molecules of ozone depends on room volume.
  • The recommended distance from the ionizer is specified usually in centimeters. The interesting nuance is connected with this parameter – the person is closer to the ionizer, the it is more than useful negative ions in the air inhaled by it, useful (in small quantities, certainly) ozone, and the vozdestviye of an electromagnetic field is besides stronger. Many producers recommend to put the ionizer on a bedside table for the night, but without exact researches and carrying out all tests and measurements of would not recommend to practice such "the night mode". And whenever possible, try to increase the declared distance between the device and the person.Ионизатор
  • The recommended operating time is operating time of the device which it can work from the inclusion moment before switching off. During this time the ionizer will clear and will refresh air in that volume on which it is calculated. Not without reason originally all medical procedures with use of ionizers were called "sessions", i.e. the time spent in air rich with ions was fixed.
  • Operating modes. Often ionizers have various operating modes which can, both to be set by the person, and to be established automatically. The operating mode can be continuous or pulse (in the second case working intervals of the device alternate pauses, various on time).
  • Remote control.
  • The timer for a task of the mode of inclusion and switching off.
  • Liquid crystal display.
  • Sensors of impurity and concentration of ions. To their participation there can be an automatic inclusion and switching off, change of the mode.
  • The independent fan will allow to direct an air stream from the ionizer in necessary the parties.
  • Indicators of a condition of the device (for example, the cleanings reporting about need).
  • It is also important to learn, the case of your ionizer is made of what material: it can be as natural (the massif of an oak, pine), and artificial (high-quality plastic).
All above-mentioned characteristics concern more ionizers, as independent devices.
Ионизатор If you reflect on acquisition, for example, of a humidifier with ionization function, you can not find data how this function works, how many at its activation is produced ions, ozone. In this case, all options (the DU panel, automatic inclusion and shutdown, say, all management) are universal, and there has to be a separate button or the switch for turning on of the ionizer and a task of the mode of its work (though in average models worth $120-150 the ionization mode usually only one). As a rule, the indicator of concentration of the generated ions in such models is less but if the main problem – dryness of air, acquisition of model of a humidifier ionizer can be expedient.
If it is model of the class "premium", a climatic complex, information on parameters of the built-in ionizer has to be present surely. The price of such models begins from $500.
The desktop lamp ionizer perhaps will suit who has a monitor of an old design with an electron beam tube. Essential shortcomings of such devices are that their characteristics regarding ionization by producers in detail are not specified. The more you will be able to receive information, about function of ionization at model, the better.


Having read the section "Merits and demerits" and having studied the impressive list of minuses, the potential buyer of the ionizer remains, most likely, in perplexity. Really, on artificial ionization there are many ambiguous opinions of experts of various profile: physicists, chemists, physicians. Nobody argues that it is better and more pleasant to improve the organism under natural conditions – in mountains, the wood, in sea resorts. Nevertheless, the problem of improvement of quality of air in the made concrete room is present, and the ionizer – one of ways of its decision.
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