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How to choose the home theater

Today home theaters ceased to be perceived as a subject of unknown luxury. And it in many respects because the prices of ZhK or plasma TVs decreased. However, a choice of the home theater a task not simple as upon purchase of this production there can be a number of questions answers on which you do not know yet.
Как выбрать домашний кинотеатр Today home theaters (further a recreation center, English – "home theatre") ceased to be perceived as something supernatural and to be a subject of unknown luxury. And it in many respects because the prices of ZhK or plasma TVs decreased to 20000 rub, and DVD players cost in general about 1000 rub. However, a choice of the home theater a task not simple as upon purchase of this production there can be a number of questions answers on which you do not know yet, for example.
  • What elements are a part of a recreation center?
  • How it is correct to arrange elements of the home theater to derive the maximum pleasure from viewing of movies and listening of acoustic maintenance?
First of all suggests to be defined, what elements are a part of a recreation center. Usually enters into structure of the standard home theater:
  • DVD player;
  • AV receiver;
  • Speaker system;
  • Televizor*.
* it is desirable to get the TV separately as depending on its type (liquid crystal, plasma, projective or usual with an electron beam tube) and the diagonal size – the price can vary considerably.
To you also ready sets for creation of the home theater can meet, but it is better if you pick up each of components separately, so to speak "under yourself".

DVD player

DVD-плеер The DVD player is a device by means of which it is possible to reproduce the video image and a sound from DVD disks or CD disks (AVI or MPEG format), to listen to music from usual CD disks coded in the WAV or MP3 formats, and also to transfer to the TV screen static pictures in the JPEG format from the digital camera. Other important function which carries out a player is a transfer of a multichannel sound in a digital format on an AV receiver for decoding (the transfer from a digital signal to an analog signal) for the purpose of its further strengthening.
The DVD player has just the same management which was inherent in videorecorders therefore it will be very easy and pleasant to you to exploit him.
    Council from If you have excess means, get at once a DVD recorder, it will allow to write down interesting movies or favourite telecasts.

AV receiver

The AV receiver in structure of the home theater carries out some functions. The first function of this device, transformation of a digital sound signal in analog for its transfer on the central, right and left frontal and rear canals of the speaker system, and also the low-frequency channel of a subwoofer, that is, accepting a signal from a DVD player the receiver has to distribute it on channels. The most popular format 5.1, is understood as it that distribution of a sound to channels goes as follows: AV-ресивер
  • 2 on frontal canals;
  • 2 on rear canals;
  • 1 central channel;
  • 1 subwoofer.
The modern receiver has to support surely the following standard formats of spatial sounding: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround Ex and DTS Es Discrete 6.1.
The second function of an AV receiver is a strengthening of the signal transmitted to columns of the speaker system. Instead of an AV receiver you can get and the AV amplifier who carries out functions identical to a receiver except that in the AV amplifier there is no built-in FM receiver.
All AV receivers and AV amplifiers have at least five channels of strengthening therefore quality of the reproduced sound of the speaker system directly depends on a right choice of power of the AV amplifier. Thus it is necessary to consider two aspects. The first – the power of frontal and rear channels has to be identical. The second – the more strengthening power, the more qualitatively they work. advises to select an AV receiver at the rate of about 100 W (W) on the canal at the area of the room of 15-30 sq.m.
At a choice of AV devices it is necessary to pay especially attention to the parameter specified in Hertz. For example, 128 kHz. This parameter belongs to the digital-to-analog converter (DTAC) which is built in a receiver which direct task is transformation of a digital signal to an electric signal. Key parameter – the frequency of sampling which is expressed, correctly, in Hertz. Frequency of sampling (rate) is a frequency of record of intensity of a sound, through a certain interval of time. For example, frequency in 5 kgts=5000 Hz means that each sound recording to be made through a time interval of 1/5000=0,0002 seconds. Therefore, it is obvious that the face value of value of frequency of sampling at AV devices is stated above, the quality of a sound will be better. Modern receivers have to have this face value about 256 kHz.
    Council from Quite good additional function – the built-in FM tuner by means of which you can listen to favourite radio stations.

Speaker system

Акустическая система At the speaker system one function – ensuring the maximum quality of a sound track of the looked-through movie on the home theater. From the technical point of view the speaker system is intended for transformation of electric fluctuations to fluctuations of particles of air which are perceived by an ear of the person as a sound. The speaker system transmits a signal to the central canal, the frontal channel, the rear channel and a subwoofer.
The speaker system of the central channel is used for scoring of all dialogues and various audio of effects. Many receivers do not use the central channel, in this case the signal is distributed between the right and left frontal channel of the speaker system. It is desirable to establish acoustics of the central channel as it is possible closer to the TV screen (it is possible over it or under it). Surely – columns have to have magnetic protection, differently on the screen of the TV there will be strong distortions of the image caused by existence of a strong magnetic field, the created loudspeaker of columns.
The speaker system of the frontal channel serves for reproduction of musical and sound effects. If in the speaker system there is no subwoofer, all loading on reproduction of low frequencies of "basses" lays down on shoulders of two frontal columns, thus quality of sounding sharply worsens. By the size are the biggest columns. Share on two - and three-lane. At two-way the big loudspeaker reproduces low frequencies, and the loudspeaker is responsible for averages and high frequencies less (settles down usually in the top part of a column). At the three-lane three loudspeakers are used: the big – reproduces low frequencies, average – reproduces average frequencies, and the smallest – reproduces high frequencies. Three-lane columns considerably surpass the two-way in quality of a sound. Frontal columns are established (L) at the left and on the right (R) from the TV at distance is not closer than 1,5 m from it, it is desirable at the height of 1-1,5 m from a floor. Central and frontal columns have to be focused in the direction of that place where you will settle down when viewing movies.
При покупке акустической системы для вашего домашнего кинотеатра обратите внимание на её мощность The speaker system of the rear channel is intended for creation of effect of a volume sound "a sound around". Rear acoustics happens two types: directed (standard Dolby Digital, DTS) and dipolar (Dolby Surround standard). Proceeding from the name rear columns, have to settle down behind the back of the viewer, and on height – is higher than his auditory organs. Rear columns have to create not directed sound therefore they can be developed to a wall or to direct up to a ceiling, for the purpose of reflection of a sound from these surfaces before it reaches your auditory organs.
The subwoofer is used for reproduction of low frequencies for the purpose of unloading of frontal columns for improvement of quality of sounding of the speaker system in general. Its existence in the speaker system of the home theater will allow to increase considerably emotional perceptions of the looked-through movie due to strengthening of various special effects to which the weapon clang, explosions and to that similar events belongs. Many prefer to put a subwoofer under the TV, but can assure that it it is possible to have in any place of your room as human organs of hearing cannot distinguish the direction of a low-frequency sound at frequencies below 100 Hz of (Hertz).
Subwoofers on active and passive share. Active have the built-in amplifier of power and various regulators, and passive is not present. The lack of an active subwoofer is that he demands additional food from a network.
Upon purchase of the speaker system for your home theater pay attention to its power which is measured in Watts (W). The main thing that the output power of an AV receiver was not higher, than the power of acoustic columns, differently will lead it to mechanical damage of their loudspeakers. For the room, no more than 15 m ², the 50 W rather speaker system. If the room sizes from 15 to 30 m ², power has to make 100 W. For big rooms – more than 30 m ², the speaker system with power more than 150 W is necessary.


ля комфортного просмотра фильмов размер диагонали экрана должен быть не менее 32 дюймов The choice of this component is especially important. For comfortable viewing of movies the size of a diagonal of the screen has to be not less than 32 inches. Depending on your financial state you can get various TVs. If your budget not big, can get the ordinary TV with an electron beam tube which is available at the price and also it is easy-to-work. If you want to increase a diagonal, but thus not to spend budgetary funds get the projective TV. And if you intend to derive the maximum pleasure from viewing of movies, I recommend to you – plasma or LCD TVs. earlier already quite in detail opened a TV choice subject, and liquid crystal, in particular.

Mutual connection of the making recreation centers

При покупке домашнего кинотеатра в его комплект будет входить набор стандартных кабелей Upon purchase of the home theater the set of the standard cables intended for their mutual connection will be included in its package. Remember – free cheese is available only in a mousetrap. Therefore normal work of a recreation center directly depends on a set of connecting wires. Present, you bought the most modern receiver, and because of bad connection to it of the speaker system from loudspeakers the "rattles" and other mutter of animals resistant to any perception will reach.
For connection of the recreation centers components it is with each other recommended to use the Oxygen cable from beskislordny copper (free copper – OFC) producers of Ortofon, Furutech, Belsis, Chord, Cable Talk, Supra, Ecosse.
Cables are subdivided on: acoustic (for connection of the speaker system) or an interblock cable (for connection of a source of a signal).
Mutual connection of components of the home theater is carried out the next way. For connection of the TV (video input – depending on their types) to a recreation center can use one of the next ways:
  1. Socket of composite video signal (Composite Video). At connection of the TV to an AV receiver, it is possible to use the video cable delivered shtyrevy.
  2. S-Video socket. The TV is connected by the S-Video socket to an exit of an AV receiver (video output) using also S-Video. Connection of S-Video provides the qualitative image, than connection via sockets of composite video, thanks to division of brightness and color when signaling.
  3. Socket of component video signal (Component Video). Connection via sockets of component video provides high precision of reproduction of flowers (the best, than when using S-Video), thus video signal can distinguish brightness of color (depending on model entrances can be designated, for example, Y – green, Pb – blue, Pr – the red socket). For this connection it is necessary to use a coaxial cable. At connection pay attention to color of each socket. If your AV receiver has no nests of a component exit, it is possible to improve quality of the video image, having connected a component exit of a DVD player directly to a component entrance of the TV.
  4. The TV can be connected directly to a DVD player, using SCART or HDMI sockets that considerably to improve quality of the image in comparison with the last ways.
The audio connection is carried out also quite easily, for this purpose study the scheme given below.
Схема подключения аудио системы

Final recommendations

При покупке домашнего кинотеатра уделите вниманию цветовой палитре в дизайне  акустической системы Upon purchase of the home theater give to attention to a color palette in design of the speaker system as soon it will become irreplaceable part of your interior. At this reminds that for receiving better sounding – cases of columns of the speaker system have to be made of a tree or, as a last resort, of a chipboard. If they are made of plastic, when listening the most significant dynamic scenes because of a resonance you can receive banal jingle of columns instead of a wide range of audio of special effects. If you decide to get powerful (150 W) the speaker system take care about the neighbors surrounding you – establish protection from soundproof material. Especially as it will favorably affect and quality of the reproduced movie audiopath.
We wish you successful acquisition and pleasant forwarding time at your home theater.
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