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How to choose glasses in a shape of a face

Points are intended for correction of sight of the person. But it was earlier. Now this accessory is as well an element of an image which will emphasize identity of the person and will give it a certain gravity.

How to choose glasses in a shape of a face that they really decorated us, and not vice versa, spoiled? At an accessory choice stylists recommend to pay attention to such aspects:

  1. Face form.
  2. Skin type.
  3. Color of eyes.

Long ago passed those times when the women wearing glasses (for sight or sun-protection), often looked as "gray mice". Points were imperceptible and merged with image of the woman. That it did not occur, will teach you as it is correct to choose a spectacle frame.

We define the form

Shapes of a face conditionally can be divided into groups:

  1. Soft (roundish).
  2. Sharp (angular).

Main shapes of a face:

  • the round;
  • the square;
  • the triangular;
  • the oval.

Also there are derivative forms:

  • diamond (rhombus);
  • heart;
  • the extended.

First of all it is necessary to define a shape of a face. How to make it? Stylists advise to begin with a visual way.

It is necessary to take away all hair from a face. It is possible to make a high tail, to use a hoop or to wind the head with a towel. Then approach a mirror and attentively look at yourself. Try not to watch at shortcomings, features and small wrinkles – now it not the main thing. You have to see the shape of a face in a mirror. It's a go? And now close one eye and come nearer to a mirror closely. Beginning from a temple, mentally draw a line on a face contour. Now take a soft cosmetic pencil, lipstick or a Q-tip (it needs to be moistened previously in water and to dunk into soap). Lead round a face contour in a mirror. Close the second eye and do the same with the soulmate. At you the contour has to turn out. Depart back and attentively look at drawing. And now it is possible to glance in the table and to learn, what shape of a face at you.

It is possible to go and some other way, more difficult and to make a number of mathematical calculations. Look at this image, on it you see four lines, distances between them indicate your form.

To learn the form, execute the following:

  1. Make measurements of the person as it is shown on the image.
  2. If the second line - No. 2 makes from 50 to 90 percent of distance to the line No. 4, your shape of a face – oval.
  3. If the distance from the second line is equal to an interval to the fourth, your form – round or square.
  4. If the line No. 2 half is less from distance of the fourth line, your person rectangular.
  5. When distances between the first, second and third lines are approximately identical, the person - rectangular or square.
  6. If the distance of the second line is more, than the interval between the first and third lines, your shape of a face can be diamond-shaped, round or oval.
  7. If the interval of the first line is more, than the second or is identical with the line No. 3 and No. 4, your form triangular or in the form of a heart.
  8. When the interval of the third line is more, than distance between the first and second lines then it is a trapezoid form.

Choice of points

To you the shape of your face is known. Now it is also possible to start not less responsible task – a choice of points.

Women with an oval face have always more than chances to choose suitable points. What it is necessary to consider? recommends to arrive so:

  • if you need to hide age or to emphasize identity, go to shop and buy suitable glasses;
  • it is not necessary to treat a choice precipitately. If you are more than forty years old, the massive bright orange frame will hardly be combined with your hairdress and a handbag;
  • try on points in shop. It can appear that the pleasant model will not decorate you;
  • if you wish to look younger, choose points in a round frame;
  • to be allocated, try on a massive frame with right angles.

The round face differs in a certain naivety. Owners of such form often have "dimples" on cheeks, their cheekbones are maleficiated, not accurate. Often full-faced people are considered inexpressive because their attractive lines "vanish" against soft forms.

Choosing a frame for a round face it is necessary to follow such rules:

  1. It is impossible to do sharp contrast. Many consider that if they have a round face, the massive, dark and bright frame will help them to be allocated. It not so. On the contrary, such frame will only aggravate your lines. It is necessary to choose squared points to do a face a little strict.
  2. Choose not bright colors of frames. Blondes and brown-haired women will suit brown and silvery colors.
  3. Try on points in the form of "butterfly". They will add to you feminity.

Correctly picked up form of points will help to correct shortcomings of a square face. Many women with such form persons are afflicted and do not know how to do a make-up and to choose a hairdress to become more attractive.

These some councils will help you to choose points:

  1. Going to shop behind purchase, make a make-up and a hairdress.
  2. Avoid squared frames.
  3. You will suit points with a round frame more.
  4. Watch that their width was not wider, than width of the person. Or on the contrary, was not too narrow.

The triangular face can be two types:

  • with a wide forehead and a narrow chin – the cheesecake type;
  • with a wide jaw and a narrow forehead.

The second type is considered the most problem. Such people will suit points with a thin or transparent frame in the lower part and more expressive above.

The rounded-off and rectangular frames with transparent glasses will be suitable for "cheesecake" persons. It is not recommended to choose points with a round frame as they will attract attention to heavy face zones.

Classical points with a rectangular frame and slightly rounded off corners will be suitable for two types of a triangular face more. Give preference to models with pastes and other large accessories. But remember that in everything it is necessary to observe a measure.

Spectacle frame choice on color of eyes

To create a complete image, at a choice of points it is necessary to consider color of eyes and type of skin. Happens that glasses are correctly chosen in a shape of a face, but thus do not approach on color of eyes at all.

That it did not occur, recommends:

  • for green eyes to choose frames with shades orange, red and green;
  • the brown-eyed will suit points with a lilac shade, black-red and colors of coffee;
  • for blue and gray eyes it is necessary to choose points with a frame of color of steel, brown or dark blue colors;
  • points with a frame of color of an emerald will be suitable for "nut" eyes more.

Some recommendations about a choice of points according to skin type:

  1. Dark-complexioned girls will suit points with a frame of any shade.
  2. White-skinned girls will suit gentle shades of frames more.

Universal color of a spectacle frame which will suit also women of the "warm type" and "cold" is an olive color. At a choice of points with such shade of a frame consider color of your eyes, hair and style of your clothes. By the way, frames of color of gold, a Bordeaux, gray, brown and black will be suitable for an official style more.

If you observe all recommendations, points chosen by you you only will decorate.

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