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How to choose vegetables and fruit

When we approach a counter with juicy, fragrant fruits, our hands and reach for a purse. But, alas, not always we receive really qualitative fruit and vegetables which are pleasing not only the eye, but also language. Agree, happens offensively, after all costs not much such goods not. And it is difficult to present good nutrition without fresh fruit, vegetables.
When we approach a counter with juicy, fragrant fruits, our hands and reach for a purse. But, alas, not always we receive really qualitative fruit and vegetables which are pleasing not only the eye, but also language. Agree, happens offensively, after all costs not much such goods not. And it is difficult to present good nutrition without fresh fruit, vegetables. Not to be disappointed, having come home and not to screw up the face at the sight of the immature or begun to rot pulp, it is necessary to know some cunnings of a choice. Also I suggest to talk about it.

How to choose tasty pineapple

At a choice of pineapple pay attention to a tops of vegetable. At a fresh fruit a tops of vegetable dense, magnificent, leaves integral. Try to pull a leaf if it is pulled out easily without efforts, before you ripe pineapple. Many, having seen a green crust, put such fruit aside, however green color does not say that pineapple unripe at all. Take pineapple in hand better. Clap on it a palm. Listen to character of a sound. If a sound of "deaf" – pineapple ripe. The "empty" sound says that the fruit became overripe, perhaps, even dried out. I do not advise to buy pineapple with dark stains on a crust, in you can expect an unpleasant surprise in the form of the begun to rot pulp.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты
Do not put the cut pineapples in the refrigerator, fruit will lose aroma. Store them at the room temperature. Do not love cold pineapples, after all they it is from tropics.

Ripe cheesecake

It is impossible to remain indifferent to this beautiful, fragrant, juicy and very useful berry. Of course, the best way to choose strawberry it is simple to taste couple of berries. Will tell you about much also aroma. It is necessary to be suspicious of strawberry which does not smell, Perhaps at all, its maturing was caused artificially. There is a widespread myth that large strawberry surely with nitrates. It only annoying delusion. The size of berries depends, first of all, on a grade, and also on those conditions in which it was grown up. If having come home, you washed berries, but not at once ate them, in some hours strawberry will start up juice. If it it is not observed, berries can be processed by something.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты
The best strawberry goes on sale no later than 2 days after removal from a bed. Strawberry cannot be washed at storage. Berries have to be dry. It is ideal to choose strawberry with even green tails, it will best of all specify that strawberry fresh.

We choose the correct water-melon

To buy really sweet water-melon, you should not hurry. It is necessary to buy this big berry not earlier than the middle of August for the central region of Russia and if the region where you live to be still to the north, and it is better to wait a little with purchase prior to the beginning of fall. In early water-melons the content of nitrates usually is more, than that ripen later.
At a ripe water-melon tail always the dry. Cork brilliant and firm, it you will not pierce a nail. The matter is that when the water-melon keeps up, the tail withers, and moisture does not come any more to berry therefore the crust will harden. Choose a water-melon large, but not huge. Drawing on a crust has to be the most contrast. For certain many noticed how sellers it is characteristic tap on a water-melon, as if as proof of its full maturity. The pure ringing sound testifies that the water-melon is good. At pat the ripe water-melon springs a little. And if to bring a water-melon to an ear and to squeeze a little it, at ripe berry the crust will crackle slightly.
Among water-melons there are "boys" and "girls", it is so considered to be in the people. More sweet and is more juicy "girls" In them less stones are considered. It is possible to distinguish boys from girls, paying attention to a berry bottom. At water-melons of "boys" a bottom convex, and a circle small. At "girls" on the contrary, a bottom flat, and a circle wide.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты
At a cut on a water-melon of high quality grains are visible. If a cut glossy and smooth, perhaps, in such water-melon the increased amount of nitrates. Also existence of white sunflower seeds against red pulp has to guard you. Be attentive, sometimes unfair sellers enter in a water-melon saltpeter by means of a syringe to receive red color of pulp. It can become the departure reason.

Juicy pomegranate

Mature pomegranate will be heavier, than could seem by sight. Still after all in grain poured by juice and any emptiness. A thin skin at ripe pomegranate dried up and stiffened. Too dry crust suggests an idea that such pomegranate is already too long stored and it can be inside too dried and begun to rot. Color of good pomegranate – bright red, maybe, with a small pink or orange shade. And here to readers of to buy grenades with brown spots on a crust I do not advise. Such spots speak about the beginning of rotting. Color of grains does not indicate quality of pomegranate, but, of course, grains of a saturated red shade simply more beautifully and will become ornament for any dish.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты

Vegetable marrows

And here it is desirable to buy vegetable marrows unripe. They are one taste more gentle. The best size – from 12 to 20 cm. The mass of fruits – 100-200 grams. A thin skin at vegetable marrows very thin, gentle therefore it is necessary to examine attentively it regarding possible damages. Scratches and hollows lead to fast damage of vegetable. Vegetable marrows should be stored strictly in the refrigerator. Put their dirty in a plastic bag and store on the lower shelf of the refrigerator not more long than week.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты

Tomatoes of high quality

It is best of all to get tomatoes together with a branch. At long storage when tomatoes ripen in a warehouse or in shop the branch will finally dry out and will decay. Existence of a branch allows the buyer to hope that tomatoes went on sale just in time. From the correct tomatoes the attracting smell proceeds. Take a fruit in a hand if it not soft and not firm, namely elastic, so you hold a ripe tomato. On a cut ripe tomato is evenly painted, seed chambers are filled not completely.
Как выбирать овощи и фрукты
The tomatoes which are stored in the refrigerator quickly will lose the aroma therefore keep them at the room temperature dry where direct sunshine do not get better.

Use fresh vegetables and fruit all the year round. Choose the best fruits. After all it is an important component of healthy food.
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